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Just Do It Even If You Suck

“Do Your Best and Forget the Rest”

The title of my post is Tony Horton’s (of P90X2) favorite saying.  I’ve had a couple friends texting me this week upset with themselves for bad food choices, or lack of motivation to exercise, etc.  We’ve all gone through this.  It happens at the beginning of our process, the intimidation of what seems like a huge feat to overcome.  It happens in the middle with plateaus or falling off the wagon.  And it happens at the end when trying to maintain and maybe we fall back into our old habits because we’ve become a little too relaxed in our efforts.  No matter where you are in your process just “do your best and forget the rest.”  Get on that scale on weigh-in day, own it, and move on!  Give yourself more credit because you are stronger than you think!

Speaking of P90X2…I started Phase 2 on Monday and holy crap, this crap is hard!  So after attempting to do pull-ups on my husband’s TRX bands for almost the entire first video, I got on my computer and ordered a pull-up bar and assist band.  I figure I’ve committed to completing this program, I better do it correctly!

Monday Fire Bites: 1 tsp PB (1), Body by Vi green greek smoothie (random sideways picture, too lazy to fix it) (3), chicken and raspberry salad (5), balance bar (5), Protein Pancake and another BBV smoothie (7).

Workout: Chest, Back, Balance and Ab Ripper

Tuesday I spent most of the day working on favors for my friend Taryn’s baby shower (pic in the bottom right hand corner).  I got the idea off Pinterest, but personalized it for Taryn.  She grew up in Chicago and loves Garrett’s popcorn, so since I don’t live in Chicago I got the next best thing, Costco’s version!!  It’s cheese popcorn mixed with caramel popcorn…gross you say???  TRY IT…only then will you be a believer!!

Tuesday FB’s: 1/2 banana and 1tsp PB (1), Body by Vi green greek smoothie (3), turkey and cheese melt w/veggies and FF ranch dip (8), steak fajita, 6 chips, guac, fruit, and a jicama, cucumber, mango salad (10 guesstimate), 1/2 tres leeches cake and 1/2 a homemade churro (6?)

Workout: Plyocide

Woke up Wednesday with a really sore back.  During my warm-up Tuesday in Plyocide I tweaked it when doing a twist move.  So I was kind of concerned about going to yoga, not sure if it would hurt or help.  I decided to go and just be really careful in the poses.  I felt really good during the class and my teacher told me to put ice on it as soon as I got home because the muscles would be inflamed from all the blood pumping during the class.  I’m not sure if it was the yoga or the ice or a combo of the both, but the pain was totally gone by the end of the day!!

Wednesday FB’s: 2 tsp PB(2), Body by Vi green greek smoothie (3), Mint Cookie Balance Bar (5), Trader Joe’s nuts and cranberries (6), BBQ’d chicken w/green beans and leftover pasta (10), Starburst Jelly Beans (4) and 2 Red Vines (2)

Workout: 75min Hot Yoga

Nothing too exciting happened today, I took a picture of my home gym that I’ve turned my parents family room into.  I got my pull-up bar and assist band today, however not only can I not find a doorway in my parents house that it will work in, my mother will not let me even if I could find one.  I think her specific words were…”over my dead body”…hello mother, phase 2 is only 3 more weeks and I need it!!  Waaaaaa…maybe I’ll have to do that video when she’s not home 😉  I also found out today that we finally have a house!  I’m very excited to get back to Austin, but sad to leave my family and friends in Utah.  It will be nice to have my own space again and feel like a grown-up!

Thursday FB’s: 1 tsp PB (1), BBVGGS (see above if you don’t know what that stands for!) (3), strawberry chicken salad (5), 2 Red Vines (2), peach, flank steak w/caprese salad, brown rice, and green beans (10)

Workout: Shoulders and Arms and Ab Ripper

*Numbers in () are WW Points Plus


Me and the boys

Can I just sleep for the next 6 weeks?

I’ve been soooo tired lately.  By the end of the day I don’t want to do anything but lay on the couch and watch TV or go to bed.  So sorry I’ve been a slacker!


