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Cole's medal

Clinicals, Yellow belts, Elvis tattoo’s, and Breaking Dawn

(WARNING: this is a long post…sorry I’m a procrastinator!)

Summing up the rest of the crazy week last week.  I finished up my last 2 classes and experienced my first and then last clinical.  What an experience!  I used to volunteer in a nursing home when I was growing up.  My mom and I were in a charity organization that went to the nursing home at least once a month.  Going back and working in one as a CNA is a WHOLE different experience.  I don’t know how else to describe it other than I was humbled.  As I was giving one lady a shower, she said to me, “I bet they don’t pay you enough to be here giving me a shower,” I laughed and said, “Actually I paid to be here giving you a shower”.  She thought that was the funniest thing she’d ever heard!  Then she tugged on her stomach and said “How do I get rid of this…I’ve tried sit-ups, maybe I should get a tummy tuck.” She’s like 75, I told her to have her daughter by her some spanx.  She liked that idea.  I interacted with a lot of funny personalities.  There was this married couple that shared a room and the wife kept ringing her call button.  The first time it was because she wanted something that would help her die, and the next time was because she wanted a new husband.  The third time was the husband wanting ear plugs.  Not all of my encounters were funny though.  Some were sad.  Life truly is full circle.  When we’re old we become childlike again, dependent on others to take care of us, however, it’s much harder.  Unlike children, the elderly have lived full lives and have knowledge of what they used to be able to do that they now cannot without help.  There’s a loss of dignity and self actualization.  For me it really put things into perspective in terms of the time wasted on worrying about silly things, letting things bother me that don’t really matter, or being unhappy when there is so much to be grateful for.  Life is short.



Pre-spin class +12: 3pts

I had the nazi teacher again…I’m starting to like her more and more.  I feel like I get a better workout with her cause she’s so strict on watching your form.  And I feel like it makes me better in my other classes when she’s not the teacher cause I’m always thinking of the things she says.

Breakfast: 5

Cole and I had a day out to play.  We grabbed some lunch at Great Harvest.

Lunch: taste tester of some cinnamon bread, 1/2 veggie sandwich and 3/4 of Cole’s snicker doodle 14pts

Snack: orange and pretzels 3pts

Dinner: Stopped by Whole Foods after Taekwondo cause I’ve been craving chicken dumplings and cucumber/avocado sushi (brown rice) and some shrimp (had 4 of the sushi, 5 dumplings and about 2OZ shrimp) 9pts


My first clinical day…

Breakfast: Kashi whole wheat frozen waffle and peanut butter sandwich  7pts

Snack: Balance Bar 5pts (no pic)

Lunch: here’s a pic of everything I brought, I ended up eating the other half of my veggie sandwich from Thursday and some carrots  7pts

Snack: pretzels  3pts

Cole had testing to advance to the next Taekwondo belt.  He was awesome and even got a medal from his teacher for being so quick to advance.

He chopped that board in half with his bare hand…watch out Jackie Chan!

We celebrated at Cafe Rio with friends after.

Dinner: 1/2 steak salad, chips and queso, and a mint limeade  21pts

Dessert: needed something sweet so I had some Mango sorbet and 1/2C of some delicious cherry chocolate ice cream  6pts


Clinical Day 2…exhaustion sets in.

I was checking under activities on WW and I found elder care…who knew?…so for 3 hrs, I got +14 activity points (even though my shifts were 8hrs, I guesstimated that for about 3 I was walking patients back and forth and physically being active with them)…I knew there was a reason I was sooo tired after each shift.  It’s hard work!

Breakfast: Nature’s Path Flax Plus  4pts (no pic)

Snack: Balance Bar and apple 5pts (no pic)

Lunch: pb&j sandwich and carrots 8pts

I had to ask one of the worker’s passing out the food if I could take a picture of her tattoo…this is for my father-in-law who is an Elvis impersonator…Randy, I think you should totally get one of these!

Snack: more Trader Joe’s pretzels 3pts

Snack: Mom bought a sticky bun at Great Harvest and put it in front of me…big mistake…9pts (no pic)

Dinner: 1.5 slice of pizza from Maxwell’s and shared a strawberry spinach salad w/mom and dad 10pts (no pic)


Breakfast: the usual  5pts

Snack at church: leftover pretzels and some nerds from the librarian’s candy stash  3pts

Lunch: Cole and I finished off my Cafe Rio salad from Friday  7pts

Finally got a much need nap!

