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I think I have the Janu-weary blahs.  I am a Work-in-Progress this month.I will kick this…I just need a little ‘hibernation’ time. 😉  I am taking this entire month to recover, get myself physically and mentally organized, and figure out how to incorporate my New Years Resolutions and goals  into my daily routine so that I can make the rest of this year an AWESOME year! 😉

I won’t bore you with all of my hideous crappy food pics……but I’ll give ya the highlights and lowdown of the last few days.


breakfast – oatmeal with banana

**I took off doing the burpee challenge for 2 weeks because of my shoulder pain – so I had to face the music and add up how many burpees I need to catch up on…….1,160 burpees folks. :(   Got 200 of those done today.

Zonebar snack on the way to take Dev and Gabe to the dentist

since he just turned 4 this is his first time ever seeing the dentist – and he laid there like a CHAMP! He did better than I do!! He didn’t move a muscle and was relaxed as could be while they did everything they needed to do to clean his teeth. It was too cute!! The assistants and the dentist were cracking up in awe! my big boy!


came home and had a flat out bread pizza for lunch with olive oil and added this Sicilian seasoning to it –  it was SO GOOD!!!


dessert – strawberries with FF rediwhip

was hungry ALLL day long!!!

1/2 oz almonds

bites of Homemade Vanilla Blue Bell ice cream


we took the kids to Sonic for dinner so they could spend some gift cards they got for Christmas. I had a jr burger and ate a few of the kids tater tots.

had a cheese stick later at home – still could not get satisfied. After talking to my hubby about his day he said he had the same problem and was starving all day long too. :/



oatmeal with banana for breakfast

Attended my WW meeting

was so happy I got a chance to meet up with my bestie from high school and her husband for lunch – they were in our neck of the woods for an appointment

She is doing AWESOME in her weight loss journey as well and I am soooo proud of her!! She looks awesome!!!

We ate at Gringo’s and I had too many chips and salsa……..and then chicken fajita salad with Amazon dressing that I dipped my fork into instead of pouring it on my salad.

-Junior mints I grabbed while in the store picking up a few things – big mistake – at the whole box throughout the rest of the afternoon.

-afternoon snack – Chocolate Carmel Cluster Zone bar

-Had Faith in God Activity Days cleaning the nursery toys at the church. Came home and got the kids situated so I could go to  a Parenting class taught by my friend Debbi and her husband.

-Dinner was a Strawberry yogurt ZonePerfect bar cause I had no time to fix myself anything to eat if I wanted to be on time.

-Refreshements after the class- no bake cookie, and a Salted Carmel Butter Bar – YUM-O!!!



* Did days 72 and 73 burpees + 60 more = 205 total today  (only 900 left to catch up on)

-Breakfast – only had a few bites of my protein waffle. Ended up baking chocolate chunk cookies and ate a little cookie dough and a cookie fresh out of the oven.

Zone bar snack after helping our friends clean their house for a couple of hours


my hubby and I ran a few errands and stopped at Five Guys for a late lunch date – I had the jr bacon burger and we shared some cajun fries.

met up with our running gals later in the evening for a fro yo farewell party to Debbi

the gang 😉

hershey kiss and cake batter fro yo with fruit, mini chocolate chips and chocolate drizzle

I am going to miss this AMAZING woman and friend! Her wisdom and amazing spiritual strength and perspectives has literally changed my life.



*Ran an early 5 miles with our running gals – it was our last run with Debbi :**(

*Came home and did my Day 75 timed Burpees for the Challenge – I completed them in 6:50

post workout – a MUCH needed green protein smoothie

*recipe – 1c water, 1 frozen banana, 1 scoop ISO 100 chocolate whey protein, 2 HUGE handfuls of fresh spinach, a little vanilla, and a few ice cubes……SOOOO good and refreshing!

had a few venison/pork sausage patties from the fresh sausage that my brother in law gave us – SOOOO good!


couldn’t get satisfied again – pb and banana snack

my aunt was in town visiting and took the 3 little ones out to Berrylicious for a treat – they brought me back my fav flavors – hershey kiss and cake batter with strawberries

it was such a nice and relaxing family Saturday – we hung out and caught up on some of our fav shows

snacked on candy that got brought into my house by certain mentioned above visitor! 😉 Reeses, Kit Kats, Turtles, and more cookies.