Breakfast: protein pancake and fruit

Mom took Cole to the rec center to play and I was able to catch up on my blogging and do some yoga.  30 minutes of the Rodney Yee Power Yoga for Flexibility.  This is my favorite yoga DVD, click here to check it out.  Unlike the prenatal yoga DVD, I actually DO feel rejuvenated after doing this DVD.  I met up with mom and Cole at Kneader’s for lunch.

Lunch:  turkey and avocado panini (wheat bread, turkey, provolone cheese, avocado, spinach, tomato, onion)  This was the most delicious sandwich ever!!  I ate half along with a few chips and a couple bites of a delicious double fudge brownie.

Took Cole to swimming and then to Taekwondo.

Snack: apple

Dinner was Tuesday’s with Heidi: chicken gyros, click here for the recipe.


Pre-workout: the usual

Hardcore spin teacher more than made up for my crappy Monday class.

Post-workout: protein pancake and green greek smoothie

Did some cleaning and worked with my CPA (my dad) on our taxes.  Then headed to the hospital for my volunteer shift.

Lunch: leftover Kneader’s sandwich

I picked Cole up from school and we headed down to my sister’s house for a cousin sleepover.  He was so excited!   I hung out at my sister’s until Keller’s flight got in.  She made a really yummy pasta with squash, zucchini, spinach and artichoke dip, and feta cheese.

I got to the airport just as Keller landed (PS I don’t think I mentioned that he went to Austin for a quick job that came up last minute).  It worked out great cause he was able to go to our storage unit and get some baby stuff that I didn’t think to bring when we first moved out here.  Essentials like the car seat and bottles.  So he had to check the car seat which was perfectly fine when he left Austin and snapped in half by the time it got to Salt Lake.  An hour later we had no car seat and a $100 voucher for Southwest airlines.  I guess you sign a waiver when you check something like a carseat that says they are not responsible for any damages so technically they don’t have to do anything which I think is total crap but whatever.  Luckily the lady helping Keller was nice enough to offer the voucher which was more than the money they would have given us for the 5 year old carseat.  SO I guess I should be grateful.


We got to sleep in cause the man child was at his sleepover.

Pre-workout: 1 tsp PB and 1/2 banana

Buns and Guns class.

Post-workout: protein pancake and a green greek smoothie

We came home and got ready to go pick up the boys.  Took all 3 of them (Cole, J, and Will) out to lunch to Corner Bakery.  It was hilarious cause all 3 of them wanted soup, chips, and pickles…random much?

Lunch: 1/2 veggie panini, a few chips, and bites of a cinnamon roll we all shared

Our plan was to take the boys sledding but the snow has been so sparse we had trouble finding a hill that had a good amount of snow.  We finally did find one but the bottom of the hill was pretty close to a road, so Uncle Keller had to stand at the bottom and keep them from sledding onto it.

The boys were so tired after sledding we decided to skip taekwondo.  We headed home and had dinner.

Dinner: Michelle’s recipe Costco meatballs with Trader Joe’s spaghetti sauce, salad, and some garlic toast

Headed to Idaho tomorrow for the weekend to see our (FLF girls) sister-in-law Shea(Keller’s sister).  I’ll do my best to try and post while I’m there, but no promises. 😉


32 weeks

32 weeks…oh my!

So I’ve been pregnant for 8 months…sometimes it feels like it’s flown by, other times not so much.

Weekend recap…


Since Keller got home we have worked out every day, so it was nice to take a day off and just be bums.

Breakfast: bagel and green greek yogurt smoothies

Cole has been wanting to watch Stars Wars cause the previews for Episode 1 in 3D coming to theaters has been on.  But my dad only had the Attack of the Clones movie so we put that on.  It’s seriously like the worst movie ever.  I had to go get a book to read while they were watching cause I wanted to throw something at the TV!  After the movie we went to lunch at Red Rock Brewery.

