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The fam

A Quisty Christmas

So much to recap…a holiday week full of family, food, and fun!  Here’s my recap, I ate a lot  of yummy delicious food and it was yummy and delicious!  The end.

Me, niece Liz, sis-in-law Tanya, brother Bryon, sis Michelle, bro-in-law Marcus, mom, sis Sherilynn, dad

Epiphany for the holiday: One thing that my family and I all came to a consensus on was how much our family has changed in terms of what and how much we eat.  For example, on Christmas Day I made our traditional waffles for breakfast.  I tripled the batch thinking the last time I had only doubled it and it wasn’t enough.  I don’t think we even ate 2 batches.  There were so many leftover waffles it was like a Costco version of homemade waffles.

So after breakfast we usually just have a small snack and then make a big copy dinner of one of our favorite meals from the restaurant Lawry’s.  It usually consists of prime rib, homemade rolls, cream corn, salad, and veggies followed by pies and ice cream for dessert.  By the time 5pm rolled around we were all still so full from breakfast no one was interested in a big dinner.  So I didn’t make rolls which is like unheard of and almost illegal…all we had was prime rib, veggies, and salad.

We also haven’t had as much junk in the house, we had to freeze some cinnamon rolls we bought because no one was eating them.  It’s actually really awesome.

Highlights of the week:  besides are usual movies, card games, and just hanging out, here are some other fun things we did.

Christmas Eve Bunco…we went to my sisters’ house and played Bunco for Christmas Eve.  After the game the kids got to open their Christmas jammies.

This is my sister Michelle’s youngest Will…he’s the freakin’ cutest dang kid in the world.

Christmas morning: We almost had to wake the kids up so that we would have time to open presents before church.  We got Daddy on Skype so he could be with us for the morning.  It was awesome.  I love technology…always and forever!

Cole had to wear his new Christmas tie to church!

Swimming and Shakes:  We took the kids to the pool where Papa goes for his rehab and Cole goes for his swimming lessons.  Usually the only people at the pool are us and maybe one other family, as you can see in the background the Christmas vacation along with the lack of snow on the mountains meant a very busy pool.  After swimming we went to a favorite place for burgers and shakes.  I worked really hard at my spin class in the morning so that I could enjoy my mint chocolate chip oreo shake…and I DID!

Cafe Rio and the Museum:  New Year’s Eve is my sister and nieces’ birthday, but they will be in Idaho with family so today we went to Cafe Rio for lunch and celebrated.  Then he headed over to the museum.  The kids had the most fun playing with the green screen exhibit.  Anything they covered with green turned invisible on the tv screen.

I think the adults were more pooped than the kids! (in case you can’t tell that’s my sister in a stroller)

Tonight we’re watching the Mission Impossible trilogy in preparation to see the new one tomorrow.  Oh the joy of Christmas vacation!

Cole and mommy love Freddy's

Catchin’ Up

I can’t believe it’s been a whole week since I’ve posted.  The day after my last post, Cole came down with a 24-hr bug.  We spent from 1am-5am barfing, changing towels, changing jammies, trying to sleep, barfing, etc.  It was a long night.  Needless to say we spent Wednesday hanging out, watching movies, and napping.  I thought we were in the clear Thursday until he barfed again Thursday morning.  Awesome…so another day at home just chillin’.  I was starting to get a little stir crazy since I hadn’t worked out since Monday so I hopped on the treadmill while Cole napped, did some intervals and a small weight workout.  Cole was finally starting to feel better and wanted, of all things, Cafe Rio, how could I say no?  Friday Cole was back at school for his last day before Christmas vacation which means I got to go to spin class YAY!!  After spin I headed over to Cole’s school, they had a small Christmas program that we video’d for daddy.  They had some snacks, that turned out to be my lunch.

We had another date night, Cole and I, we’ve been having a lot of those lately 😉 ordered some pizza and watched Elf.  I only had 1 piece of pizza and it still kind of made me sick.

 Saturday I made a special breakfast of German pancakes.  I made them “weight watchers style” so that they were only 5 points per serving instead of 8!

After breakfast we went to get the Christmas tree…we picked it out and then spent the rest of the day putting on the lights and decorating it.

At night we went down to the cemetery where my grandparents are buried.  They have this thing called the luminary every year where they place candles in bags all over the cemetery.  Grabbed some dinner at an Indian Restaurant, it was delicious.

Sunday mom, Cole, and I started our trip to California.  It was a quick uncle/dentist visit.   We drove there Sunday, got out teeth cleaned Monday, drove home Tuesday.  The best part was finding Freddy’s Frozen Cutard, which we used to go to in Texas and has delicious steak burgers and fries.

Monday night my cousins and I went to see Sherlock Holmes.  It was a 7:45pm movie but by the time it was over I felt like it had been a 10pm movie.  I’m getting old!  Tuesday we stopped in Vegas on the way home for some shopping and Trader Joe’s.  All in all it was a productive trip.  Glad to be out of the car!  It also opened my eyes to the fact that there will be no car traveling when Keller gets home.  We had been thinking about a road trip, but being that I will most likely be significantly bigger by the time he gets home, and that it was already uncomfortable now, it won’t happen!  Besides some Freddy’s, I tried to keep in check with my eating on the trip.  We brought veggies, fruit, nuts, and protein bars to snack on.  Here’s a few pics of my meals:


Egg white veggie omelet from IHOP…for dinner 😉


Joined the kiddos for a delicious eggo breakfast

Freddy’s for lunch, Outback grilled chicken and shrimp with veggies for dinner.


