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Getting Back to My Old Healthy Habits – Cause They Work!!

*Warning – this is a *keeping it real*  kinda post. :)

I have been thinking lately that I needed to get back into the habit of blogging and checking in here daily again like we used to because it seems to be one of the last pieces of the puzzle of keeping me on track and accountable. Its the whole reason Lexy, Cyndi and I started this blog 20 months ago was because we needed and wanted to have accountability and the support. We can attest to the case studies out there that say you are MUCH more successful when you have a buddy or accountability partner. We are definitely living proof. :) Just yesterday we were checking in with each other via text and all 3 agreed that we need to get back to it. Hopefully in the process, those that read our blog can relate in some way as we continue to blog about our healthy living journey. There truly never is a finish line.

We are now starting week 3 of our back to school routine and I feel like I am still having to plug along and force myself into my routines daily. (3 weeks+ seems to always be the frustrating magic number when making changes) My summer self wants to just chillax while my kids are gone to school and not worry about my chores and to-do list….so I am still on the uphill battle with getting my new routine down.

I think everything from this summer is finally catching up with me emotionally.  I have had lots of new changes that I think I am subconsciously still processing and didn’t realize it. I have literally had changes in almost every area of my life over the course of 3 short months- new job, new church family, relationships with family and friends, workout schedule, stress on completing this Tough Mudder, back to school school routine, etc. Throw that in with ‘a little’ pms and you have a nice little formula for mental craziness in trying to process it all.   It has been too easy for my brain to go here –

…..with the exception of ‘I’m too skinny’ and ‘I’m too good’……seriously who thinks that??! :)

I am such an extrovert that when I get like this mentally – I think that I half hope the people around me will pull me out of it. What I am coming to realize is that I am the ONLY one who can pull myself out of funks like this and break down these walls. What is so cool about that is when it is ME using my inner strength to break down these walls…..it becomes empowering because then I recognize how strong I am and value the strength that I forget I have.


I love this diagram because I truly believe that we need to visit each of these four areas or rooms, daily. I have found what helps me is to have several different things I can switch to focus on or think about when I’m frustrated in a certain area of my life.  When I’m frustrated in one area….like my physical activity level not being where I want to be or not doing all that great on my eating habits….I can change my focus that day on my mental and spiritual health and listen to a motivational talk or I can relax and do yoga to relax my body and mind…..or I can spend quality time with my kids…..or my spend time talking to my awesome husband and explain to him how I’m feeling. (He always helps me think logically again) :) Relying on these things help me ‘get out of my own way’ and keep me from going into ‘self destruction mode’…..as my husband likes to call it.  :)

Do you feed all four of these areas in your life every day?? 



I took snapshots of my dietSNAPS day so you can see how I track my day in my app. I try to eat consistently every 3 hours. Today was a different story and a fluky day only because of 2 hard workouts  – I am always more hungry, hungrier…??……when I have a hard workout.



Vi- shake with almond/coconut milk and ice






Vi Shake with frozen strawberries and an Orange and Banana health flavor mix ins


Protein waffle – I use our favorite recipe but I am now adding 1-2 scoops of the Vi-shake mix and I think it is AWESOME and better than ever!!!!


power nap :)


Weight Watcher Chicken Fried Rice recipe 

*not pictured confessional – Devyn made cookies to take to a couple of families for Family Home Evening treats (hence the reason why our dinner was so late).  I did lick the spoon and eat a bite (or two) of cookie dough :)



Simply Saturday

picture via Pinterest

This was my motto and goal for today. We enjoyed a pretty quiet low key day at home just hanging out getting a few little things done.

I woke up to go running with the weather like this……….

as we say where I come from………..’It has come a gully washer!!!!!!’ 😉

was pretty bummed we didn’t get to run our 7 miles but went with the back up plan of meeting Lexy at the gym so we could get our cardio out of the way for the day.