Snack: Chobani  3pts, while making carmel to put on top of a cake my mom made

Dinner:  My sister and brother-in-law made us dinner…it was sooo good…steak, veggies w/dip, bread, fruit  10pts

Snack:  while watching the last Harry Potter w/the fam, 1 powdered doughnut, 1 licorice, 1/3C of ice cream  6pts


Good morning…why don’t you have some snow!?!

Pre-spin + 12: toast w/pb  5pts

Post-spin: Muscle Milk  4pts

Breakfast: the usual protein pancake w/green smoothie  5pts

Snack: Leftover sushi 4 pieces, 1 dumpling and then some lavash w/hummus  9pts

Dinner: rotisserie chicken, salad and snap peas, and 1/3C rice  5pts

Finally got to go see Breaking Dawn with my mom and sisters…this was the lobby when I walked in (that’s my sister…and no one else)

And this was the theater 30 min. early (that’s my mom…and no one else!)…a total of probably 10 people were there but the time the movie started…I love Park City!

Snack: 2 handfuls of popcorn, 1 pull-n-peel, 3 red vines, 2 WW oatmeal cookies  13pts

photo 1

Movie Night :)

Just got home from the movie! Breaking Dawn was awesome and everything I was expecting! It’s always fun to be out with all the “twi-hards!” We had the pleasure of being first in line… so that gave us a little over  an hour and a half of people watching. It was quite entertaining…. especially the lady that brought about 12 teens for the 7:30pm showing and she arrived at 7:20pm expecting them to all be able to sit together…. Or the lady that was carrying a huge tray with popcorn and drinks and actually thought the attendant would get her tickets for her out of her back jeans pocket…. CRAZY!!! And then there was us….. first in line….

Fire Bites for the day…..

Protein Pancake W/ Raspberries  & Banana – 5

*30 minutes of elliptical followed by 15 minutes of inclines* +6

Salsa Verde Chicken W/ Green Giant Veggies – 5

Zone Perfect – 5

Half The Fat Ice Cream – 4

Turkey Chili W/ Spinach & Pico – 5

Whey Protein Fruit Smoothie – 2  (forgot to take a pic til after the fact!!!)

Gluten & Dairy Free Brownie – 5?  One of my husband’s AWESOME patients sent some home with him today! :)

Movie Theater Snack…. Grape Tomatoes – 0



Team Jacob

Crossfit, Good Food, & Breaking Dawn – what more could ya ask for???

I get the rare chance to hang out with my husband on a trip this weekend in San Antonio!! He is getting Crossfit Instructor certified over the next two days.  I’m excited to get to be on a ‘work’ trip with him {finally} since he travels so much and we can get to have some much needed time to hang out – and time for myself while he’s in class all day!!!! Not quite sure yet what I’m gonna do with myself!!! 😉

Of course the first things on our list of things to do after getting here was to go see the latest Twilight saga Breaking Dawn!!!! It was ssoooo good!!! I haven’t read the book in a long time and couldn’t really remember what happened – but they did a great job with the movie as it jogged my memory of what happened in the book.



Can you tell why I love Jacob?!!! 😉

Waiting and excited for the movie to start!!!


My Fire Bites for today: 

oatmeal for breakfast when I got on the road – 4

mid morning snack – 5

lunch time but wanted to wait till I got to San Antonio so we could eat a good lunch – 2

Was STARVING!!! ate a a burger joint called Smashburger – OHMYGOSH – this was the BEST burger I have ever had!!!!

Everything was SUPER fresh! We both had the spicy baja burger that had 1/3lb burger, multi grain bun, spicy chipotle mayo, pepperjack cheese, guacamole, purple onions, lettuce and fresh jalepenos – YUUMMMMM-OOOOOO!  The burger was wayyyy better than the fries and that usually never happens to me. mmmmm- it was good!!  The burger was probably a good 12 points  – guesstimating – and the fries I ate were probably around 9 points? A nice little splurge -worth it for sure!!

movie snack – 5 pts

no dinner cause we were still full after the movie. I had another serving of these on the way home – 5