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Square One Again???

Seriously y’all… I’m gonna vent a little. The last few days I have found myself in another funk. Why does it happen? I’m not sure… I know for a fact that it’s not pms. Sorry if that was too much information already. I really don’t want this post to be a whiney post… that’s not my intention at all. But I do like to try to keep things “real” and let you know that I still struggle with eating good… even after all of this time. I guess I’m getting a little burnt out on having to constantly think about what I’m going to eat and trying to keep it healthy. I got off track again this weekend and didn’t do the best….

Friday (the day after the ZZ Top concert at the Houston Rodeo)

I’ve been struggling a lot with keeping up with everything! I felt like I needed a little time away from the computer & blogging. I have been falling behind on my mom duties, my housework, laundry, paperwork, etc.

I had my morning whey protein fruit smoothie for -2 pts (no flaxseed oil) and hit the gym. We had a sub for our 1 hour muscle blast class and it wasn’t nearly as intense as usual. Maybe earned +4 activity points??

I decided to step away from the computer and attack my housework! I dusted fan blades, steamed carpet floors, did all the laundry, cleaned bathrooms, swept/mopped all the floors, cleaned the kitchen, etc. I felt really good making some headway on the home front!

Cheesy Eggs with Pico – 5 pts

Fiber One – 2 pts

Protein waffle with strawberries – 5 pts

Banana – 0 pts

The boys got out of school early for Spring Break!!! Woohoo! We all went shoe shopping! They are growing like weeds… at the beginning of the school year they got new shoes that were size 7.5 and now they are size 9!!!

Zone Bar – 5 pts

We picked up a box of cheezits and sugar cookies and brownie bites at Target….  that ended up being dinner as we drove from store to store!

Saturday I woke up to pouring rain…. it’s been raining a lot! So, that meant no running group. :(

I met Carman at the gym for an hour of elliptical. We talked for a long time afterwards and by the time I got home I went straight for the frozen yogurt! – 3 pts

Followed by sugar cookies – 4pts

Zone Bar – 5 pts

My oldest son Ty spent the day together doing some shopping for him. We ate McDonald’s together for lunch. – 7 pts

Half of the Hinson family has birthdays in the month of March – we met up at La Brisa for dinner – 6 pts

And you all know we ended up at Menchie’s Frozen yogurt for late night dessert! – 7 pts???

Sunday I started the day with a protein waffle with bananas – 5 pts

Fiber One bar on the way to church – 2 pts

After church we had family over for a get together… mainly sandwiches, chips/salsa, cookies, cupcakes, etc….

My sandwich –

Chips and Carman’s world famous salsa and green sauce!

I lost count of how many cookies I ate… they were so good and I was beginning to really feel like I just didn’t care. I even had a bowl of Blue Bell Ice Cream! I didn’t measure it out…. shocking! 😉

I have no plans of falling off the wagon or giving up on everything. I just needed to write it all out and move on. I have been really tired and stressed out this week. I got lazy and made poor choices. I know that I just need a few days being back on track to start feeling better again.

To leave on a positive note… my son is going on his first Youth Conference this week! They are reenacting the pioneer trek… I’m really excited for him and can’t wait to hear all about it when he returns! :)


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2 thoughts on “Square One Again???

  1. Claretta

    It was a wonderful day of family and celebration. Of course a person has to eat!! Thanks for everything.


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