San Antonio Temple

San Antonio Sunday

I got up and got ready for church so when I dropped Court off at class I could just head on over to attend the closest LDS  church building. It ended up being just a couple miles down the road and also just down the street from the San Antonio Temple. It is  a gorgeous building and in such a cool location as it sits up on a hill/ridge and can be seen from the highway. * I got some better pics on my camera that I will have to add.

My Fire Bites:

breakfast on the way to church – Lean Body protein shake – 4


super yummy cookie in Relief Society  – 4??


Meet back up with my husband on his lunch break at FreeBirds World Burrito. We’d never eaten there before and decided to try it out. It was REALLY good – especially the carnitas!! –  and reminded me of Chipotle. I had 2 soft tacos – one with chicken and the other with carnets with lettuce, tomatillo sauce, cilantro and fresh jalepenos. -8

I also had chips & salsa – 4

snack – Zone Bar at the hotel – 5

took a nice little Sunday nap 😉

after I got up from my nap I still had some time to kill before Court was done with class and I was hungry – so I decided to head out and get some froyo as my afternoon snack. 😉  -7?


Dinner with my hubby at Zio’s Italian Cafe – I’ve been wanting bread dipped in olive oil for a long time! We haven’t eaten out at an Italian place in probably years. We just don’t eat a lot of pasta!  We were trying a little of everything on my ‘list’ of restaurants I made before coming to SA. Had half this little baguette loaf and dipped in this olive oil with salt & pepper…..YUM!!!!

When looking at their menu online before arriving I was going to to get their Strawberry Field Salad until I looked up that that salad is 1200 calories!!!!  Just about every other dish on the menu was wayyyy less calories than that. I was disappointed because that salad sounded awesome and healthy!  So it pays to do your homework before you go out to eat!!!! This Pizza Mia I got to choose 3 toppings; I chose chicken breast, red onions, and spinach. I was pretty disappointed that the toppings were pretty scarce on there. I ate 3 small slices and the toppings off the 4th little slice.

this was my leftovers

*we came back to the hotel and before we headed upstairs to our room I took my hubby to the hotel gym so we could knock out our burpees for the day. {I am NOT getting behind again remember?!} I thought about doing them this morning AFTER I was already in the shower – but since are staying on the 2nd floor I didn’t want to make the downstairs neighbors mad with my burpees and hitting the floor 20 times anyways.  So I had to knock them out in my bare feet, blue jeans, and cute shirt from dinner with a FULL stomach of Italian food! Talk about a way to get your food moving……just do a minute and a half of non-stop burpees!!!!  😉

Later I had a ‘pillow talk’ conversation with my hubby about how I needed to be reminded again the method and reasons to this 100 day burpee challenge madness. If I know a reason as to why I am doing something, then I am better able to focus and be more motivated to do it.

He gave me these good points to remember:

1- Its for you to set a goal and accomplish it
2-It creates a habit of tracking something- then it will help motivate you to track in other ways; food, workouts, etc.
3-It  will help you develop mental stength and endurance- our bodies really are capable of doing way more than we think is possible.
4- You will master this annoying  and hard full body strengthening and conditioning exercise and be stronger!!

*So there ya go! 😉  By the way, if you haven’t joined us in this Burpee Challenge yet – its not too late!!!! Just start on the day we are on!!  You will still see and feel a difference!!!


we came back tot he hotel and had 3 episodes to watch of our Netflix DVD Blue Bloods – nothing like curling up in bed to watch a movie with my hubby!!! 😉


Court remembered he had a ‘stash’ in his backpack from traveling…..hahaha!

After 2 episodes we were hungry for a late night snack…….we really wanted  frozen yogurt but all the places had JUST closed. :( So we ran to HEB and grabbed a pint of Blue Bell to share while watching Blue Bloods. 😉

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