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Zoo Lights

Can’t sleep, must post

So I woke up today at 5:45am for no reason and my mind starting wondering which prevented me from being able to go back to sleep.  I’m going to pay for it later!  But what better time to post to the blog!!  Not much to report for the past couple days.  Nothing like the Houston Ice Road Truckers.  Bless their hearts!


First day back from Cali and was in desperate need of some spin.  Kicked my butt and I loved it. After class, I went up to the fitness studio to do my 50 burpees on the Bosu.  I took a video of how I do them, but who knows if it will ever make it up here, cause #1 it’s a video of a pregnant me in workout clothes doing a burpee, and #2 I really have no idea how to put it up here 😉  I knocked out 50 in 2:33 then emailed my husband to tease him that a pregnant chick beat his time.

Pre-workout: the usual banana and PB


Papa took Cole to play at an indoor playscape cause I was supposed to be studying for my CNA state test scheduled for Thursday, but the test got canceled and so I took a nap instead.  It was lovely.

Snack: nuts and cranberries mix from Trader Joe’s (so glad they come in individualized packets cause I never knew how many points I was eating of this stuff!)

Dinner: Amylu chicken burgers, 1/2 C Trader Joe’s white mac and cheese, and green beans

Headed to bed early and finished my book I was reading.


Woke up to a 4-year-old in my bed who kept telling me he was sweaty.  It wasn’t sweat!  Can I please get through one week of not having to clean up bodily functions…oh wait…no I can’t because I’m about to have a BABY!!!

Pre-workout: Nature’s Path GF waffle w/pb

Went to buns and guns class.  We were working on the gliders again and so this time I tried to be more conscience of the core work to prevent another sore muscle/gas feeling of going into labor.

Post-workout: Muscle Milk Light

Took Cole to the Rec Center after to play then we met up with Papa to have lunch at Kneader’s.  I was super hungry by the time we ate which was not such a good thing because even though I only took a picture of my tuna sandwich (which I ate half of), I failed to picture the cinnamon roll that I ate 2/3 of, some chips that I lost count of how many I ate, oh and Cole’s soup and foccacia bread which I helped myself to and ending up eating his entire piece of bread (which wasn’t like a small little sample!).  Oh well…at least it was all delicious!

We came home and took naps before going down to Salt Lake to meet up with my sister and niece and nephews to go to the Hogle Zoo Lights.  Luckily we got there when we did because by the time we left not only was it freezing cold, but it was packed with people.  Little Will told us next time he doesn’t want to come (they were a little cold by the end).

Grabbed some dinner at Corner Bakery.  Michelle and I had breakfast for dinner and it was delicious!

Then we dropped the kids off and Michelle and I went to see the movie New Year’s Eve.  No picture of the many red vines I munched on while at the movie.  It was an ok movie.  It could have been better!



Movies, Miracles, and Meltdowns

Recaping this weekend…


Awesome day…Papa took Cole to Home Depot and Aunt Sasa’s so I got to spend the morning talking to daddy on Skype and taking my time getting ready for the day.

Breakfast: some delicious bread Dad got at Great Harvest…I shoved it in the toaster (it was a little big)

I had a groupon to a local deli that I had been wanting to use so I suggested we all go to lunch.  We got to the place and it was a little sketchy, like it didn’t look like a place where sandwiches are or SHOULD be served.  We decided to head to Red Rock Brewery instead.  I hadn’t been there since I moved back and I forgot how much I love their tuna sandwich.  They serve it in a pita pocket with lots of pickles and it’s super delish!

Lunch: 1/2 sandwich, salad

Grammy offered to take Cole to see Happy Feet 2 so that Sherilynn and I could go see the movie The Way with Martin Sheen.  It was seriously sooo good!  I recommend it to everyone.

I was in charge of dinner.  Luckily I had bought some of the Amylu chicken burgers at Coscto.  Served those with Alexia sweet potato fries and snap peas.


Nothing important or exciting happened today…went to church, hung out, that’s about it.  My phone was dead so I didn’t get pics of everything I ate.


Balance Bar at church

Lunch: leftover Chipotle from Thursday

Snacks: 3 WW oatmeal cookies, no sugar added hot chocolate, grapes, a few almonds

Dinner: pork loin, red potatoes, broccoli

Had some leftover points so I split a Yoplait smoothie with Dad.  3



Yay for Monday spin class.  Got to use my new Garmin watch for the first time.  It was interesting to compare the readings from my HR monitor and calories burned from the Garmin to my old watch.


Post-workout: 2

Picked up my mom from the Dr. and we went to Great Harvest for lunch.  Split the delicious veggie sandwich!!  I seriously am in love with this sandwich.

Had my 24 week check-up and did my glucose screening.  This is where the miracle comes in…I actually lost 2 pounds from last month’s weigh-in.  My dr. wasn’t super excited about it, but hey let’s be honest it’s not like I’m on the light side of things!  I was excited!  Other than that everything is good, can’t believe I’m already 6 months.

I was starving after my appointment so I ended up eating the other 3rd of my mom’s half of the sandwich cause it was ginormous.  Then mom and I headed to the outlets to look for some Christmas jammies.

Snack: 16 almonds 4

Dinner: marinated flank steak, roasted veggies, brown rice 7

Thanks to Carman I got a great idea for the Elf tonight!


Sooo tired today.  Slept in until 8 thanks to Cole waking up grammy.  Had a workout planned, my usual intervals with lunges and squats, but it didn’t happen.

Breakfast: 5

Took Cole to the rec center.  He had a great time until he had to leave.  Wasn’t too happy, but he grudgingly came.  I bribed him with a cookie from Kneaders, which worked, kind of.  We got there and he had a complete meltdown because I told him we were taking it home to eat, which only increased when I made him leave the restaurant without the cookie.  I was proud of myself, I maintained composure even when I had to physically put him in the car because he refused to get in (screaming no!).  For those of you who know Cole, it’s hard to believe that this precious angel could turn so quickly into a screaming lunatic, but it happened.  I felt bad cause #1 I really wanted a bite of his cookie, #2 he was sooo upset, #3 I hoped I had made the right decision on how to respond to the situation.  It was so unlike him, however, it has happened a couple times since we’ve been here in Utah.  If you ask daddy, he thinks Cole is getting a little too spoiled living with Grammy and Papa.  He’s going to have quite a shock when we move back to Austin, have the baby, and then daddy leaves again.  Oh the joy of my life!

Lunch: whole wheat bread, low-fat cheese, turkey grilled with olive oil spray and carrots w/light dip  7

Went to swimming only because I felt bad canceling on the teacher with such late notice and because we won’t be here next week for our lesson.


Then headed to Taekwondo.  Heidi had a prior engagement tonight and so we couldn’t do out Tuesdays with Heidi.  We’re going to see if we can do it another night this week so stay tuned.  Instead I got some Christmas shopping done and picked up Chipotle for dinner.

Dinner: 6

Snack: 3