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Rough Thursday

I woke up still not feeling 100% better yet AND I was up a couple of pounds on my scale this morning………so as you can imagine I was REALLY not wanting to weigh in at my WW’s meeting. In fact, I had this whole conversation with myself all morning as I was getting ready………..

“Nope….not weighing in today – it will be depressing to see a gain on the scale.”

“But you said you were gonna start weighing in weekly – you have to go back to the motto you had before that you have to OWN your weigh ins each week good OR bad.”

“What in the heck?!?!?!  Why in the world did I ever say that?! Crapppppppppppp”

“Fine – I’m gonna just weigh in!”

“But Its gonna be sooo embarrassing and depressing to get up on that scale already knowing I’ve gained. :'( ”

“But you’re trying to get into the habit of weighing in again and maybe seeing it will be the motivation that you need to get into weigh loss mode”

“Dangit! :(  Fine. Whatever. I will weigh in.”

(I’m not the only one who does this right?!?!) ……I’m NOT even Kidding –  these are exactly the thoughts that ran through my head this morning until I put my ‘weigh in’ clothes on.

And then THIS is what I saw after I weighed in……….

I can NOT even begin to list the adjectives that I feel about this so its probably best I just not say anything. The only thing I will say that this is THE MOST I have ever gained in between weigh ins in my entire 11 months of attending WW’s.  :(  There could be a number of factors playing into it (being sick, trying to drink more water, not enough exercise, not enough sleep, Valentines, stress, blah, blah, blah). Honestly, I still physically feel like crap so I just don’t feel like analyzing it to try and figure it out like I normally would.

All I can do is recognize it, not let the scale dictate the person I am, and move on just doing what I know works – tracking, exercise, making good choices, getting more sleep, etc.

I just need to………..



When REALLY all I wanna do is……….





My Fire Bites Today:

breakfast – Zone bar during my WW meeting that was about Dining Out – 5


lunch – Subway oven roasted chicken breast on honey oat – after checking my WW app I decided instead of wasting points on my fav pepper jack cheese (1pt)  and honey mustard (1pt)  I could save a couple of points and try the hot mustard for opts  instead and load up on the veggies as usual – 8pts+

Snack – banana with nutella – 5

*laid on the couch and took a short nap. Then I got up and cooked a meal and dessert to take to a friend of mine who just had a darling baby girl.


came home and finished fixing our dinner – baked pork chops, green beans, Granny Hinson rolls – 10


am finally eating that pear that I had intentions of eating last night but got sidetracked by fro yo.  😉  -0


Total Daily – 28 points+

Activity – 0


So for now I will just…….




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36 year old military wife of 18 years and stay at home mom to 4 incredible kids (3 girls ages 17, 11, 11 and our son is 6). After my 4th, and final baby, I decided I wanted to be more active, healthier, happier, and to be an example to my kids. I joined Weight Watchers and started using the Points Plus program to learn portion control, moderation, and develop healthier habits. I also used the dietSNAPS app to track my meals and it was such a life changer for me to literally *see* what I was putting in my body! Cyndi, Lexy and I created this blog to be accountability partners and that has been a huge key to this journey! I love to cook and I love converting my favorite recipes into a healthier version for my family to enjoy! I love the after effects of exercising :) I love challenging myself to fitness goals to change things up and in doing so I have run numerous 5K/10K's, several half marathons, one full 26.2 marathon, and a Tough Mudder. I love circuit training, weight training, and running sprints. My goal is to inspire others to take their health seriously, and to show how small changes can lead to big results.

2 thoughts on “Rough Thursday

  1. Jackie Skinner

    I will say to you that you are NOT ALONE! I go Tuesday to the Dr. for my weigh in on my 3 month check up so I will see what kind of damage I’ve done…..I hope I haven’t done too bad! It’s a never ending battle! I haven’t been motivated to stay on plan so I’ve eaten whatever I could catch!…..not good. Hang in there and know that your Aunt Jackie loves you very much!

  2. Carman Post author

    Thank you Aunt Jackie! 😉 Must be in the air for sure cause I hear of so many people struggling right now. We just have to all keep motivating each other! 😉 love you too!


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