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40 pounds lost

Happy 40 pounds not on my body day!!

So yesterday was a big day and I wanted to blog about it, but it was a busy Friday the 13th. Yesterday was weigh-in day and with a 2.2 pound loss, it took me to a total of 41.3 pounds lost since Cruz was born 15 weeks ago.  I am now 10.7 pounds from my goal!  I was so excited to hit the 40 pound mark that I bought myself a present…

(yes they are magenta and pay no attention to the P90X bruise on my shin, or the fact that I’m wearing the shoes in bed and most likely don’t have pants on)

These are the Nike ‘Free Run+ 3′ purchased at my favorite store…Nordstrom!!  They have a million colors and a few other different styles on their Nordstrom Anniversary Sale!!!!  These are the best tennis shoes in the world.  They are lightweight, comfy and cushy, and super cute…what more could you ask for????

Progress Chart

My friend Heidi (you will remember from Tuesdays with Heidi) and I were able to hang out a couple times this week and talked a lot about weighing yourself, when to do it, how often, and what’s a good amount to lose each week.  First of all I think a lot of people have totally wrong ideas about what a normal, healthy amount of weight to lose each week is.  I know I did.  I always thought that I could drop a bunch of weight fast and if I was only losing 1 pound something wasn’t working.  Heidi has had concerns because she goes down, then up, then down further, then up, then down further, and she’s discouraged by the inconsistency.  So I asked her when her weigh-in day was and she said she weighed herself once a day.  I told her that was her first problem and suggested she pick one day per week to weigh-in and preferably on Friday or Saturday so she could enjoy the weekend.  Back in June I sent her a text of a quote I had read…

So 4 days later this was her response…

I think back to a year ago when I was counting my points, working out twice a day, and not losing a pound.  It was so frustrating.  I don’t know why the weight seems to literally be falling off me right now.  I mean I know I am working hard at my workouts, trying to stay within my daily food points, and drinking my Body by Vi shakes, but I honestly think the MAIN reason why it’s finally working is because I’m not stressed about it.  I’m taking my time, enjoying the process, challenging myself but also rewarding myself.  Don’t stress, be patient!

Fire Bites…

Thursday, Heidi and I took the kids to a bouncy house.  I was not prepared to be there for 4 hours!  So after only having eaten a Vi shake, 1/2 a balance bar, an apple, 4 migraine pills, and a coke zero, I was literally shaking by the time we got home.  I made myself a turkey and avocado sandwich w/carrots to eat before my 90 minute hot yoga class.  I put a picture of side crow pose because I attempted it during class…let’s just say I definitely didn’t look like that chick!

Friday the 13th we met my sister and her kids at the Utah Natural History museum.  It is seriously such a cool place and the kids love it.  Poor Grace broke her wrist when she fell off her bike last weekend, but she gets to wear a sweet orange cast!  We got lunch at Corner Bakery after.  Came back up to Park City and I took Cole and Cruz to the park.  The weather was kind of spooky, overcast and a little windy, but the temperature was perfect.  Eventually it started raining so we had to head home.  As we were about to leave to go out to dinner later that night, the power went out.  We thought maybe it was just our area, but all of Park City was out so we came back home and whipped up an old favorite Tzatziki Chicken.  We had dinner by candlelight and the boys got baths by flashlight.  I took a picture of my mom and dad on their iPad’s and iPhones because apparently we can do just fine without power!

Today was another rainy overcast day.  I tried to get my P90X2 Back and Base video done early so I could help my dad with some stuff.  He taught he how to use a socket thingy (ha I still don’t know what the tool is called) to unscrew bolts in a bed we were taking down.  It’s actually surprisingly easy, so next time you think your man is all skilled with his tools, just know it’s not that hard!  I had the best salad for lunch, it was a warm goat cheese salad that had spring mix, goat cheese, pears, tomatoes, and I added chicken.  It was super yummy!  My friend Taryn had her baby yesterday so we went to the hospital to meet him.  He still doesn’t have a name, so for now he’s Baby Lebell!  He is such a cutie.  I can’t believe how time has flown and how big Cruz is now.  The cousin boys got to have a sleepover at Aunt Sherilynn’s tonight and my mom took Cruz home with her so I could go to dinner with Heidi.  We had time to get pedicures before, which I desperately needed.  I got the shellac nail polish for the first time in hopes that it will last a long time cause I’m not sure when I’ll be able to get a pedi again.  Then Heidi and I went to Bombay House for some delicious Indian food.  We were both so hungry that I don’t remember much conversation once the food arrived 😉  She refuses to pose for pictures so I had to take a bunch to try and get a good one.

