Skinny chicks think they’re fat too!!

Another one of Cyndi’s epiphanies…skinny chicks think they are fat too. 

So I’m sitting at the pool today with my son and in walks 2 women with a 5-month-old baby.  One of the women I notice from my neighborhood.  I always see her out exercising..running or walking her dogs.  I have always admired her cause she has a rockin’ body.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hoping the fence here or anything, I’m happily married…to a man…but I can appreciate a well toned very nice body that I would only dream to have.  So anyways back to the pool…so this chick comes in with her friend and the baby and they all get in the pool.  The other woman is the mom of the baby and you can tell she’s probably not back to pre-baby weight, but she was wearing a bikini and looked better than I would in one so props to her.  The woman I recognized starts talking about this exercise class she started going to that incorporates ballet and pilates and how she just loves it because it’s supposed to be good for your butt and your thighs and then she says, “cause that’s where I really need work”…and this is where I almost fall off my lounge chair because I was so stunned.  I wanted to jiggle my A and thighs right past her just so she could have something to compare herself to.  I mean seriously you could have bounced a quarter off this chick’s butt.  Not that I was looking, but still. 

This reminded me of a conversation I had with the Graze Craze girls last weekend.  Are we ever happy??  So we have a goal weight…we reach it…now what…oh well we can probably lose 10 more pounds…then 10 more comes off…oh well maybe just 10 more…ok now I want a six-pack…and this can just keep going and going.  Or like me lately…I feel like I can’t get happy because of something that’s happening in my life, there’s always an excuse or a reason why I’m not happy, like I don’t have control over my own happiness.  The quote at the top of our blog is perfect “People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be”  and I would add…”self trust if the first secret to success”.  How can we expect people to love us, if we don’t love ourselves!

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