Lunch: my fav tuna sandwich in a pita pocket, ate half with salad and a few of Keller’s fries

The whole point of us going out was because Cole really wanted to go get some ice cream, but I made him have lunch first!  So after lunch we grabbed a Cold Stone.  I had a “like it” size chocolate with brownie.  Oh so yummy!

I was cordially invited to the Waldorf Astoria in Park City (right down the hill from my parents and for any The BACHELOR watchers..where they filmed the Park City episode) to have a hot chocolate party with my sister and nieces.  My sister had a free night stay and in an attempt to steal my title of world’s best aunt, took the girls for a sleepover…aren’t they special!!

Cole and Uncle Keller came over later to swim.  The pool is outside, heated, but still…the temperature outside was approximately 30 degrees and dropping.  The kids were in the pool for maybe 5 minutes before they ran to the hot tub and spent the rest of the time there.  I sat outside next to the hot tub on a lounge chair in my North Face jacket and Keller’s beanie wrapped in towels.  It was actually super fun!

Keller was craving Cafe Rio chips and queso and I was still full from lunch so we got a steak salad to share.  I had probably a total of 5 bites, because that’s what it’s like sharing something with my tape worm husband (that’s what his buddy nick named him cause he eats so much and no one can figure out where it all goes).  But it was fine cause I really wasn’t that hungry.


Breakfast: Protein Pancake w/OJ

Keller took a 3 day job in Texas so we took him to the airport in the morning.  Cole was not cool with Daddy leaving again after he just got back, but we got over it.  I don’t know what my deal was but I was sooooo tired that we didn’t make it back for church, instead mommy took a nice long much needed and overdue nap!

Snack after nap: apple and Trader Joe’s chunky PB

We had a fun little family Super Bowl party with Michelle’s family.  We were commenting on how proud of ourselves we were that the food was pretty much all healthy.  We made chicken and pepper kabobs, pita w/hummus, fruit salad, veggies and light ranch dip, caprese’s on a stick (baby tomatoes with a small piece of mozzarella, and a sliver of basil drizzled with balsamic), shrimp, WW oatmeal cookies, and then of course we had to have some chips.  Michelle’s sister-in-law Missy brought a delicious buffalo chicken mac and cheese dish and these incredible cake balls.  Needless to say we were all stuffed by the end of the night…but it was all soooo good!


I felt like someone beat me with a b$&#h stick today.  It was bad…and my day did not help my mood.  Took Cole to school and then went to spin.  We had a substitute from our usual teacher and she was AWFUL.  Her music was awful, she didn’t know how to use the microphone so you couldn’t hear her, she didn’t have set sequences (like a hill, or intervals, or speed work) she just let her iPod shuffle songs.  It was the longest hour of my life.

Pre-workout: 1 heaping tsp PB and 1/2 banana

I thought maybe after I got home and got some food in me maybe my attitude would improve, but it really didn’t.

I went to get my haircut and that was the highlight of my day.  My hairstylist redeemed himself from last time and gave me a really good cut (see prego picture).

And then I went to Costco.  I spent almost an hour wandering around and left with only 7 things.  And then of course I picked the LONGEST line possible.  I headed up the canyon and started really wanting a veggie sandwich from Great Harvest. They stop serving sandwiches at 3, it was 2:40.  So I called to have it ready for me to pick up.  I also had to have a slice of their cinnaburst bread because (as I’ve justified to myself) we won’t be living here that much longer and I won’t be pregnant that much longer so I’m taking advantage when I can!  My sister Sherilynn who lives about 10 min from my parents house is out of town and needed someone to bring in here garbage cans so I took my lunch to her house.  Her driveway was literally a sheet of ice.  So my 8 month pregnant self (in flats mind you) had to shuffle in the snow pulling her garbage can down and holding onto my car.  I told my dad it’s a good thing I workout and have abs of steel 😉 or I would have fallen multiple times!  So I make it in her house and dry off my snow covered feet and go to unwrap my lunch.  My veggie sandwich is literally tomato and lettuce…like for reals…so I called Great Harvest to ask them if they had just run out of their veggies and she was like uh no I don’t think so.  UGGG…luckily Sherilynn had 1/2 a zucchini in her fridge so I cut it up and stuck it on and it wasn’t too bad!

