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Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. Jim Ryan

My Typical Weight Watchers Day


I am a creature of habit. Once I find a recipe that I enjoy and love to eat… I stick with it for a long time… haha, you may have noticed.

I have narrowed down 2 or 3 things I like to rotate around for each meal… breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It makes it easier for me to keep within my daily points allowance, and because I love the foods I’m eating… I don’t feel restricted. I don’t always eat them in the same order, but I have a running list of things to choose from based on my mood. Sometimes I decide what to eat depending on how much time I have to prepare the meal.

A very typical day for me: 

5 pts – Protein Pancake w/ fruit (bananas, raspberries, pears, or strawberries) or 5 pts – Cheesy Eggs W/ Pico

3 pts – Greek Yogurt Fruit Smoothie or 2 pts – Whey Protein Fruit Smoothie

4 pts – Swiss Turkey Melt or 4 pts – Spaghetti Squash Alfredo

3 pts – Pop Chips

5 pts – Zone Bar

5 pts – Turkey Chili over Spaghetti Squash or 4 pts – Easy Tortilla Pizza

1 pts – Dove Dark Chocolate Square

I keep my water bottle filled up so it’s readily available for drinking throughout the day.

*If you work out, count your activity points and eat those extra points that day!*

More ideas:

3 pts – Dreyer’s Half the fat ice cream (I love French Silk) 1/2 cup

2 pts – Fiber One Brownie

0 pts – Roasted Veggies

3 pts – Banana Peanut Butter Soft Serve

4 pts – Pizza Quesadilla

0 pts – Butternut Squash Fries

Click on each recipe for the directions and amounts…. These are just things that I like to eat and it works for me…. you will have to experiment to find the things you like to eat….

If I’m running errands and stop to eat, I usually only go to Subway for a 6 inch turkey sub with all the veggies  and sweet onion sauce (no cheese) OR Chickfila for the chargrilled and fruit salad with fat free honey mustard.

Grocery List for above items:

egg whites or egg beaters
fat free cottage cheese
baking powder
raspberries, strawberries, pears
sugar free syrup – maple grove farms
chobani vanilla greek yogurt
bag of frozen mixed fruit (mine has peaches, strawberries, grapes, and pineapple) but you could get mixed berries
jug of diet v8 splash (tropical blend or berry blend)
fat free swiss cheese slices
2 red, yellow, orange bell pepper packages
bag of baby spinach leaves
oscar mayer smoked or oven roasted deli turkey box
pop chips (jillian michaels talked about these…. they are good, low in points!)
i love zone bars – my favorite is chocolate caramel cluster and cashew pretzel
bag of dove dark chocolate squares – 1 pt each
1 lb of ground turkey 85/15
1 packet of mccormick original chili seasoning
2 cans of diced tomatoes with green chills
1 can of chili beans in zesty sauce
mission carb balance medium tortillas, and a package of small tortillas
small jar of pizza sauce
turkey pepperoni
fat free mozzarella cheese
dreyer’s french silk half the fat ice cream
fiber one brownies
a packet/box of pre made pico de gallo… in produce section
laughing cow cheese wedges – chipotle flavor
spaghetti squash
butternut squash
yellow squash
purple onion
photo 1

Ear Infection & Tornado Warnings

Could. not. sleep. last. night…. my ear was killing me. After getting the boys out the door for school, I headed straight for the doctor. I have never wanted an anti-biotic so bad in my life. I even got a shot in the rear! 😉 It took about an hour to kick in …. but to be able to swallow without cringing was just what I needed! I hate being sick!!!

I would much rather have spent my morning at boot camp!!!

As if that wasn’t exciting enough… Houston had a major thunder/lightning storm all last night and this morning. We were under tornado warnings most of the morning hours…. While hanging out in the doctor’s office, I was following the Weather Channel…. my other favorite pastime…

Greetings from Houston…

Then I backed up the radar… and this is what I saw…. talk about putting things in perspective…  unless you were here… you wouldn’t even think it was that big of a deal.

Fire Bites for the day:

ZonePerfect Cashew Pretzel on my way out the door this morning – 5 pts

Protein Waffle – recipe HERE – 5 pts

Swiss Turkey Melt w/ Spinach and half Bell Pepper Nachos – 7 pts (click titles for recipes)

Dreyer’s French Silk – half cup – 3 pts

Whey Protein Fruit Smoothie – 2 pts

Easy Tortilla Pizza – 4 pts

Finished the evening with 139 burpees! I couldn’t do them yesterday because I felt so bad… so I had to make up yesterday and today. Only 30 more days left of the 100 day burpee challenge…. I. can’t. wait!


photo 1



Today I printed out our family pictures from vacation so I could frame them and send them with my husband to his office. I also printed out copies for the grandparents…

My boys went over to my mom’s house today to work in her yard {I’m using the term “work” loosely} While I was there I came across these pictures of my dad and his brother….

My dad is on the left….

This is just a cropped, zoomed in version….

I couldn’t believe how much it reminded me of my own boys when they were younger…. These next two pictures were taken in 2002.

Can y’all see the resemblance? Anyway… I just had to share… too cute!

Fire Bites for the day: 

I didn’t have any fresh fruit in the house that would work on my protein waffle…. so I ended up just blending a frozen banana to soft serve and topping it on the waffle (cinnamon on top) … felt like I was eating ice cream in a waffle cone :)   -5

Biogenesis Protein bar – 5

Sara Lee Bread, Oscar Mayer deli turkey, swiss cheese, spinach, red pepper melt – 4

Found these Sensible Portions Apple Straws at the store today… really good! Pretty large serving size also! -3

Dreyer’s French Silk ice cream – 3

Grapes – 0

Chickfila Chargrilled and Fruit Salad w/ FF honey mustard – 7

**67 burpees!!!!**

New Cook Books!

First Weight Watchers Meeting Of 2012

I went for a quick 30 minute run this morning +5

It was great to be back at our normal Weight Watchers meeting. Karen was on a roll this morning and really made the meeting fun! I have to say again that I love the tweaks to the new Points Plus program. One of the goals that I didn’t list in my new years resolutions… (but I have mentioned it before) is that I really want to get to 125 lbs! That would put me right in the middle of my ideal weight on the BMI chart. I’m hoping that the new changes to the program will help me get there!

Protein Bar at the meeting – 5

I lost .6 lbs since my last weigh in. It’s crazy to me that I have maintained pretty much the same weight for the last 7 months! I LOVE WW!


I also purchased two new cookbooks! I got the new Power Foods Cookbook along with the Fruits and Veggies A to Z!

Protein waffle with raspberries and banana….. (third cup each of fat free cottage cheese, egg whites, and oatmeal…. 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla, and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon)

Found these at the store the other day…. Special K cracker chips… 30 chips = 3 pts

Cheesy eggs with pico – 5

Dreyer’s French Silk ice cream (half the fat) – 3

I posted over on dietSNAPS about Health Magazine!

Tortilla Pizza – made with turkey pepperoni, spinach, red peppers, and fat free mozzarella – 4

Whey protein fruit smoothie – 2 (Standard Process Whey Pro Complete 2 scoops, 1 cup frozen mixed fruit, 1 cup diet V-8 splash tropical blend)

Now off to do my 66 burpees for the day!