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green belt testing

Skiing, Rope Climbing, Hunger Games and Green Belts.


Aunt Sasa offered to take Cole skiing today, probably for the last time this season, so we got up and had to go rent some ski’s.

Breakfast: sourdough toast w/pb and jam

Keller and I dropped Sasa and Cole off at the Canyon’s and then headed to the gym.  Keller put me through an upper body circuit:

Pyramid supersets (pyramid means 10 reps, then 9, then 8, etc all the way down and then all the way back up-I only went down, superset means 2 exercises done together one after the other)

1st superset pyramid

-incline bench press 20lb DB’s

-seated curls to overhead press 15lb DB’s

random exercise in the middle of my workout…my hamstrings were really tight so I took a 40lb barbell and did 20 straight leg deadlifts

2nd superset pyramid

-standing cable flys 20lb

-1 min rope pull (a really cool machine I had never done before…great for cardio or strength cause you can adjust the resistance) here’s a pic…

Came home and made my usual.

Cole had the best time skiing with Sasa…it was a beautiful day and super warm, so warm in fact that their coats were off before they even got off the first chairlift.

The rest of the day pretty much went like this…sit on the couch and watch tv for 3 hours, taekwondo, dinner, back on the couch, and then bed.

Snack while chillin’ on the couch: 1/4C starburst jelly beans (we had to start portioning them out in serving sizes after Sherilynn and I ate an entire bag in one night last week)

Dinner: chicken gyros click HERE for the recipe, the only thing I changed is we used rotisserie chicken and I added cucumbers

My mom bought my dad the best pie for his birthday last night and luckily there were leftovers to enjoy again!


Busy day!  Started out with my last Friday spin class :(

Pre-workout: 1tsp PB and 1/2 banana

My teacher was surprised to hear that I wouldn’t be joining his class for awhile…I will definitely miss his class!

Usual post-workout: protein pancake and green greek smoothie

And since today was the opening day of the HUNGER GAMES and since none of us in this house have a JOB (currently)…we went to see the 1pm showing.

LOVED IT!  I read the books a long time ago which was good because I wasn’t thinking about all the stuff they changed.  No pics, but I snacked on 2 handfuls of popcorn, about 10 jelly beans, 1 licorice, and 1/2 a balance bar.  After the movie we had to go pick up Cole from school early and head down to Salt Lake for taekwondo testing.  Snacked on an apple and some nuts during testing.

So proud of Cole for passing his test and earning his green belt!  And cousin Justice earned his orange belt and received another medal!  We went to Five Guys Burgers to celebrate afterwards.  I should have split my burger and given half to Keller because I am now sick.  I even thought about it while I was eating it, how I was full and didn’t really want anymore, but my eyes just kept saying “you are really hungry eat it”.  So I did!  And then Menchie’s froyo was right next store so of course we had to go there.  The kids loved making their own yogurts with toppings.  Uncle Keller was throwing away the trash and almost threw away Will…jk!

This was my “I’m so full I feel like I’m going to barf so please don’t take a picture of me” look, he did not get the hint!



prego progression

One week to go!

It’s official…this little peanut will be evicted from my belly next Wednesday, unless of course he decides to leave of his own free will earlier.  We’ve had a busy last couple days…so settle in cause it’s a lengthy recap.

Saturday…(St. Patty’s Day)

Keller and Cole got up early and went to get bagels for breakfast.  We were hoping they’d have green bagels, but they didn’t so instead, mommy made green cream cheese.  Cole did not appreciate it!

I had to bribe him to even try it.

We pretty much chilled at home all day.  We were all pretty tired from the long week.  I have been craving some WW oatmeal cookies all week and finally had enough energy to actually make them.  I made the regular recipe and then I made some without the cinnamon and instead added chocolate chips.  They were all delicious!

Lunch: leftover 1/2 of turkey, spinach, and avocado sandwich (I sprayed a pan with Pam and panini’d it) and green smoothie

We met up with Michelle and her family for BBQ at a new restaurant by their house.  The restaurant is called Sonny Bryan’s Smokehouse and was actually started in a small town outside of Dallas.  We had brisket, pulled chicken, mac and cheese, green beans, and the best rolls ever!!


Another delicious bagel w/green cream cheese for breakfast on our way to church.

It was stake conference (for those of you who aren’t LDS that’s when multiple congregations, we call them wards, gather all together combined).  We were really lucky to have Elder Richard G. Scott of the quorum of the 12 apostles speak to us.

