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Thanksgiving Break in the country

Warning – week LONG post! Internet up in the country was sooooo slow so now you get a recap all at once. 😉

We have had a tradition the last couple of years to go up to my parents for Thanksgiving break because our kids are out of school the whole week.  We love the laid back life of the country and it gives my kids a chance to play with their cousins and just run on 80 acres!

Things I love about the country simple life:

my little helpers

he IS his fathers child!! 😉



my niece hung out with us while my sister went hunting and she killed her FIRST BUCK!!


playing ‘house’ in the woods with the cousins – this brings back TONS of memories for me!!!! 😉


Devyn practicing her driving skills in Pappy’s Rhino


helping Pappy feed the animals



this is Rufus


my Daddy aka the Mule Whisperer 😉


sitting by the fire and poking it with a stick 😉


weinie and marshmellow roastings


Fire Bites:

Because we were only home for about 30 minutes repacking our bags and trying to get on the road to my parents – I forgot to pack up some of my ‘familiar’ foods and just didn’t plan very well.  I think mentally I went into vacation and relaxed mode before I realized it.

Tuesday 11/22:

homemade deer sausage with pancakes and fruit



went to the store with my mom to get groceries for the week – had a few bites of her Reeses snack

we were all starving so we drove thru McD’s and got a 20 piece nugget to split between 3 of us – I had 6 with honey mustard


too many of these all week


one day we watched Cake Boss.. :/ So of course we were all craving cake and I was bored. Bad combo for me. 😉  homemade chocolate icing! yum!

dinner – oven BBQ chicken and Green Giant steamer veggies


*Realized before going to bed that I hadn’t done my 22 burpees yet – and after having to catch up the other day I was NOT gonna get behind!!!!  so outside we went to knock them out…….

just so you know – they CAN be done in your PJ’s AND boots!!! ;P


Wednesday 11/23:

breakfast on the way to WW meeting with Jackie


you can go HERE to check out my WW’s meeting recap


check out the awards Jackie got HERE 😉


We stopped and ate at Pei Wei before heading back to the sticks

my fortune – ate my cookie 😉


lunch – chicken lettuce wraps……sooooo good!!


She heard about this ice cream called Arctic Zero on Dr Oz’s show  and how it helped a lady with her sweet cravings when she was on her weight loss journey. So we went and found some to try out.

Its only 4 points+ for the WHOLE PINT!!!!

at 1 point+ per serving – I think I could handle that! 😉



I rode home with my Dad after he got off work and had a banana and some of his pecan halves


THIS is the temptation I have to battle when we’re up there……I don’t really ‘like’ eating these treats as much as I like homemade stuff now a days- but I find myself grabbing one here and one there just cause they’re there.


I probably ate half this bag over the week. :/


I made Cafe Rio chicken for dinner


* Just so you know – 23 burpees CAN be done in jeans and boots!! 😉


Thursday – Happy Thanksgiving! 

Click here to read my Thanksgiving post.


Friday 11/25

* Did my 25 timed burpees 

I had half a zebra cake and half a nutty bar trying to decide what to fix for breakfast. :(  (no pic)

is there something wrong with this pic??? hahhaa  – was trying to salvage my morning and to keep me from eating a ton of bacon!


a few crumbs of the rest of this bag


decided I just needed some ‘real’ food and something with ‘green’ in it

snacked on more on M&M’s

fresh pork chops (from a hog my dad recently raised and butchered) in the crockpot with mashed potatoes and green beans for dinner

We had such a nice, low key day just hanging out, doing NUTTIN, and getting to hang out with my Dad – my mom had to work. We had all our stuff loaded up ready to head home but when we found out Dev’s BB practice for Sat morning got canceled, we decided to take advantage of the opportunity and stay another night to get to hang out with my parents a little longer.




TV-Mehmet Oz

Dr. Oz Mentions Us On His Webcast!!!

We were so excited when we were asked to submit a question for the Dr. Oz Virtual Doc Talk!  We weren’t really sure if they would pick our question and we were really shocked when we were the FIRST question!!!  Check out the video clip below!!

And if you would like to listen to the webcast in it’s entirety, click HERE!


ShareCare Live Webcast - Dr. Oz

Dr. Oz Webcast & Fire Lites Fire Collide :)

Tonight was super fun tuning in to the Live Webcast with Dr. Oz and other ShareCare experts!  We had the opportunity to submit a question to the panel of doctors and we weren’t for sure if they were going to choose our question….  Our official question was…

“Is it just as important to know your body fat percentage as it is to know your BMI?

Ours was the very first question asked tonight!!  To say that I was caught off guard would be a huge under statement!!  I heard Dr. Oz say…. “Lexy, Carman, and Cyndi of FireLitesFire.com want to know….. (and then he asked our question)…..

He then turned to the panel and asked Dr. Mike Clark for his opinion.

 At this point…. my heart was racing…. my boys and I were jumping up and down with excitement!!  My mom and Carman were texting me ….. and I missed the whole answer!!!  Hahaha!!!  I am seriously hoping to get a copy of the video or transcript!  It all happened so fast and it was so cool.  So, I’m sorry to disappoint you with not knowing their exact answer… but I’m pretty sure it’s a good idea to know your body fat percentage!  😉
Thursday’s Fire Bites – Total Points: 36
Protein Pancake W/ Pear – 5 pts
Pizza Quesadilla– 6 ptsFrozen Yogurt – 6 pts

Zone Bar – 5 pts

Cereal – 3 pts

Turkey Chili W/ Spinach – 5 pts

Not pictured: Several bites of Ty’s honey bun… 6
I ended the night with the boys at Home Depot and Game Stop….  They did a great job on their report cards, so I wanted to get them a little treat. Kody loves building random things… he had a list of items he needed!




Claretta – Week 14

+1 pound

I’m still on a high from this past weeks activities! I was fortunate to get away to the coast for 3-1/2 days of major fun for a reunion with 10 or so friends from high school. It’s been almost 45 years since we graduated and went our separate ways. With a little help from Facebook, we were able to reconnect and had such a great time talking, laughing and eating. I’m very proud of myself for my “eating habits” during our time together. I didn’t drink any sodas, nor did any fried seafood or pancakes pass my lips! I was even able to pass up the baskets of garlic toast appetizers that were placed before me! Anyone who knows me, knows what a sacrifice that was! My only big cheat was eating a few too many of these………


I mentioned in a previous post that I had entered Dr. Oz’s Transformation Nation weight loss contest. I spent a few days completing all the requirements for the contest. Someone on Dr. Oz’s Team has been reading Fire Lites Fire and invited them to participate in a live web-cast this week. Wow!!! Way to go Lexy, Carman and Cyndi!! Now, I’m really being accountable for my weight loss goals. So, I’ve decided to kick it up a notch by hiring a personal trainer. I’m so excited to have someone push me and kick my booty all around the gym! Hey Lexy! Your mom’s working out at the gym!!!