Lexy and Carman are living it up in Miami at the ViSalus conference Vitality!!  I’m so jealous I wasn’t able to join them, but am looking forward to all the fun 90-Day Challenge updates they’ll bring back.  Next Tuesday is day 30 of our 90-day challenge…how is everyone else doing on your challenges??


Self Love

So I have a love hate relationship with hot yoga.  Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it while I’m loving it.  It’s hard.  And if you don’t think it’s hard, you’re not doing it right! What I do love is the different insights the teacher shares while I’m sweating my eyeballs out.

Side note: I actually cried during yoga this week, not sure why, I think it was because the pose I was in really hurt, my body was super tight.  There was probably more to it, I don’t often cry just because a pose hurts, but it was actually very cleansing, and nobody knows you’re crying in hot yoga because the tears blend in with all the sweat on your face…try it!!!

Anyway, the insight for this week was about Self Love.  The teacher was talking about how we carry ourselves, how we walk into a room, are our bodies up tall and open or are you hunched over and closed?  How you carry yourself says everything about how you feel about yourself.  She also talked about the people who always have a lot to say, and are always talking about themselves, it’s like they have something to prove.  If you truly have self love, you won’t really have a lot to say, you are content with yourself and have nothing to prove to others.  It made me think of this really funny segment by comedian Brian Regan called Me Monster (CLICK ON “ME MONSTER” to see the video and laugh your pants off!).  It’s all about the person who is continually one-uping everyone’s story and talking about how awesome he/she is.  Just watch it!

I definitely need to work on Self Love!  Stand a little taller next time you walk into a room and see if it makes a difference.  How did you feel standing tall?  Did others notice your confidence?

On to Fire Bites and Weigh In’s.

I forgot to post my Weigh In last week so I’ll do 2 in 1 this week.  Last week was the first week my hubby was gone so it was kind of like a detox week without trying 😉  I lost 3.6lbs.  This week I lost another 1.6lbs.  I’m super excited with my progress especially because I haven’t been restricting myself on foods.  I’m just trying to stay within my points and doing my P90X2.  I am also making sure to have a post-workout protein shake.

Wednesday FB’s: 1tsp PB (1), protein pancake and green smoothie (6), balance bar (5), turkey and avocado sandwich w/carrots and tomatoes and ranch (5), 1/2 tuna sandwich and a small portion of my mom’s salad (8), bite of brownie (1), Weight Watchers refurbished chocolate chip cookies first some dough, then 2 cooked cookies (at least 10!!)

Workout: 75min Hot Yoga

Thursday FB’s: 1tsp PB (1), protein pancake and green smoothie (6), cookie and coke zero (3), balance bar (5), pork gyro (10), 5 red vines (5)

Workout: P90X2 Total Body and Ab Ripper

Wednesday Workout

A week in review…

Monday (5/21), day 1 of my 90 days of P90X2.  It’s hard, but I’m excited to do it.  I like that since I can’t really go to a gym, I have a program laid out for me and I don’t have to think about what I’m going to do for my workout everyday.  Cole had a Tball game and it was hilarious.  At one point the entire team on the field was either laying down, sitting, spinning, or picking something.  Pure entertainment!