We watched the last quarter of  Saints vs 49er’s game on their live online blog….since we don’t have cable or regular tv, I decided to head out and finally get ourselves a digital antenna so we can watch our beloved Texans play tomorrow!!!! When  I left the Saints were ahead – when I got to Best Buy there was a crowd of people standing in front of one of their tv’s as it was the last few seconds of the game and the 49rs had just scored and pulled ahead again winning the game!!!! Unbelieveable.


dinner – our fav mexican restaurant La Brisa To Go cause my hubby is in bed down in back in lots of pain. :(

Looking forward to the Sabbath and more relaxing family time tomorrow. 😉













date night

Family Time & Date Night Saturday

*Got in an early 5 mile run with the gals – always the highlight of my Saturday mornings. 😉 +8

post run – Chocolate ISO 100 Protein and a bowl of oatmeal with banana – 6

Dropped by my friends baby shower to say Hi and drop off a gift before heading to IHop with my mom and kids for Brunch.

I had the Simple & Fit French Toast. I love that more and more restaurants are getting on board with having healthy options on their menus! I still got regular eggs (not a huge fan of egg substitute) but I only ate half the french toast – thanks to my son for grabbing the other half off my plate and eating it. 😉  One of the resources I use to find Dining Out points is  Dotti’s Food Score app and it said this dish was -13pts+ I counted it as -9 since I didn’t eat all the french toast.

Then my mom and I split a stuffed french toast – my FAV thing to eat at IHop!

According to Dotti’s app its 12.5 points.  7pts+


the whole gang in one booth 😉


afternoon snack of leftover birthday cookie while trying to organize my new calendar for the week/month –  4


we’re dog-sitting our friend Jim’s cairn terrier, Sienna, for the weekend and the kids have been having fun with her……..

She goes crazy over a laser light and its hilarious to watch her try to attack it!!

and of course the girls had to put bows and flowers in her hair! 😉

she’s not spoilt at all can ya tell?! 😉 Although her dad says she’s gonna need therapy from being at our house now!!


1/2 cup of my fav ice cream  Blue Bell – 5

The girls and I went to our friend Debbi’s farewell for her family since they are moving next Saturday. She is in our Saturday running group it has been so awesome to get to know her over the years through running and church. I am really going to miss her! :(

*Was so cool to hear the Houston Texans WON today!!!! I didn’t get to watch the game – my hubby was working and we don’t have TV but I googled the score several times and watched just a few minutes of the last quarter at the farewell party. So proud of our little Texas team!!! 😉


After I got back home my hubby and I went out on a date night to BJ’s. I realized it has been a month since we’ve gotten to do a date night by ourselves!

we shared the avocado egg rolls appetizer.

I had the Chicken Lettuce Wraps. SO yummy!!


Then we decided we would splurge and get dessert – which we RARELY ever get appetizer, dinner and dessert – but tonight we were in the mood.  We got the mini pazookie trio because we both like different cookies. He loves the peanut butter one.

I had the mini chocolate chunk one and a bite out of the other cookies. It was SOOOOO good!!!!  We had a bite out of the white chocolate macadamia nut one but couldn’t eat it all. Before dessert we were satisfied but after the dessert we were then so FULL.




5K Walk for Candi


The sweetest lady from church is battling breast cancer AGAIN – she is my girls Primary teacher at church so when we heard there was a group being organized to walk for her at the D’Feet Breast Cancer  Fun Run/Walk for our county-  I knew we had to make it a point to be there to show her our support and love. You can click the link above to donate to help find a cure for breast cancer or you can contact me at carman@firelitesfire.com if you would like to know how you can donate directly to Candi’s family to help with their bills.

My girls, Aunt Sissy, and myself with Candi 😉


Carman, Candi, & Debbi

these girls are in her class at church and held hands the ENTIRE 5K! too cute!


even some of our awesome youth came out and walked to support her!


Candi getting group loves from her girls – the smile on her face is priceless. Made it worth it to be there. 😉


they ran, walked, danced, held hands all together for majority of the walk 😉

Candi, her daughter, and the girls


Meanwhile back at home the boys were having a MEN ONLY morning…….



too cute! 😉


After we got back home from the walk and rested a bit……

Courtney, my aunt and I headed up to the Temple for the afternoon to do some work for some of our family names.

You can click HERE to see why we go to the temple. It was so nice to be in that peaceful, quiet holy house and away from the craziness of the world for a few hours.