He along with our stake presidency and the other speakers gave great messages on overcoming adversity, having faith, missionary work, and temple attendance.  One of the speakers shared an incredible story of a girl in the early 1900’s who lived in a war torn country and encountered unimaginable hardships at a very young age.  She watched her father and brother murdered in front of her.  She was shipped off and became one of many wives to a wealthy man.  She escaped her husband and had to walk through mountains and treacherous conditions.  She was almost near death during the journey when a cousin offered her the horse he was riding on.  She wasn’t strong enough to sit up so she had to be tied to the horse.  The cousin later died falling through a ravine.  When they made it to their destination she and a friend got connected with a mail order bride type thing in America.  A man contacted her friend, but the friend was too frightened to go, so she took her place on the boat. When she got to America, the man was very upset to find her and not her friend.  She pleaded with him to marry her otherwise she would have been immediately deported.  It took some convincing, but eventually he agreed.  And that was all in a time span of about 5 years.  Can you imagine?  Kind of puts your cares and worries into perspective.

Lunch was some homemade split pea and ham soup with a leftover roll.

Took a lovely nap after church and woke up in time for dinner.  We had some friends over and mom cooked steak, twice baked potatoes, veggies, fruit, and bread.

I also took a 38 week pic and compared it with 32 and 36.  It’s crazy how much I’ve popped out in the last TWO WEEKS!

32 weeks                                          36 weeks                                        38 weeks 


I had a dr. appointment first thing in the morning so I just grabbed some toast w/pb and jam.

I somehow lost 2 pounds from last week, don’t ask me how, the nurse and I were both perplexed.  Despite the continual contractions I’ve had for a week, my body hasn’t changed.  She scheduled my induction for Wednesday the 28th, we were hoping for Monday, but apparently the doc has plans Monday and Tuesday.

Snack after the dr: half a bagel and a green greek smoothie

Keller surprised me with a little getaway for the night.  He told me to go pack some things and then we were off.  We drove literally about 60 seconds down the hill and around the corner to the Waldorf Astoria Park City.  Even though it’s so close to my parents house, the minute you walk in the door you feel like you’re in a whole other world.  This is a pic of the lobby to give you an idea.

After we checked in and got settled, we decided to take a drive up Empire Pass near Deer Valley to a new hotel called the Montage which is located right next to the lodge where we had our wedding reception 10 years ago in August.  I actually interviewed to be a concierge at the Montage back in October, but turned down the job offer because their idea of “part-time” was 30 hours/week.  We had lunch at The Apex, the Montage’s restaurant, I had a flat bread with proscuitto and arugula, and then just walked around and took pictures outside.

Lunch put us both in a comatose state, when we got back to the Waldorf we both crashed.  When we woke up we decided to check out the pool.  It’s usually heated, but today it didn’t feel like it, instead we went to the hot tub and I put my feet and legs in.  On our way back to our room, we walked by a huge fire pit where the hotel had set-up all the ingredients to make smores and hot chocolate.  So we made smores in the freezing cold in our hotel robes.  So lovely!

Went back to the room and just veg’d out watching TV until we were hungry for dinner.  We heard that the room service burger was amazing so we both ordered it.  The first time it came both of our burgers were so rare that I’m pretty sure I heard them mooing…but the second ones were super delicious!  We also ordered a butternut squash soup that was scrumptious and beignets for dessert.  Talk about food heaven!


The Waldorf bed is amazing, we both were out and enjoyed sleeping in without a little man child waking us up at 7am.  We started the day off at the hotel gym, Keller did weights, I got on a spin bike.  By the time we got back, showered and ready to go we really didn’t have time to go get something to eat because I had a lunch to go to at 1pm in Salt Lake.  So we just headed home.  I grabbed a piece of toast w/pb and jam for a snack before lunch since I’d only had 1/2 a banana and a bite of a protein bar and it was now 11:30am!

Mom and I headed to lunch with some lady friends who weren’t able to make it to my shower.  I know right, could I possibly eat out any more!!!  We shared some flatbreads and I ordered a sandwich type thing which was really just chicken, mixed greens, roasted peppers, and onions in a bread almost as thin as a tortilla.  It wasn’t my favorite, but the flatbreads were delicious!

Came home in time to turn around and head back down to Salt Lake for taekwondo.  We went over to Heidi and Adam’s to hang out during class.  Heidi’s boy Ezra was attached to Keller.  Literally, it was hilarious.  Dinner was a teriyaki chicken and veggie bowl.


I woke up at 4:30am and couldn’t go back to sleep until after 7 and even then barely for an hour… so I was starving!

Pre-spin: toast w/pb and jam

Another spin class down…2 more to go until I won’t be able to do it for a while.

Post-spin: the usual

Keller and I had a list of errands to do today.  Just trying to get things done before the little one gets here.  We grabbed my favorite veggie sandwich that I haven’t had in awhile for lunch from Great Harvest.

Today was my dad’s birthday, so of course we had to go out to dinner to celebrate!  Cole’s favorite part of dinner was the gigantic chocolate milk he got with whip cream!

