Starburst Jellybeans

Somebody please take away the Starburst Jellybeans!

Home again, home again, jiggitty jig!


Started the day out at our old favorite breakfast spot, Magnolia Cafe.  It was just as delicious as I remember.

Snack: peanut butter and banana

Breakfast: egg white veggie omelet, 1/2 piece of sourdough toast, bites of Cole’s pancake

We were on a mission today to finalize an area we’d like to live when we move back in May.  We checked out a few areas south of the city and made our way back north.  As we were driving by my favorite froyo place, the decreasing size of my bladder was calling, or maybe it was the froyo, either way we stopped!

Daddy had to return some equipment out in Round Rock and then we grabbed some lunch at Chipotle.

Next stop, our storage unit.  Cole was excited to play with some of his toys that have been in there since September.  Then we headed back to grandma and papa’s.  They watched Cole while Keller and I went on a double date with some friends to the Alamo Drafthouse for dinner and a movie.  We went to see Act of Valor.  We were both super excited to see the movie.  The acting was not that great but hey what do you expect when real navy seals try acting.  The movie was a little too close to home and being pregnant and super hormonal didn’t help.

TIP: If you haven’t noticed, I eat out a lot!  One thing I like to do is look up the menu online before I go so that I have a plan of what I’m going to eat.  I was super excited to see that the drafthouse now serves spaghetti squash.

Dinner: 1 fried pickle, spaghetti squash w/pomodoro sauce and chicken

Snack when we got home…more Blue Bell cookies and cream mixed with Dreyer’s 1/2 fat mint chip.


Time to go home!  We met up with Keller’s Grandaddy for breakfast.

Breakfast: another egg white omelet with wheat toast

Off to the airport.  The rest of the day went like this, sit on a plane, be uncomfortable, eat some jelly beans, get off a plane, eat lunch at Chili’s too, regret eating lunch at Chili’s too, get on another plane, continue to be uncomfortable, eat some more jelly beans, land in Salt Lake, wait forever for our bags, eat a Krispy Kreme while looking at Lexy’s before/after race pics, wait for a shuttle to take us home, and finally home!

We were so tired and hungry by the time we got home, we ordered some pizza and a spinach salad and Keller picked it up for dinner.

Cole made himself comfy while waiting for dinner!

Dinner: 1 piece cheese pizza, spinach salad

Then we all crashed!


Nothing exciting today, church, nap, take Keller to airport and that’s about it.  So here’s the menu.

Breakfast: protein pancake and berries

Snack at church: 1/2 balance bar

Lunch: left over piece of pizza and a greek yogurt

Snacky snacks: piece of frozen banana bread, more jelly beans, and an apple

After Cole and I took a short nap we took Daddy to the airport, Cole was not so happy

Dinner: I actually cooked, miracle! chicken, zucchini, pasta w/tzatziki sauce…a super easy and delicious dinner!

Ingredients:  chicken, zucchini, white onion, pasta, tzatziki sauce

Since I was only making for Cole and me, I only used 1 chicken breast, 1 zucchini, and probably only a cup of pasta.  Boil pasta water.  Pam and garlic salt frying pan, add chicken cut into pieces (cooks faster).   Add pasta to boiling water.  Cook chicken until just done.  Remove from pan, add zucchini and onion to pan.  Cook for a couple minutes until al dente, add chicken back to pan, spoon 2 big spoonfuls into pan and stir.  Serve over pasta.  Took about 20 min total and tasted super delicious!


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