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Chicken Fajitas

Just menus

Doing some catching up.  Feeling good this week and saying on track.


Pre-workout: 1tsp PB and 1/2 banana-1pt

Went on my spin bike for 50 minutes. +10

Post-spin: Fage greek yogurt and protein pancake-9pts

Spent the day blogging and getting little things done.

Lunch: Balance Bar-5pts

Afternoon Snack: Green Smoothie and Trader Joe’s pretzels-3pts

Made fajitas for dinner tonight and used the Flat Out flatbread as a tortilla and added tzatziki in place of sour cream.  So delicious!

Dinner: 7pts

Snack: 2 Red Vines-2pts (no pic)

Total points: 27


Pre-workout: same as Monday 1tsp PB and 1/2 banana-1pt

Workout: 20 minutes inclines on the treadmill, upper body TRX workout +5

Post-workout: Balance Bar-5pts (grabbed it on the way out the door to take Cole to the rec center, I really need to go buy protein!!)

Took Cole to play and got some errands done.  Finally bought some much needed protein!!

Lunch: Protein Pancake and Green Greek Smoothie-7pts

Took Cole to swim lessons.  I was so exhausted!  I had to break down and have a crystal light energy so I could function.

Snack: Trader Joe’s pretzels and nuts-6pts

Dinner: leftover fajita (see Monday pic) 7pts

Snack: 4 Red Vines and an apple-4pts

Total points: 30

Happy Birthday to me!

Cyndi Who?

I know I know…most of you are probably like who the heck is Cyndi, I thought this blog was just Carman and Lexy.  So hello my name is Cyndi, I’m Carman and Lexy’s sister-in-law, mother of 2, I love pina coladas and long walks on the beach!!  I’ve been otherwise preoccupied with the new addition to our family, Cruz.  You will be hearing a lot more from me though, I promise.

I was going to do a big post about starting my WW journey (again), but then I thought…I never really stopped, so instead, this will be a progress report and goal setting post.

Weight Progress:

I weighed in again on 4/21 and lost another 1.5 pounds.  Yay for me!  I’m keeping track of my progress with one of our favorite apps TargetWeight.

My goal weight is 150, my current weight is 176.3…26.3 pounds to go!

Sunday was my 21st birthday for the tenth time 😉  I found an awesome deal on a spin bike on a local classifieds website and just couldn’t pass it up.  It made me think about all my other birthdays and how I have NEVER asked for nor wanted a piece of exercise equipment!  And for this birthday that is all I asked for.  I also got P90X2 which I am super excited about and of course a cute pair of shoes (what birthday is complete without a pair of cute shoes, honestly!).

So with my new bike, P90X2, and my husband’s TRX bands (that I kind of stole)…I plan to seriously kick my own butt back into shape.

Goals for the week:  get 5 workouts in, count my points and post menu to the blog everyday, go to my WW meeting, and do something nice for someone else.

Monday menu:

So Monday was supposed to be my big kick-off day.  I was going to start my day off by taking Cole to school and then head to a 90 minute Bikram yoga class.  That plan came crashing down at 2am when Keller, who was in charge of the 1am feeding, put Cruz back to bed still hungry (not on purpose of course).  So I got up and fed him some more and then for the life of me could not get back to sleep.  I maybe fell asleep for 30 minutes before Cruz woke up again at 5.  I fed him again and tried to go back to sleep but he wasn’t as tired as mommy was and then Cole came in at 7:30 and it was time to get ready for school.  I literally was so tired I could barely open my eyes.  I didn’t think it would be a good idea to go do physical activity in a 95 degree room for fear I would pass out.  So I took Cole to school, stopped by the bank to take care of some stuff, and then came home and took a nap.

Breakfast: sourdough toast w/1TBSP PB- 6pts

Lunch: protein pancake and green greek smoothie- 7pts

Snack: Mint Cookie Balance Bar – 5pts (this is one of my favorite go to fast grab snacks, it tastes like a Girl Scout Thin Mint cookie!)

Dinner: 2 pieces of turkey, salad, and a FAGE greek yogurt (random I know)- 5pts

Total points: 23

Went on the spin bike finally at 8:30p for 40 min +8

Oh and I wanted to also post my favorite thing of the day (it’s all of positive thinking people!!!), so today my favorite thing was playing baseball with Cole outside and then having dinner on the porch just the 2 of us.  Loved it!