Picked up Cole from school and he begged the whole way home to watch X-Men.  I read my book again.  Wasn’t really hungry for dinner when Cole was so I made him dinner and then we went back to the movie.  Even though he had just eaten, he wanted a bagel to to eat while finishing the movie.  He only ate about 1/3 of it, so the rest of it was my dinner!  By the time the movie was over it was time for bath and bed.  I literally spent the rest of the night finishing my book.  I couldn’t put it down.  I realized at 10:15pm when I finally finished that I hadn’t eaten anything else besides that bagel.  Oh well.

Birthday boy

Birthday Boys and Sicky Boys

I love Mondays cause I love to start my week with a good workout!  I had a Dr. appointment scheduled for 11 so I couldn’t go to my usual 9:30 spin class, instead I got Cole off to school early and made it (a little late) to the 8:30am class.  I didn’t like the teacher as much as I like others I’ve had, but I was still sweaty at the end so it must have worked.

Didn’t have time for a pre-workout and I really should have had one.  I noticed a huge difference in my energy level.

Breakfast: my usual Protein Pancake and green smoothie  5pts

I’ve changed up my smoothie recipe a little… 1/2C water, 2 cups spinach (about…I never measure, just fill up my Magic Bullet blender cup to the top), and a squirt of lime juice (instead of the lemon wedge), blend, then add 1/2 banana and 1C frozen fruit (I get the Festival Blend from Costco and use 1/2C with 1/2C frozen blueberries…makes it a purple smoothie instead of a green one).

After breakfast my parents had a leak in the TV room of their house so I went downstairs to help pat water out of the carpet.  Then I headed to my Dr. appointment.  Everything is looking good, I gained the 2 pounds back that I had lost before Christmas, but I was happy it wasn’t more with all the crap I ate!  My Dr. did hear a little murmur in the heartbeat of the baby and so I have to go get an ultrasound of the baby’s heart.  She acted as if it was a normal thing that can come and go often and didn’t seem worried so I guess I’m not.  I took some prego pics to post since the FLF girls reminded me during our conference call that I haven’t posted any.  Here’s the thing though…I’ve only started showing in the past 2-3 weeks.  Before then I just looked like I was growing wider.  I took a morning and night picture because I think I look much more pregnant at night, but you can’t really tell in this picture because I’m wearing black in the night pic.

Prego Cyndi 28 weeks…12 more to go (hopefully more like 10, fingers crossed)

After my Dr. appointment my mom and I went to Great Harvest to share my favorite veggie sandwich.  And of course I had to have a sample of their delicious cinnaburst bread.  It was warm and I inhaled it!  1/2 sandwich, then 1/3 of mom’s and sample bread- 10pts

Had a very productive day of getting things on my to do list done.  Snacked on some grapes and 1/2 apple before heading down to my sister’s for a birthday dinner for my nephew Will.  She made spaghetti and meatballs and it was so delicious I had to ask for the recipe.  Turns out it’s the easiest recipe in the world.  Add Costco Kirkland brand meatballs and Trader Joe’s tomato sauce (or any other you like) to a crockpot and cook on high for 2-3 hours.  Serve over spaghetti!  5 meatballs = 7pts, I had 3 and it was more than enough.  Talk about super easy, delicious, comfort food!  Would be delicious over spaghetti squash to save you 5pts of pasta.




Dinner: 1C spaghetti (5pts) w/3 meatballs (4pts) and about 1/4C sauce (1pt) sprinkled with parmesan cheese (1pt), salad (1pt), garlic bread (6pts) and fruit  18pts

Birthday cake!!!  Baskin Robbins mint chocolate chip roll cake 8pts

Here’s the birthday boy!  Just before opening his presents.  So stinking cute!


Cole woke up hacking and all stuffed up.  Tuesdays are our busy days, he usually has swimming and taekwondo.  But today was a movie and bed day.  He literally watched 4 movies and was able to take a nap.  Hopefully whatever it is will pass soon and will not turn into an ear infection like it usually does.