1 hour on elliptical in Target Heart Rate Zone – +10 activity points


cardio done!! 😉


post workout protein green smoothie in my (redneck) Mason Jar blender 😉 – 2


my kids requested monkey bread again – Its becoming our Saturday morning ritual!  I ate two of them – 8


lunch – tortilla pizza with 2 tsp olive oil for my healthy checks – 8

snack – ZonePerfect sweet & salty bar- 5


random snack -4

I’ve been wanting to make stuffed peppers for a while now and I finally came across an easy and no brainer recipe on this new blog that Lexy told us about the other day called Dashing Dish! This girl is ADORABLE and has lots of good stuff on her blog! I was browsing around on her site the other day I came across her recipe Italian Stuffed Red Peppers – it is SOOOO good!! I also love that she includes the WW point values on her recipes!!   I tried her recipe today and followed her recipe with the exception that I added chopped mushrooms and onions to the meat mixture and I used different colored bell peppers because its what I had.


I ate mine with a serving of spaghetti squash for 5pts+ It was SOOOOO good and hearty!!!

and now I have leftovers to eat for lunch tomorrow after church and for several days this week!!!! YUM-O!!!!


this is pretty much of what our evening consisted of – at one point the little ones were watching a movie and were ALL piled on the LOVESEAT with ME. 😉 It was too cute so I had to get a picture.

Gabe realizing I was taking his picture……

then he decided to be funny……..hahaha…….

and then funnier and the girls finally realized what was going on.  too cute! 😉


Jay made some brownies in a jar we had gotten for Christmas so I had to have some – 7


finally had to break out the pickles to get the sweet and sugar taste out of my mouth cause I was wanting to just eat more!! -0pts+

I logged all my info from the day into my WW app to help me keep track for better success like we talked about in a WW meeting a couple weeks ago. 😉

Oct 14, 2011 1_46 PM_jpg

Peanut Butter tip & Muscle Blast

pre workout–banana w/pb – 2pts+

I’m finding that eating a little peanut butter with my banana before my workouts vs. just a banana helps me a TON!  I’ve noticed it’s helped me maintain my energy throughout my workouts and keeps my blood sugar stable so that I don’t feel famished when I’m done with a hard workout.

Workout: Muscle Blast class with Carla at 24Hr –  +8pts

This chick is AWESOME!!!!! First off she has the lean body that I dream of achieving, and second she does the coolest/different exercises in this class to really target your core and smaller muscles in addition to the larger.  LOVE LOVE this class!

Post workout/breakfast – ISO vanilla protein-2 pts+  & oatmeal- 4pts+

Lunch: 3oz shredded crockpot chicken on 50/50 lettuce with 1 TBSP Pioneer Woman dressing recipe

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Do You Work Out To Punish Yourself?

This was my random thought during my spin class this morning. I’m sure you understand what I mean when I say that one thought will pop into my head and then that leads to another thought… and another…. and then I’m wishing I was sitting in front of my computer typing away about a concept. With that in mind… here is my mind at work during spin class…

I started out thinking how good I felt after yesterday’s work out. I was able to get in a good 30 minutes on the elliptical followed by an awesome Body Pump class. At the end of class is when I realized I am now lifting a lot more weight than I had been at my previous gym. Feeling good about that work out and realization… I stuck to my Points Plus target for Weight Watchers throughout the day yesterday. I was planning to meet up with some new friends to learn to play Rook. Knowing that I had “earned” 14+ activity points, I knew I had some wiggle room when it came to snacking at the get together. Although I did “okay”…. I’m pretty sure I blew right through those measly 14+ points…

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Crazy Discovery Today – Lexy

Well …. I made a very interesting discovery today… I’ll get to that in a second.

Started the morning with my favorite protein pancake and bananas – 5

Headed up to the gym for 30 minutes of elliptical followed by Body Pump class! I have been feeling like my weights were heavier than normal… but never really investigated the reason why. I usually grab 5’s and 2.5’s along with the bar… during the work out, you add more weights and take away weights based on the exercise in the series… (that is what I had always done at my previous gym…) Today I finally noticed that the plates were in kgs instead of lbs! NO WONDER!!!! When I thought I was lifting 5 LBS on each side…. it was really 11 LBS per side!!!! And what I thought was 2.5 LBS was actually over 5 LBS! So, it’s pretty cool because I have been lifting WAY more than I was used to!!! But it wasn’t a conscious decision…. Makes me wonder in what other areas of my life, I’m holding back when I COULD BE DOING MORE?!?!?! +13 Activity Points

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