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Mommy and Cole

Decisions, decisions

I have been thinking a lot about decisions lately.  I don’t know why now, I make decisions everyday, but for some reason I’ve been more aware of them lately.  This week I decided lots to things.  Whether or not I was going to get out of bed, whether or not to go to the gym, what to eat, what not to eat, etc etc everyday we make tons of decisions.  And although most of our decisions may seem small and insignificant, every decision has an outcome.  Speaking of what I decided to eat, here are my Fire Bites from this weekend:


Yay another spin class day, this time I had a super fantastic gel padded seat.  I don’t know if it’s the pregnancy or what, but spin has been super uncomfortable lately.  BUT I’m glad I decided to go to this class, cause I felt great the rest of the day.

Pre-workout: toast and pb  5pts

Post-workout: one of Cole’s low fat chocolate milks (no pic)  4pts

Lunch: Chicken gyro, super delicious!  8pts

Snack: Chobani and cashew clusters  5pts

Dinner: 2 slices garden delight Papa John’s pizza and a green smoothie  10pts


Breakfast: eggo and pb  5pts

My cousin’s son was getting baptized so we headed down to Provo in a winter snow storm.  Cole was super excited to see the baptism.  He kept asking if he could get baptized.  Only 4 and already he’s made an important decision!! 😉

After the baptism we headed to the hospital to see my dad.  Stopped by the Cheesecake Factory for some lunch on the way. We were starving…that is not good when going to the Cheesecake Factory.  Mom ordered these before we got our meals…not a good idea when you’re hungry and lacking will power.  I decided I would eat them and that I would dip them in ranch!  This was of course after some bread and butter.

Then my lunch came…I ate almost half of my Pasta Da Vinci (the lunch portion size not the size shown below), it’s penne pasta with mushrooms and chicken in a red wine sauce.  And then I ate half of one of Cole’s sliders…I decided next time I go to Cheesecake Factory I will share just the sliders with him because I was seriously stuffed after all that food!!

After my 20 pt or so lunch we headed to the hospital to see my dad.  He’s having a harder time recovering from this knee replacement surgery than he did the last time and it’s really bothering him.  He was supposed to go home Saturday, but had a fever and low red blood cell count so they kept him another night.  Sherilynn, Cole, and I headed up the canyon and I crashed for a nap.  I made Cole have “quiet time” but it wasn’t very quiet when he was knocking on the wall (we share a wall between our rooms) every so often to see if I was awake.

That evening, my other sister Michelle invited me to a women’s “salon” as they called it, put on by the Mormon Women Project. Here is what the website says about the Mormon Women Project:

” This digital library will show that among the 7 million women currently members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, there is stunning diversity and strength that may not always be recognized. The MWP is particularly interested in highlighting the righteous choices women make in all circumstances and locations. It celebrates women who have made deliberate choices — with the help of the Spirit and personal revelation — to overcome personal trials, magnify motherhood, contribute to communities outside their homes, or be converted to the Gospel.

To an audience inside the Church, their stories support making personal choices with God’s help that often stand apart from the pressures of Mormon culture. To an audience outside the Church, their stories show the immense strength and wisdom of our people.”

It was very cool and seemed to focus on the topic of decisions. The keynote speaker Emma Lou Thayne, author and poet, wrote the lyrics to the hymn “Where Can I Turn for Peace?“.  Click on the link to hear the MoTab (Mormon Tabernacle Choir) singing this beautiful hymn.  We had the incredible opportunity to hear it sung by Metropolitan Opera singer Ariel Bybee. What was also cool was the story behind the lyrics to the song and the trials Emma Lou was facing at the time.  I came away from that conference feeling like every woman is in control of her own life by the decisions we make every day.  Some decisions are forced upon us, some are easier made than others, but it’s the decisions we make and the process we take making those decisions which shape our lives.

And of course they had some lovely hors d’oeuvres.


Breakfast: cereal 5pts

Snacks at church: for some reason I am always starving at church!  mini pack of craisins 3pts, 2 pb crackers 2pts

Lunch:  leftover from the Bombay House, curry chicken over rice  12pts?

I tried to get Cole to take a nap mostly cause I really wanted to, but it was a no go.  Instead we drove down to the hospital to see my dad again and brought some dinner from one of my favorite Salt Lake restaurants Trio.  I brought a bunch of things and we all shared.

Dinner:  flatbread w/white bean and pesto spread

Mixed green salad with spring mix, grapes, walnuts, gorgonzola (tried not to eat any) and balsamic dressing.

Then I got a chicken breast and a steak dinner that had veggies and potatoes and I ended up eating most of the steak with my salad.

Cole needed a treat after his dinner and so he and grammy went in search of one.  They came back with some Twizzlers Nibs for me, which I love.  I started with half the package and then eventually ate the whole thing!

All in all a very productive and insightful weekend.  I could go on and on about the decision topic, but I think you get my drift.  Tomorrow I start week long classes and by Friday I’ll be a CNA (certified nursing assistant).  It’s one of the things I have to complete in order to apply for Nursing school.  I’m excited and nervous all at the same time.  I’m just glad I have you all to be accountable to so that I don’t back out of my decision! 😉

so sick of being on the road…weekend

Why is it that even when you feel gross from things you have eaten, it doesn’t always stop you from continuing on to eat the crap.  I just want to get home and be able to cook my own meals.  I don’t know how people who have to travel all the time do it.  I’m feeling like all my strength is lost, kind of like what’s the point?  I’m pregnant, I’m not going to be losing weight, so it doesn’t matter!  But I’m wrong…I can change this.  I will change this.  I control what goes in my mouth.  I control my choices.

I think I’m going to follow Lexy by taking one day at a time this next week.  I’m going to have a plan, not only with food, but with my workouts.  This week I will show that it is possible to make healthy choices even when it’s not that easy! Ok venting over.

So yesterday we went into Nashville to check it out.

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Day 3 C-ville

The Internet at the luxurious Holiday Inn Express is super testy.  Especially when I’ve been trying to post at night, it usually doesn’t work very well.  So that’s why I’m raining a little late on posts…

Friday…kind of a “nothing seemed to go right” day

Breakfast: eggo w/pb and banana

Went to Target to buy a yoga mat, because I forgot mine, and went to a yoga class I thought started at 10:30, but actually started at 10:15.  So I had to sneak in the back which by the way is totally against yoga etiquette!!  I don’t know if I’m just a yoga snob now or what, but I did not enjoy the class at all.  The teacher had us doing random things and nothing flowed.  Plus it was only 30 min because I was late so I literally felt like I got nothing out of it, which totally sucked because I had been really looking forward to it.

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1st day in Clarksville

Our first day in Clarksville.  Keller headed off to work early this morning and Cole and I slept in until 8…ahhh!  We are staying at a Holiday Inn Express, unfortunately it is not the best one I’ve ever stayed in.  I was a little worried about our breakfast options, but pleasantly surprised to find eggos.

Eggo w/PB and a banana- 5

Decided to go on an exploring adventure.  Cole had no jeans (because it was 100 frickin degrees when I packed his stuff, not 60!).  We ventured to the mall and found some cute jeans at GAP.  Cole wanted a pretzel from Auntie Annie’s and fortunately there was a Chick-fil-A next to it so I could grab a yogurt.

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