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Lexy’s Daily – 8/26

I’m not sure how many of you take nutritional supplements.  My husband is a chiropractic kinesiologist and for as long as I can remember… I’ve been taking supplements.  I’m not alway good about remembering to take them… and sometimes I only get in the morning dose…  it occurred to me that I could use my dietSNAPS iPhone app to keep track of my supplement intake as well!  Most of the time I take Standard Process whole food supplements which I get from my husband’s office.  Carman brought up the point that it would also help me remember to take my afternoon and evening supplements because I would see it on my phone and it would serve as a silent reminder!!  :)  I’m telling you… you can’t hide from pictures!  I will start tracking this and see if it helps!

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Points Plus – 30

Monday 8/22

2 - Whey Protein Complete Fruit Smoothie

Love these boys! First day of 6th and 8th grade!

As much as I was READY for school to start....... it still tugs at my heart to let them go!

5 - Protein Pancake

7 - Chickfila Chargrilled and Fruit Salad

5 - Zone Bar

6 - Dreyer's Frozen Yogurt

0 - Spinach Smoothie

3 - Split some turkey chili with Ty

2 - Fiber One (late night at the grocery store)