These are just sexy Valentino's!

Pregnant chicks wear high heels too!


No workout today, not feeling it…I really wanted a yummy breakfast!

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 whites, sourdough toast with jam, and oj

Did our usual Tuesday routine, took Cole to the rec center to play, had lunch at Kneaders, went to swimming, went to taekwondo, blah blah blah

Lunch: 1/2 tuna on whole wheat…Keller ate the other half…and a few parm chips

Snack: I was craving a mint oreo chocolate chip shake from our favorite shake place in Kamas…unfortunately but fortunately they put way too many chocolate chips in it so I only ended up eating about 1/4 of it

Dinner: mom made the chicken enchilada veggie soup I posted back in january, click HERE for recipe…topped with greek yogurt, avocado, and cilantro


Had my usual pre-workout snack 1tsp of PB and half a banana and went to spin.  After had my usual breakfast.

Went to the hospital to volunteer for the last time.  I’m bummed cause I have really enjoyed volunteering there, but with a newborn and us moving back to Austin I have to say goodbye!  Snacked on a balance bar during my shift and then had my green smoothie (I’m really going to miss these) and half a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich…and fries…again.  Needless to say, I wasn’t starving for dinner a few hours later so I just had a small plate.

Dinner: flank steak and green beans

I spent a little too much time on my feet at the hospital and started feeling it after dinner.  I curled up in the fetal position on the couch until Keller finally made me go to bed.


Buns and guns class today, I was all ready and raring to go when I started to have a pain on the left lower side of my belly.  Keller forbid me from going so I just got ready for the day.  The pain kind of came and went and came and went, but wasn’t too terrible.  We had a day full of errands to do in Salt Lake.  Since I’d already had my pre-workout snack, I just grabbed a Fage yogurt for breakfast on our way out.

Our first errand was to pick up my ring that was being re-dipped at the jeweler.  By the time we were done, my pain was so intense that I could barely walk back to the car.  I decided to call my dr.  She didn’t seem too concerned, but told me if I was worried to head over to the labor and delivery at the hospital to get checked out (her office is in Park City, the hospital I will deliver at is in Salt Lake, we were in Salt Lake).  I had an appointment for some beautification and decided I would wait and see how I felt after.  By the end of the appointment the pain was completely gone. I’m thinking he was sitting on a nerve or something and finally moved.

Lunch: Cheesecake Factory Skinnylicious mexican chicken lettuce wraps

Needed a treat…and I was super excited cause Cold Stone now has frozen yogurt!!  I got a Like It size chocolate yogurt with brownie.

I met up with mom when we dropped Cole off for taekwondo and we headed over to the brand new Nordstrom (my favorite store, if you didn’t know) downtown that isn’t even open yet but was having a shoe party.  And like I would ever say no to a party that involved shoes!!  Hello?!?!  Here’s a few pairs I tried on…got lots of stares walking around in the heels.  Apparently people have never seen a pregnant woman wear high heels??

Fun summer Tory Burch wedges!

Hot Pink (very in this season) Vera Wang peep toes

And my fav…super sexy, just plain freaking awesome Valentino’s!

Dinner: I wasn’t starving so I shared a beet and goat cheese salad with mom and had some of her steak with some of my potato gnocchi and green beans…after about 4 bites I was done!


Spin again, had my pre-workout and post-workout/breakfast norm.

Keller wanted to see the movie 21 Jump Street and since Channing Tatum was in it, of course I was going!

Found this on Pinterest!

We grabbed sandwiches and I had an apple in the theater.  By the time the movie was over it was time to pick up Cole from school.  We came home and Daddy and Cole rode bikes in the driveway…we are trying really hard to teach Daddy how to ride a 2-wheeler, but we can’t get him off his strawberry shortcake tricycle!

We met up with Aunt Sasa and her friend Kim at El Chubasco for dinner.  I had 2 shrimp tacos and some chips with pico.

On the way home Sasa stopped at the store and bought some Starburst jelly beans…I swear they will be the death of me…oh well, I still have a few days left of justifying eating whatever I want 😉