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I’m excited about the new tweaks to the WW PointsPlus 2012 program!! Especially the new Simply Filling option. If you did the old WW program, it is similar to the Core plan before. Simply Filling is when you don’t have to track points if you eat foods on the Power Foods list. You eat as much as you need (not as much as you want!) and by really paying attention to only eat till you’re satisfied….not stuffed. If you eat something not on the power foods list then you have to subtract it from your 49 weekly points plus allowance or activity points.

The power foods list now includes:

Whole Grains

Non-fat dairy & dairy substitutes

Fruits & Veggies

Lean protein

and more!!

Click HERE for the list of foods that are and are not included.

In our WW meeting today Karen talked about how flexible the new plan is. You can use this Simply Filling technique for a a meal, day, a few days, all week, etc. Its not like before when you had to use the option the whole week.  This especially comes in handy for all those holiday parties!!!  Our family will be traveling for almost 2 weeks during the Christmas break (talk about one BIG holiday party!!! icon wink Simply Filling ) so I think I’m going to try this option because it will be pretty crazy and harder for me to track points…….my plan is to carry a copy of the Power Foods List with me on our trip and try it out!  I think it might help with not eating all those french fries I love so much if I know its gonna have to be deducted from my WPA or activity points!!! icon wink Simply Filling  I’ll let ya know how it goes!


Have you started using Simply Filling or been using the power foods list??

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2 comments on “Simply Filling
  1. MaryAnn says:

    Is there such a list as Simply Filling Food List or does everyone use the Power Food List with this second option. Starting 6th week with Weight Watchers. Still can’t find info, guidelines, and a Simply Filling Food List. Can you direct me.

  2. MaryAnn says:

    Is there a Simply Filling Food List or do you use only the power food list when you are trying the Simply Filling technique. Can you direct me to a Simply Filling Food List and guidelines. Starting 6th week with Weight Watchers. I am interested in second option. MaryAnn

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