Caramel 7

Shower caps are awesome hair nets!

A busy busy day!!  I had to grab something quick for breakfast so I went for a Van’s gluten-free waffle w/peanut butter and oj 8pts

Started off with a dr. appt for my 16 week check-up…listened to the heart beat, it’s still in there 😉  Two more weeks until I can find out the sex.

Then headed to our neighbor Kathy’s for a lesson on making caramels. The recipe is a family legacy and super secret, but Kathy allowed me to take some pictures for the blog!

Let’s just say this is not a Weight Watcher’s approved recipe!!

I was put on the very important job of cutting the marshmallows in half.

I promise this is the most delicious caramel you have ever had.

We rolled the marshmallows around in the delicious gooeyness and placed them to cool.

After they cooled we wrapped them in wax paper to mold them into shape.

I had to run to meet a friend for lunch at Corner Bakery.  Waited way too long to eat and picked a place way too delicious.  My appetizer was this!

Lunch was half a veggie panini w/a cup of tomato basil soup…based on the website nutrition facts, all together 31 points

My friend and I ended up talking for almost two hours so I didn’t have much time until I had to pick up Cole.

After school snack: peaches while making a “when does daddy get home calendar”

Took me an hour!  It’s color-coded by month…orange-Oct, yellow-Nov, red-Dec, blue-Jan.  It was so long I had to hang it over the top of the window.

Cole took off the first day tonight and loved it!

Mom made chicken piccata for dinner…it was sooo yummy!!

Dinner: chicken, orzo  pasta, spinach, fruit  6pts

Got hungry while updating all my posts…so I grabbed a Chobani sprinkled with some Whole Foods granola  4pts


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