And he was so proud of the little angry bird he picked out to go on Papa’s golf bag.  For dinner I had a green salad, mushroom chicken pasta, and a couple bites of red velvet cake that we all shared for dessert.


False labor contractions suck!


I hate springing forward!  Sleep is very important to me.  It didn’t help that I started having pretty regular and noticeable contractions before I even went to sleep that continued throughout the night.

Breakfast: protein waffle (Cole wanted Mickey Mouse waffles) and a green greek smoothie

Headed off to church.  My contractions started getting more noticeable to the point that I started timing them and realized they were about 2-3 minutes apart.  I wasn’t really sure what to do cause I was induced with Cole so I really didn’t know what all is supposed to happen when you go into labor.  So I started texting my friend Taryn who is finishing nursing school and currently do her OB rotation at the hospital.  In the end we determined since they weren’t getting more intense and I had no other signs, it was probably false labor.

Snack at church:

I wasn’t really starving like I usually am after church, I think I was more preoccupied with knowing whether or not I was in labor so I just grabbed some sourdough toast with peanut butter and jam.

I made my mom paint my toes in case I was in labor, cause hello it’s very important to have pretty toes while giving birth.  My sister and her family came up and brought us a delicious dinner of chicken, broccoli, rolls, and fruit.

Took a nice long bath…which ps in case anyone reading this is pregnant…really does help ease contractions.  Then had a small bowl of half the fat mint cookie ice cream.


Still having contractions so I called my doctor first thing this morning to see if I could get in to see her.  I had to miss my spin class, but I figured it was probably ok 😉  Of course everything was fine, I’m not in labor…as of now.

Breakfast: piece of sourdough bread w/pb and jam

Keller and I headed down to Salt Lake to get the rest of the stuff we needed for the baby.  I got a massage first, it was fabulous!  Spent the rest of the day going to a few different baby stores getting the carseat and a few other little things.  We stopped by Chipotle for lunch.

Lunch: brown rice, black beans, fajita veggies, chicken, pico, lettuce, side of guac and sour cream (didn’t end up using)

Snacked on some Starburst jelly beans while we were running around.  Picked up Cole and headed home.  Since we didn’t get to workout this morning we decided to go to the gym tonight.  They had a 6pm spin class and in case you wondered spin class does NOT ease contractions.  But it felt good anyway.

Dinner: wasn’t feeling like dinner food so I had BFD…Protein Pancake and Green Greek Smoothie

And now I need a snack!

yummy food

Attempts to induce labor with workouts, loud noises, and spicy food…and my baby shower!


Gave up going to my buns and guns class to work out with my hubby.  He put me through a pyramid workout…superset#1 curls into overhead press and squat w/row using a band wrapped around a pole, superset #2 dumbbell squats (sitting onto a workout bench then getting up again, etc) and one-legged wall push-ups.

We didn’t have any eggs at home so we stopped at Einstein’s to grab breakfast.  I tried one of their new maple oatmeal bagels with cream cheese…didn’t like it, it was too sweet so I just ended up eating half of the bagel and drinking half of Keller’s protein shake.

Grammy offered to take Cole and his cousins for the afternoon so Keller and I met up with my dad to see This Means War (again for me).  On the way out of the house I grabbed some leftover chicken, healthy mac and cheese, and broccoli, threw it in a bowl with a spoonful of tzatziki.

I also ran out of my Mint Cookie Balance Bars so I wasn’t prepared in the theater and ended up having a snack of coke zero, a bag of skittles, and some of Keller’s trail mix.

The boys had taekwondo and then it was Cafe Rio thursday so we had dinner with Michelle and the kids.  I attempted to try and share a steak salad with Keller…we all know how that goes!


Spin class in the morning.

So excited to have my usual breakfast!

Keller got a new gun for Christmas but since he was in Afghanistan, he didn’t actually get it until he got back here and we’ve been wanting to take it to the range to shoot it.  A little background on me and guns…I grew up in southern California.  The only thing I knew about guns was that there were a lot of them in Compton.  My dad had a rifle, but it wasn’t something he took out of lot and I never went shooting with him.  So I didn’t really grow up with guns around and really did not like them.  When we were first married I told Keller that I would never allow guns in my house especially when we had kids.  HA HA…almost 10 years later I have a husband in the military who owns 3 guns.  Keller and I finally started to understand each other when I compared his want for multiple guns to my want for multiple pairs of shoes.  It was a great break through!

Baby boy jumped a little when we walked into the range.  They don’t make belly protectors so I used the ear protectors 😉

I got quite a few stares walking onto the range, no one expects to see a 9-month-pregnant chick at a gun range!  And this is how we SoCal girls shoot…it’s called busting a cap.