Monday FB’s: 1tsp PB (1), protein shake (3), protein pancake (6), apple, balance bar (5), leftover fish and chicken w/snap  peas (4)

Workout: P90X2 Core and 30 min on my spin bike

Tuesday, hung out at the park and got a little sunburned.  My sister Sherilynn came over for dinner and I made turkey primavera spaghetti.  Basically it was ground turkey, 2 cans of diced tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, and some onion.  I cooked down the tomatoes to make it into a sauce and then added everything else.  I also added fresh basil and let it simmer to soak up the flavors.  It was super light, healthy, and delicious! (I had mine over spaghetti squash)

Tuesday FB’s: 1tsp PB and 1/2 banana (1), protein shake (3), FAGE yogurt (3), apple, carrots, Balance Bar (5), turkey primavera over spaghetti squash (6), apple w/1TBSP pb (3)

Workout: P90X2 Plyocide

Wednesday, did some yoga and errands for Cole’s birthday party.  Cole had another Tball game.

Wednesday FB’s: started the day off with 75min of hot yoga, 1tsp PB and 1/2 banana, my post-workout drink was a coke zero…Sherilynn must be rubbing off on me! when I got home I had a proper shake (3) :), protein pancake (6), chicken gyro (6) didn’t eat the pita, it was stale, green smoothie, nuts (3), leftover turkey primavera over spaghetti squash (5)

Workout: 75min Hot Yoga at Tadasana Yoga Studio (I’m sporting their sweatshirt below…love it!)

Thursday was a busy day.  We met Heidi and her kids and Rebecca at the park for lunch.  We packed out lunches and I tried to replicate my favorite Great Harvest veggie sandwich, except I added turkey.  Rebecca showed us pictures of her trip to Thailand.  It looks pretty amazing! After the park we went to my sisters house so I could watch the boys for the afternoon.  By the time we finally got home and got everyone in bed I was exhausted.  But I couldn’t go to bed until I blew up the balloons for Cole’s room.  I started this tradition last year.  I took pic once I finally got all of them in there, you can see Cole dead asleep in his bed.

Thursday FB’s: 1tsp PB (1), protein shake (3), turkey and veggie sandwich (8), Balance Bar (5), toast w/pb and strawberries (5)

Workout: P90X2 (Total Body and Ab Ripper)

Friday, Cole’s 5th birthday.  Holy cow, time flies!  Made him breakfast in bed and Skyped with daddy before school.  On the way to school we picked up doughnuts to celebrate with his school friends.  I came home and started getting things ready for his party.  Got on a conference call with Lexy and Carman that lasted over 2 1/2 hours.  My mom kept asking me questions and then I’d turn around with my ear phones in and she said You’re STILL on the phone!  It was like a flashback to high school when I would get in trouble for being on the phone so long.  We had a party for Cole at an indoor fun center in Salt Lake called Jungle Jim’s.  It’s pretty much his favorite place and we were lucky enough to have some Groupons!!  I got there early and set up with Avenger decorations and his big present, a new bike.  He hadn’t had a present ALL day and all he wanted to do when he got there was open presents.  Poor kid!  Next year, a present in the morning.  The day was so crazy that when I went back to look at what I ate I realized it wasn’t a ton which is why I was starving by the time the party came along and why I ate way too many cookies!

Friday FB’s: starting the day off bright and early with my friend Crystal Light Energy, toast w/PB (5), FAGE yogurt (3), tester cookie while making them for Cole’s party (5), apple, 2-mini Reese PB cups (3), piece of pizza (7), more cookie (10?), banana…felt super sick after eating clean all week and then eating junk

Workout: rest day

Saturday, ahhh I can breathe!  Today was chill day.  It was raining so it made it nice to just hang out at home.  Sherilynn and I went to see Men In Black 3.  I made Cole take a nap, he ended up sleeping for 4 hours!!!  Someone was seriously pooped.  The funniest thing was when Cole took the Cars camera he got for his bday and took a picture of his dinner because mommy always takes pictures of what she eats.

Saturday FB’s: 1tsp PB (1), post-workout shake (3), turkey and veggie sandwich (8), Balance Bar (5), licorice (4), rotisserie chicken and green beans (4)

Workout: P90X Balance and Power

Sunday, church day and friends over for dinner.

Sunday FB’s:  toast w/pb (5), balance bar (5), turkey melt (7), snacked on licorice, a reese’s pb cup, leftover cookie, pretzels, just very snacks (12?), pork w/veggies, rice, salad and fruit (6), and this amazing dessert that was meringue drizzled w/chocolate and then topped with greek yogurt mixed with cream and topped with strawberries…soooo delicious (forgot to take a pic)!