Breakfast while skyping with daddy: 1.5C Nature’s Path Flaxseed cereal and a banana  6pts

Snack: I bought these at Costco over Christmas and told myself I’ve never buy them again cause they’re so addicting.  BUT…I never listen to myself and bought them last week.  Had about 4 slices 2pts.

Since I wasn’t going to taekwondo meant I wasn’t going to make it for Tuesdays with Heidi and since it’s been so long since we’ve had one, I decided I would make something and make it Tuesdays with just me.  I’ll post the recipe in a separate post.

Lunch: Shared some of Cole’s leftover mac and cheese from this weekend, didn’t measure but about 3/4C 8pts

Took a much needed nap and woke up in time to finish up dinner.  Cole requested chocolate chip cookies and since he was sick and never requests them, I happily obliged.  He wanted to help…and eat the chocolate chips!


Dinner: Chicken Enchilada Veggie Soup, 4 chips (counted out 12, but didn’t like them) with about 1TBSP guac.  10pts

Snack: 2 cookies and a Coke Zero (some people like cookies and milk, I like cookies and coke zero!) while watching Kung Fu Panda 2  10pts



Weekend Recap


So we used to go out on Black Friday’s and shop and then I think we all got smart and thought why the heck would we want to put ourselves through all that just to save a few bucks (unless of course there was something really cool for really cheap), but my sister who was going to be in Idaho asked my mom and I to go to Costco for her to check out the sales on TV’s.  So we did.  And if I was going to go anywhere on Black Friday, I would want to go to Costco.  We got there 5 min before they opened (at 9am) and this was the line:

but when they opened the doors we were inside in less than a minute.  Turns out they didn’t have the TV my sister wanted, but it wasn’t all for nothing.  I found a Garmin watch I have been wanting for $75 off.  Merry Chirstmas to me!

(update: I tried to set-up the watch tonight and the bezels don’t work…of course they don’t!)

After the madness we stopped and grabbed breakfast at Einstein’s.  I freaking love bagels, just a PS in case you were wondering!

Breakfast: asiago cheese bagel w/RF CC and oj 13

Met up with Sherilynn and Cole at an indoor playground in Park City and then she wanted to go to Best Buy. She wanted to buy my mom a Wii, but the salesman talked her into an Xbox Kinect.  Then I was going to buy it and just take it with me when we left.  Then we found out for everything we wanted it was going to be like $500…uh yeah no.  Unfortunately for me, Cole was thirsty when we got there so I grabbed a water from the fridge with the sodas, he had one sip, so when we were finally ready to leave I remembered I had to pay for it.  It took me 20 min to buy 1 stupid bottle of water!  While I was waiting in line I snacked on a Twizzler’s pull-n-peel and red vines that I had in my purse from the movie, I learned it’s not a good idea for me to carry those around in my purse!  Came home and had leftovers for lunch.

I made Cole take a nap, because I really wanted to!  The rest of the day was lounging and snacking.  I stopped taking pictures (I think my phone actually died, or at least that’s what I’m telling myself).


Woke up ready for a workout.  I didn’t get one in on Friday (besides my timed burpees, which took all of 2min).  But of course as soon as I was about to get on the treadmill, Keller called.  I knew it would be awhile until I was able to get on so I grabbed some breakfast.

Breakfast: Honey Whole Wheat bagel w/RF CC and OJ  12

Then finally got on the treadmill and did my burpee, running intervals. 5 min run/5 burpees (doesn’t seem like a lot, but what I was trying to do was work on my form…I can’t go all the way down to the ground obviously so instead I’m doing push-ups…pathetic push-ups, but push-ups none the less!).  No pic, but drank the rest of my Muscle Milk from Wednesday post workout.

Mom, Cole, Sherilynn, and I headed down to Fashion Place to get some shopping/returning done.  We grabbed lunch at Cheesecake Factory.  I was dying to try the Skinnylicious mexican lettuce wraps that Carman and Lexy had already tried.  They were soooo good.  And with help from an app my sister told me about myfitnesspal, we figured out the wraps were 1 point per wrap!!!