My Fire Bites for the day:

*Ran 5 awesome miles with the ladies bright and early so we could be done in time for the 5K walk. +10


Post run – protein smoothie on the way to Galveston- 2

got my protein in so I could indulge in a donut too – 7


*5K walk





treat after finishing – Blue Bell popsicle – ANYTHING by Blue Bell is GOOD!!!!  -1 ??


on the way home – 3

{was getting super tired- wishing I could take a power nap}

Had Court put turkey burgers in the oven while we were on our way home only to find out when I got home that they weren’t cooking cause something in the oven broke ……What the heck?! ugh.


grabbed a grilled chicken sandwich on the way to the temple instead – 9 /fries – 3 with a coke zero


several hours later when we got out of the temple we were hon-gry!  had some of these bars in my purse – 2







stopped at Sonic – tried to be conservative but I should have just gotten the hamburger I was craving cause I could NOT get satisfied for the rest of the day!!!  -6

coke zero

another 2 WW bars on the way home cause I was STILL hungry – 5

salsa verde chicken nachos with cilantro sauce – 7

SUPER yummy!!!

*Note to self – get the hamburger when you are hungry for the hamburger!!!!!!!!


We love Date Night!

Weekend Recap

Friday – 21st

more computer work! 😉



breakfast: 5

*3 mile walk w/ Lexy and with Gabe in the stroller – had to sprint some of it cause we got SWARMED with mosquitoes! no amount in the spray in the world will help with those sapsuckers. ugh.


I spent ALLLLLLL day freeing up diskspace on my laptop and then updating my iPhone and Mac laptop to the new operating system.


made a protein shake with ISO chocolate protein, peanut butter, frozen banana, with a little vanilla – 5 – it was SOOO good and refreshing!! {no pic due to phone updating}


early dinner -{thanks to hubby!} 2 slices Little Caesars pizza and my fav Dr Pepper 😉 – 14

also had powdered donuts and 2 oreos – {this is why I don’t like him going to the store!} 😉


Saturday – 22nd

*5 mile run with the Ladies 😉

post run – same shake as yesterday morning {see above} – 5


snack/lunch – 5

Hubby & I had an apt at the Apple store to fix some of our computer problems

After we ran some errands and spent some time together before he goes out of town again.

ate at Gringo’s – hadn’t been there in a while – too long between meals so therefore ate too many chips & salsa – 10

chicken fajita salad – 3

We saw the movie ‘Abduction’ with Taylor Lautner – its was a good movie – but better as a rental

dessert – Homemade Vanilla Blue Bell – 5


Sunday – 23rd

breakfast on the way to church – oatmeal w/banana – 4


snack at church – bite sized Zone Bar – 5



lunch – waffle grilled cheese & turkey sandwich with 2tsp EVOO – 7


RS treat saved for the perfect time 😉 – 2


m&m’s – 2

oldest daughter made these dang cinnamon rolls out of crescent rolls – ugh – too good!


french toast – 5





WW meeting with my Zone Bar

Busy Thursday!! WW meeting, dancing at the football game & a party!

This was the temp in my car at 6am when I took my daughter to seminary!! yay!!!

Hubby was home this morning so we could get his truck out of the shop – 4 feet of brake line had to be replaced. Nice. love those auto repair set backs. :(

Since he was home – I was able to get in a quick 3 miles in between kids leaving for school – ran it 4 mins faster than the last time I ran it months ago. {yay! small victories!} +5 activity points

post workout on the way to the auto shop – ISO protein shake – 2


WW meeting and weigh in – Zone Bar 5


lunch after daughters Orthodontist apt – grilled chicken sandwich – 8pts+


treat – 2 for 2pts+


{dang you Cyndi!} Southern Blackberry Cobbler Blue Bell still laying around in my freezer – 5


on the way to the football game – 5

I {heart} my cheesy kids! 😉


bites of some popcorn – 1


the two did a dance on the field with the HS drill/dance team  – they were soooo cute and LOVED it!


my cute boys! 😉


family fun! 😉



we left the game early so we could pop into a Surprise 40th Birthday party for my good friend Courtney!

It was held at a local mexican restaurant we’ve never been too and they had fajitas catered – yum!

chicken fajita meat, pico, salsa, guac, 1 homemade tortilla – 7

had some birthday dessert – german chocolate cake, bite of cheesecake and a bite of strawberry – was yummy but all that sugar didn’t settle well!