Monday, Happy Memorial Day!  We spent the day at my sister’s for swimming and a BBQ.  It was perfect weather and such a fun day!  Both boys were asleep before we made it to the freeway.  I was super proud of myself because even though I couldn’t get my workout in before we left in the morning, I came home and did it at 4:30 in the afternoon.

Monday FB’s: 1tsp PB (1), apple, balance bar (5), 6 or so peanut M&M’s, 8-10 potato chips (both of these were grabbing as I walked from one place to another), steak w/veggies, fruit, crackers and hummus (10), red vines (8), protein shake (3), toast (2)

Workout: P90X Core

Tuesday, took my dad to the airport and stopped by the cemetery to look at all the flowers and flags that were placed for Memorial Day.  As we were walking back to the car from my grandparents grave I told Cole that my grandpa was an FBI agent and he says “like Gibbs on NCIS?”  I laughed so hard I almost pee’d my pants.  My 5-year-old if obsessed with NCIS!  We stopped by Heidi’s to borrow their Skuut bike to help Cole learn how to ride his new bike.  Came home and got lunch, took a nap, and then attempted the bike lessons.  The bike we bought him is too big :(  So we have to go find another one.  Cole requested breakfast for dinner again which made me happy because I’ve been dying for my protein pancake and green smoothie (the magic bullet is broken, but I managed to resurrect it for one more meal).

Tuesday FB’s: 1tsp PB (1), shake (3), leftover chicken and pork w/veggies and tzatziki on the side (5), pretzels and Trader Joe’s nuts and berries (9), protein pancake and green smoothie (6)

Workout: P90X2 Plyocide

*sigh of relief, that was a long recap!

Monkey bars


The hubby is gone and I now have 4 months to focus on a transformation.  I was in need of some motivation and found these on simplyshredded.com.

On Saturday before Keller went to the airport we took a walk down to a neighborhood playground where they had monkey bars.  I figured I would see how good I was at getting across ,being that our Tough Mudder in October has a monkey bar obstacle.  Guess what?  I suck!  Like literally I made it to the second bar.  So we will be working on those cause come October I want to look like this chick!

Boo frickity hoo you can’t make it across the monkey bars!

Sunday Fire Bites: protein pancake, balance bar (half), a piece of Maxwell’s pizza and red vines (no pic), apple w/pb, halibut w/veggies and fruit.

I also found some great sayings in our church program today about Procrastination.

So in the words of one of those rats on Ratatatouille “Let’s Do This Thing!!!”

Chicken Fajitas

Just menus

Doing some catching up.  Feeling good this week and saying on track.


Pre-workout: 1tsp PB and 1/2 banana-1pt

Went on my spin bike for 50 minutes. +10

Post-spin: Fage greek yogurt and protein pancake-9pts

Spent the day blogging and getting little things done.

Lunch: Balance Bar-5pts

Afternoon Snack: Green Smoothie and Trader Joe’s pretzels-3pts

Made fajitas for dinner tonight and used the Flat Out flatbread as a tortilla and added tzatziki in place of sour cream.  So delicious!

Dinner: 7pts

Snack: 2 Red Vines-2pts (no pic)

Total points: 27


Pre-workout: same as Monday 1tsp PB and 1/2 banana-1pt

Workout: 20 minutes inclines on the treadmill, upper body TRX workout +5

Post-workout: Balance Bar-5pts (grabbed it on the way out the door to take Cole to the rec center, I really need to go buy protein!!)

Took Cole to play and got some errands done.  Finally bought some much needed protein!!

Lunch: Protein Pancake and Green Greek Smoothie-7pts

Took Cole to swim lessons.  I was so exhausted!  I had to break down and have a crystal light energy so I could function.

Snack: Trader Joe’s pretzels and nuts-6pts

Dinner: leftover fajita (see Monday pic) 7pts

Snack: 4 Red Vines and an apple-4pts

Total points: 30