Sore after a workout…go workout again!

So that little lunge/squat workout I did yesterday must have worked because literally I could barely walk this morning.  Like.. lower yourself on the toilet with your arms…hurting.  And it’s not even the day after the day after…that’s usually when it hurts the most.  Oh joy for tomorrow!  But what I’ve always been told by my old trainer, my husband, and experienced for myself is that you’ve got to workout that latic acid that is the cause of the soreness in your muscles.  So I started today off with an hour spin class +12.  It wasn’t my best class, my legs were definitely tired and I took it a little easier, but it definitely helped work out some of that soreness.  Now I just need to do some yoga.

Cole and I were invited over for dinner at a friend’s house tonight so with that in mind I tried to save a few extra points for the unexpected.

Pre-workout: 3


Post-workout: 5

I spent most of the day just getting things organized and taking care of some stuff for Keller.  My dad who had knee surgery and has been cooped up in the house for the last 3 weeks really wanted to go see a movie, so we went to see Tower Heist.  I’m taking advantage of the fact that I CAN go see a movie at 2pm in the afternoon while Cole is in school, because in 4 months that will no longer be possible!

Snack at the movie/Lunch: 6 peanut M&M’s and a Balance Bar, PS these are super good mixed together 😉  7

Snack after the movie: reduced fat cheese and an apple  2

Dinner: Papa John’s Tuscan six cheese pizza 2 slices and then the rest of Cole’s 2nd piece and 2 pieces of the cinnapie…ready for this…32 frickin points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Thank heavens I had been semi conservative with my points throughout the day!



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