Breakfast at the Nordy’s cafe, another delicious egg white veggie omelet

Snacked on some nuts, a Balance bar, apple, cheese, handsome peanut butter crackers before we finally had another meal back in Utah at Cafe Rio.

So I’d ben craving a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for 3 days…so I finally gave in and it was totally worth it!

And now you’re caught up on my life…you didn’t miss much 😉



These are a few of my favorite things…

It’s December holy cow…where has the year gone???  What have I accomplished this year??  I turned 30, ran my first half-marathon, oh and made a baby…finally 😉  I’m already working on my list for next year.  It’s going to be a doozie.  So the last couple days I’ve been able to participate in a few of my favorite things so I thought I’d share them with you as I go through my daily fire bites.


I finally was able to make it to the BUNS and GUNS class at the gym.  I think it’s one of my new favorite classes.  It’s 75 minutes of dynamic exercises (total body) with a Jillian Michaels style of HIT cardio mixed in between.  We used a Bosu ball and weights. For those of you who don’t know what a Bosu ball is, it’s this:

You can do tons of exercises with it using both sides.  One of my favorite exercises we did, you’ll never guess, was BURPEES on the BOSU (so hands come down on the ball part then jump your feet out, etc).  I thought they were perfect as a modified burpee that still used strength and core (cause you had to stabilize yourself on the ball), but helped me get my few extra pounds from the horizontal to vertical position a bit more gracefully!  And as my belly gets bigger, they will be a great alternative to help me finish Courtney’s 100 day burpee challenge.

Pre-workout: 5

Cole came with me to the gym and hung out in the kids area.  When I went to pick him up he was busy cleaning a table with a Clorox wipe.  They love him!  We headed over to the rec center so he could play with his buddies.

Post-workout: 5

Lunch: Kneader’s tuna on wheat (1/2) w/fruit  9

Took Cole to Taekwondo and made the mistake of waiting too long to eat…so I ended up with these.

I have been craving them ever since Carman’s birthday post.  Dang you Carman! 😉  These were super delicious, but VERY sweet so I only had 2.

Grabbed Cafe Rio to go for Cole and Papa for dinner cause mom and I were going out.  Made #2 mistake, ordering chips and queso and still being hungry from not having had anything substantial to eat started munching on the chips.  I lost count of how many I consumed.  When we got home, I found out they had messed up the order and had given us an extra steak salad.  It turned out to be a good thing because I was able to have a couple bites of something a little good for me before mom and I left.

So every year, Nordstrom (one of my favorite things/places) has a private shopping party for people who have the Nordstrom credit card.  They serve drinks and appetizers and give bonus points to the shoppers. My grandma used to go to this, my mom goes, my sisters go, it’s just what we do.  So mom and I went and had a great time.  This was the shoe department (not sure this picture does it justice, it was packed!):

While perusing the men’s section I came across these and had to take a picture:

Spanx for men! HA!  I don’t know if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  I didn’t buy any for Keller, in case you were wondering.  I did find a really cute pair of boots for me and a spiderman shirt for Cole for xmas (shhh…don’t tell him).  All in all it was a fun night and probably the best part was the people watching!  I munched on a miniature cupcake that wasn’t worth it, a piece of bruschetta, a couple bites of meatballs, and a mini quiche.


Took Cole to school early so I could make it to Yoga (another of my favs).  After a week of spin classes, burpees galore, the buns and guns class, and the strength workout I did at home, I was looking forward to a nice relaxing yoga class to focus on stretching.  Uh yeah, apparently I got the wrong class.  This was hardcore yoga.  I was almost sweating more in this yoga class then I do during spin.  It was intense, fast, and full of strength and core work.  Don’t get me wrong, it felt great, but not what I was expecting.

Breakfast: 5

The rest of the day I spent at the hospital training as a volunteer.  The first 3 hours I spent walking all around the hospital at least 3 times touring, delivering mail, etc.  I was pooped by the time I had lunch.

Lunch: turkey burger w/green beans and a handful of sweet potato fries

Snack: mint chip ice cream (no explanation…just wanted it)

Picked up Cole from school and got ready to go to my sister Michelle’s for a Christmas party/house concert. The concert was an artist named Paul Jacobsen and he was awesome!

I was in charge of making the punch. Isn’t it pretty…

We took a sister picture…well we took like 10, this was my favorite one.  Michelle, Sherilynn, Me.

There was tons of food.  Appetizers galore and then mini BBQ brisket and pork sandwiches with mac and cheese for dinner.  As you can tell I stopped taking pictures.  I can tell you I only had 1 plate of food (that is after I had snacked on a few things before anyone got there).  And I can tell you that the few snacks and the plate of food made me so full I was almost as uncomfortable as I was on Thanksgiving.  Not necessarily a good thing. I really hope it’s the baby impeding on the size of my stomach and not that I’m actually eating so much that I feel like I’m going to bust open at the seams!

So there you go…a few of my favorite things the gym classes, boss balls, Nordstrom, yoga, my sister’s, parties, and yummy food!