Self Love

So I have a love hate relationship with hot yoga.  Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it while I’m loving it.  It’s hard.  And if you don’t think it’s hard, you’re not doing it right! What I do love is the different insights the teacher shares while I’m sweating my eyeballs out.

Side note: I actually cried during yoga this week, not sure why, I think it was because the pose I was in really hurt, my body was super tight.  There was probably more to it, I don’t often cry just because a pose hurts, but it was actually very cleansing, and nobody knows you’re crying in hot yoga because the tears blend in with all the sweat on your face…try it!!!

Anyway, the insight for this week was about Self Love.  The teacher was talking about how we carry ourselves, how we walk into a room, are our bodies up tall and open or are you hunched over and closed?  How you carry yourself says everything about how you feel about yourself.  She also talked about the people who always have a lot to say, and are always talking about themselves, it’s like they have something to prove.  If you truly have self love, you won’t really have a lot to say, you are content with yourself and have nothing to prove to others.  It made me think of this really funny segment by comedian Brian Regan called Me Monster (CLICK ON “ME MONSTER” to see the video and laugh your pants off!).  It’s all about the person who is continually one-uping everyone’s story and talking about how awesome he/she is.  Just watch it!

I definitely need to work on Self Love!  Stand a little taller next time you walk into a room and see if it makes a difference.  How did you feel standing tall?  Did others notice your confidence?

On to Fire Bites and Weigh In’s.

I forgot to post my Weigh In last week so I’ll do 2 in 1 this week.  Last week was the first week my hubby was gone so it was kind of like a detox week without trying 😉  I lost 3.6lbs.  This week I lost another 1.6lbs.  I’m super excited with my progress especially because I haven’t been restricting myself on foods.  I’m just trying to stay within my points and doing my P90X2.  I am also making sure to have a post-workout protein shake.

Wednesday FB’s: 1tsp PB (1), protein pancake and green smoothie (6), balance bar (5), turkey and avocado sandwich w/carrots and tomatoes and ranch (5), 1/2 tuna sandwich and a small portion of my mom’s salad (8), bite of brownie (1), Weight Watchers refurbished chocolate chip cookies first some dough, then 2 cooked cookies (at least 10!!)

Workout: 75min Hot Yoga

Thursday FB’s: 1tsp PB (1), protein pancake and green smoothie (6), cookie and coke zero (3), balance bar (5), pork gyro (10), 5 red vines (5)

Workout: P90X2 Total Body and Ab Ripper

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