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Claretta – Week 30

5k Anyone??

San Jacinto Texas Independence 5K Fun Run/Walk

San Jacinto Battleground State Park

Saturday, March 3, 2012 @ 7:30 AM


I’m so excited about my very first 5k!!  I already feel better by just registering.  As you’ve probably read in previous posts, I’m actually going to a gym and have been doing my cardio workouts on a treadmill and “wogging” in my neighborhood.  I’ve never gone the distance of a 5k, but boy am I motivated to train better now.  I’ve got a little over 3 weeks to get “in shape”, but even if I have to walk the whole thing, it’ll be OK!!  Those in the area are welcomed to join in the fun and it’s for a good cause too, supporting the San Jacinto Monument Museum.  Wish me luck FLF girls and SkinnyEmmie!!  Dr. Oz is gonna be so proud of me! I can’t believe it has been 4 months since I signed up for the Transformation Nation Challenge!! If you would have told me back then that I would be signing up for a 5K, I would have never believed you!


Jogging At Week 18

Wooooohooooo!The FLF Girls are gonna get a kick out of this:  Claretta started jogging!!  Really?  Seriously!!  Yup, it really wasn’t a planned thing, it just happened.  I decided to do my cardio walk around the lake near my house.  I dressed appropriately (no cute hair and no make up) and wore my favorite foundation – my Enell bra!  Saturday morning was beautiful and the air had a hint of coolness and my little dog looked really cute, so I decided to take him with me.  When I arrived, I noticed that there was some kind of running event going on, lots people and high school cheerleaders here and there.  I’m glad they didn’t care if me and Rio walked the track.  Crenshaw Lake is very small and I believe 1 lap is equal to 1 mile.  There were all these people walking/jogging by me and on the sidelines there were small groups of folks spurring their favorite runners on and of course, the cheerleaders in their cute little ponytails and short skirts and skinny bodies…anyway, they yelled for me too as I passed by, which made me laugh.  While I was on the back side of the lake, my body just decided to try to jog.  Mind you, I haven’t run anywhere in many years!  So, I decided to just try it to the next set of trees and I did it!  I walked for a little while then I did it again, just around the curve to the next curve.  Jalapena!  I did it!  I mean, I probably only jogged maybe 100 yards, but it was a start!

So Monday, I decided to just walk in my neighborhood, only this time I left Rio at home.  I wanted to try something a little more strenuous.  I walked/jogged for 37 minutes and accomplished 2 miles!  Way more jogging this time!!  Walked 10 driveways and jogged 6 driveways, that kind of thing.  Well, I’m happy about it, I know it’s just a start, but for me, that’s always the hardest part, just to start.  And, the next best part, I was all done by 8am.  Here’s a picture of my beautiful self jogging for the first time in many, many years!

Since I’m a contestant of Dr. Oz’s Transformation Nation Contest, this may help me get to my goal quicker.  I also know that jogging around with this much weight on my poor knees may not be such a great idea everyday.  So, I plan to take it slow and I’ll add in a little jogging into my routine now and again.  I’m just really proud of myself!   -Claretta
TV-Mehmet Oz

Dr. Oz Mentions Us On His Webcast!!!

We were so excited when we were asked to submit a question for the Dr. Oz Virtual Doc Talk!  We weren’t really sure if they would pick our question and we were really shocked when we were the FIRST question!!!  Check out the video clip below!!

And if you would like to listen to the webcast in it’s entirety, click HERE!



Claretta – Week 15


The other woman you see in this picture may look sweet, but looks can be deceiving! Meet Jessica, my personal trainer. I met up with her this week and she sized me up and down and now knows exactly what to do to help me improve my transformation. I’ve already had two sessions with her and am surprised that I can even type this blog entry, much less walk. In her opinion we’re probably starting out slowly, but I suspect that won’t last long! I’m just so excited to have this opportunity to get help from Jessica. She has asked me to keep a food journal. Man, I wish I had DietSnaps! (It’s not available yet for Android phones.) She has also asked me not to weigh myself for the next three weeks. That part is going to be hard too. I just have to trust myself that I’m eating right and trust my trainer that I’m getting the right kind of exercise and the weight loss and will take care of itself…but Lexy told me that “I’m stirring the dust up now” and that’s probably why Jessica doesn’t want me to weigh. I know I’m getting my cardio up and building muscle at the same time…guess it’ll all come together.

I’m also back to using the treadmill and I’ll try to attend at least one aqua class a week. At least, I can’t tell I’m sweating in the pool. I’m amazed at how “crappy” I look when I go. I don’t wear makeup, or really do much with my hair. I can’t hide my stomach or butt and I don’t even care. I can’t wait to watch myself shrink!!

I want to give a big shout out to Lexy, Carman and Cyndi of www.firelites.fire.com fame. They were asked to submit a question to the Dr. Oz live webcast and their question was read outloud and answered! In the excitement of the moment, I forgot to listen to the answer, but have been told that a transcript may be available and will be posted on their blog. Congratulations girls! You’re almost as famous as Oprah!!

ShareCare Live Webcast - Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz Webcast & Fire Lites Fire Collide :)

Tonight was super fun tuning in to the Live Webcast with Dr. Oz and other ShareCare experts!  We had the opportunity to submit a question to the panel of doctors and we weren’t for sure if they were going to choose our question….  Our official question was…

“Is it just as important to know your body fat percentage as it is to know your BMI?

Ours was the very first question asked tonight!!  To say that I was caught off guard would be a huge under statement!!  I heard Dr. Oz say…. “Lexy, Carman, and Cyndi of FireLitesFire.com want to know….. (and then he asked our question)…..

He then turned to the panel and asked Dr. Mike Clark for his opinion.

 At this point…. my heart was racing…. my boys and I were jumping up and down with excitement!!  My mom and Carman were texting me ….. and I missed the whole answer!!!  Hahaha!!!  I am seriously hoping to get a copy of the video or transcript!  It all happened so fast and it was so cool.  So, I’m sorry to disappoint you with not knowing their exact answer… but I’m pretty sure it’s a good idea to know your body fat percentage!  😉
Thursday’s Fire Bites – Total Points: 36
Protein Pancake W/ Pear – 5 pts
Pizza Quesadilla– 6 ptsFrozen Yogurt – 6 pts

Zone Bar – 5 pts

Cereal – 3 pts

Turkey Chili W/ Spinach – 5 pts

Not pictured: Several bites of Ty’s honey bun… 6
I ended the night with the boys at Home Depot and Game Stop….  They did a great job on their report cards, so I wanted to get them a little treat. Kody loves building random things… he had a list of items he needed!