Here’s Keller in his element teaching my mom how to shoot…I’ll be honest, freaked me out to see a gun in my mother’s hand…it was like wrong!

The gun range was right across from the hospital that I volunteer at and I know this is going to sound weird but we went to have lunch there after.  You have to understand, this hospital has THE best food!  The chef used to be the Executive Chef to Bill Gates.  Plus I had a ton of free meal tickets that I hadn’t used.

Lunch: had a green smoothie, a couple bites of a chocolate croissant, turkey burger with half the bun, and a few sweet potato and regular fries

Cole from school and he got a hold of my phone…this is 1 of about 50 pics I found on my phone!

Spent the rest of the day and night rearranging our room to move the crib in.  I figured since I’m 2 weeks out it might be a good idea to actually get prepared.  I’m not sure if it was my situation of not living in my own house, but I had absolutely no “nesting” feelings like most women do earlier in my pregnancy.  I’m super lucky my parents have a crib at their house and my sister let me borrow her bumper and sheet, otherwise I’m not sure where this kid would be sleeping!

Keller requested pizza for our dinner from our favorite Maxwell’s for dinner.  I also made a strawberry spinach salad.


Did not sleep very well last night.  I’m pretty sure I’m having Braxton Hicks contractions and they are getting more intense to the point that they woke me up in the middle of the night, multiple times.  Not awesome.

Breakfast: toast w/pb and jam, fruit, and oj

Today was my baby shower…it was so fun!  Heidi and Rebecca put it on for me.  The food was delicious and I received awesome gifts.  Heidi put together some collages of pics.  She is so awesome, these pics look like a professional photographer took them, but they are all Heidi taking them on her iPhone!

Lunch: egg and green chile puff w/black bean salsa, greek yogurt w/fruit and homemade granola, and cinnamon rolls

I was super exited about all my gifts.  I got some really cute outfits, Aden+Anias swaddling blankets, the cutest pairs of Sperry and Vans shoes (for later of course), a cute little toy from Cole to hang from the handle of the carseat, and a BOB jogging stroller which I can’t wait to use!

I don’t know why anyone would ever give this to me…

While we were at the shower, Keller took Cole tubing.  If you don’t know what tubing is, it’s when you take an inner tube sledding down a big snowy hill.  He had a blast!

When they got home Cole and I both crashed for naps.  After naps, we went to see the new movie the Lorax, it was super cute!  Forgot to grab a snack on the way out, so I ended up eating a few handfuls of popcorn and some Starburst jelly beans (please Easter come soon so stores will no longer carry these frickin delicious candies!).  After the movie we grabbed some dinner at an Asian restaurant.  I wasn’t starving so I just got chicken lettuce cups and poured a little soy sauce with wasabi (something spicy for my quest to induce labor).

Now I should go to bed, dang you daylight savings!

Holy snacks Batman!

Warning…do not read for inspiration on staying within your points!

So here’s the deal, I’m 37 weeks prego and I am finally feeling it.  I’m tired, feel like a house, and feel like I’m eating more than usual.  Heidi says “it’s about time!”  As far as counting points…it’s not happening.  So please don’t read my posts for inspiration on being hardcore at tracking points!  I am, however, still taking pictures of everything I eat with our favorite app dietSNAPS and exercising, so I give myself bonus points for that.


Started the day with spin class, came home for breakfast, got ready and headed to Salt Lake to do some shopping for the baby.

Pre-workout: 1/2 banana and 1tsp PB

 Breakfast: Protein Pancake w/fruit

Lunch: Great Harvest veggie and hummus sandwich

Snack: froyo

Dinner: chicken, broccoli, and a new recipe for a healthy baked mac and cheese(click for recipe)


We were planning on going to the gym, but I was not feeling it so we took a rest day.  Took Cole to the rec center to play, lunch at Kneader’s, swim lessons, taekwondo, dinner at Bombay House, home, die.

Breakfast: Protein Pancake w/fruit (same as Monday)

Lunch: Kneader’s 1/2 turkey and avocado panini with parmesan chips

Snack: apple and FAGE greek yogurt

Dinner: Bombay House…my fav…chicken curry (not creamy) and shrimp coconut karma (creamy) with Naan

Snack: toast w/PB and jam (no pic)


Another fabulous spin class to start the day, breakfast, volunteer at the hospital, pick up Cole, and then home for dinner…nothing exciting!

Pre-workout: 1/2 banana and 1tsp PB (same as Monday)

Breakfast: Protein Pancake and Green Greek Smoothie

Lunch: Balance Bar

Snack:  uh yeah it started with a healthy green smoothie from the hospital (for recipe click here) then I couldn’t stop eating Keller’s fries and then I made my way to the chocolate croissant (only ate half, but still, ate half!)

Dinner: pork loin and salad