So I didn’t feel guilty having bites of Cole’s pasta w/parmesan, a couple french fries, and bread.  After lunch we did some shopping and then headed back home.  While we were shopping Lexy sent me a picture of a t-shirt she saw…I laughed out loud!

We had to stop at Wal-Mart cause Cole needed a movie! He picked out Cars 2.  We came home and everyone watched it.  I slaved over dinner (I threw a turkey and spinach lasagna that I bought at Costco in the oven).  It was a hit, everyone loved it!  8 points/serving (lots of protein!).



I’m volunteering at the hospital here in Park City and today was my orientation.  It was basically just a tour of the hospital and signing up for our first days of training.  Not too exciting.

Breakfast: 1 egg, 2 whites, half bagel, and OJ  11

Came home and got organized a little.  Was starving by the time mom and Cole got home from church.  I couldn’t even make myself lunch I had to eat RIGHT NOW, so I popped a roll in the microwave and added butter and jam.  Oh so good.  Followed it up with a Chobani.

Cole wanted to have quiet time in his room cause he wanted to watch Cars 2 by himself.  It was funny!  We didn’t do much else the rest of the day just a movie, played some games, and snacked.

Mom made a delicious refrigerator soup…that’s what I call soup when you put everything in your fridge that you want to get rid of in a soup.  Basically it was a little but of chicken, turkey, potatoes, green beans, carrots, and who knows what else!  But it was delish!

We bought the Yoplait Smoothies at Costco for my dad, he wanted to have things that were healthy but easy for him to make and eat.  I had remembered them from one of the seasons of the Biggest Loser.  Oh my goodness they are so freaking good!!  3 points per serving (the Costco size has 2 servings per bag, the grocery stores probably just have 1).  Like oh my gosh where have these been all my life good!


Love Mondays cause I get to go to SPIN!!  Today was a hard class.  She really pushed us or I really pushed myself, probably a bit of both.  Wanted to burn off some of the weekend crap.

Pre-workout: 3

Made myself do my burpees before I could have my protein pancake!

Post-workout: 5

Came home and helped clean my half of the house ;).  Got done and read an email from my hubby.  I’ve been missing him a lot.  We’ve been away from each other a lot, but never over the holidays and it seems harder.  I was complaining to him about how my body was hurting from all the frickin burpees.  He gave me some good advice and some unwanted advice.  I must have been especially emotional today, because a few little innocent sentences sent me into a self-loathing depression that made me want to go eat cookies!  Men just need to understand at all times what exact mood their wives are in so they know exactly how to respond and what to say!  Is that so much to ask?

Then Carman texts this picture of one of our heroes Jennifer Nicole Lee and that just did me in.  So after an hour texting session with the FLF girls and crying at the sandwich place, I felt better.

Lunch: veggie sandwich on Great Harvest bread (and sample cinnaburst bread)  10

Went to get my haircut and decided I needed some bangs back in my life.  I’ll most likely regret this decision!

Snacked on an apple on the way to pick up Cole.  Came home and my dad wanted to got to this BBQ place that he has been hearing about from his physical therapist.  It’s in Heber which is about a 20-25 minute drive from Park City.  When we got there, it was closed.  Even though their website said they’re open Monday-Sunday…they weren’t.  So we ended up driving back to Park City and eating at Squatter’s, a pub style restaurant.

Dinner: 3/4 turkey burger, about 10 sweet potato fries  12

And that’s all folks!  I’m excited for the next 4 weeks, my family decided to have a little weight-loss competition.  I’m a little bummed I can’t really participate, but instead of losing weight my goal is to maintain my current weight for 4 weeks.  I’m hoping it won’t be as hard as it might sound and don’t go all “pregnant women shouldn’t be trying to not gain weight”on me…trust me I’ve already gained more than necessary.  I can stand to take a month off of gaining!  Wish me luck!