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Santa Fe Crockpot Chicken

Low key weekend

Pretty low key weekend around here.


Breakfast: protein pancake…didn’t have any cottage cheese so I used greek yogurt instead, not my favorite, it worked, but didn’t taste as good.  5pts

 Low key weekendAunt Sasa came over and  we couldn’t figure out what to do.  It was a beautiful day, but Cole was super tired and crabby and I wasn’t really in the mood to do much.  We decided we would just go grab some lunch.  Cole wanted a hamburger, fries and shake so we ended up trying a burger place here in Park City called Flippin’ Burgers.  When we got there Cole changed his mind about the burger and fries and instead only wanted a shake.  Unfortunately for him, the shake was not that good.  Even he agreed and took maybe 2 sips of the whole thing.  He ended up sharing a turkey burger and fries with me.  It was delicious!  14pts

 Low key weekend

We rented some movies on the way home and Cole went straight to bed.  Sherilynn and I watched the movie Moneyball.  Very good movie!  Snacked on leftover cookies, a handful of Rice Chex, and 1 licorice…10pts.  Dinner was leftover Chicken Enchilada Veggie Soup and a piece of toast.  As you can see, after I gave Cole his bowl there was maybe 1/2C left for me, but I wasn’t starving so it worked out fine plus I made a green smoothie too…4pts

 Low key weekend Low key weekend

Snack while watching TV: 1/2 apple and a spoonful of peanut butter..2pts


Woke up seriously craving a bagel.  Actually, I’ve been craving a bagel for like 4 days, but gave into my craving today.

Breakfast: cinnamon raisin bagel half with cc and half with butter and jam and some oj…15pts

 Low key weekendSnack at church: 2 fruity tootsie rolls, 1/2 balance bar…3pts

Didn’t really have lunch, I probably should have cause instead I just snacked on the following… some dried mangos, a green smoothie, 1 reese’s mini pb cup, a couple bites of Cole’s sugar cookie, and 2 twizzler’s pull n’ peel…11pts

 Low key weekendDinner: tried another recipe from the Skinny Taste website, Santa Fe Crockpot Chicken.  I pretty much followed the recipe (did not use corn), I cooked it on high for 3 hours cause we were starving, and then added diced veggies like I did to the Chicken Enchilada soup recipe.  Served it over rice.  It was soooo yummy and when you don’t use the corn it’s only 4 points for 1 cup serving.  I also added a dollop of greek yogurt to my bowl.  6pts

 Low key weekend And now I wish I had some more cookies, but it’s probably good that I don’t!


30 Days of Gratitude

I can’t believe its the last day in November!!!

I love the month of Novemeber!!! Not just because its my birthday month icon wink 30 Days of Gratitude but because I love taking the whole month to reflect on my {many!} blessings and the things I am grateful for.

gratitude gratitude unlocks fullness life abundance motivational 1315178257 30 Days of Gratitude


I have been keeping a Gratitude list in the notes on my phone all month to remind me of how much I have been blessed. Here are just 30 things {out of many!} for the 30 days in November that I am thankful for.

I am grateful for:  {in no particular order}

1 – a loving Heavenly Father that loves me and has a plan for me.

2 – Courtney!!! He is my eternal companion, best friend, confidant, protector, lover, sweetheart, and I could not imagine my life w/out him by my side.

3 – Devyn.  her strong and wise spirit,  love and compassion, and the example she is to me.

4 – Taylor. her bold & sassy, yet loving and kind hearted personality.

5 – Jayde. her sensitivity and sincereness in all that she does and her artistic talent.

6 – Gabe. our smart little man with his witty and fun personality.

7 – our parents. for their constant love and support.

8 – our grandparents. such great examples of hard work and dedication in their time.

9 – the Gospel. I know who I am, I know why I am here, and I know where I am going.

10 – our Savior – Jesus Christ. for paying the ultimate sacrifice for each of us so that we can gain eternal life.

11 – Veterans.  especially for my husband, my dad, my brother in laws, our Papaw’s Pryor & Hinson, uncles, cousins, extended family members, and countless friends who so bravely and willingly serve our great country. I am forever grateful and humbled by your sacrifice.

12 – my high school bestie – Stephany. We have been friends for 17+ years and we know, love, and appreciate each other for who we are through everything through the years.

13 –  a steady income. especially in this economy.

14 – Daylight Savings Time ending and an extra hour of sleep! icon wink 30 Days of Gratitude

15 – my Testimony. I am grateful for all the things I know and believe are true and the freedom to express it.

16 – Visiting Teaching. I love getting to know other sisters and serving.

17 – Relief Society. Charity {really does} Never Faileth.

18- for running! I love the ‘runners high’ after a run and there’s nothing that makes me feel more like I’ve accomplished something than having an awesome run.

19 – our home. to have a place for our family that provides us a shelter from the world.

20 – the Temple. for the blessings we receive every time we attend.

21 – mine and my family’s health and wellness.

22 – the scriptures. for the answers and comfort that I can find in them.

23 – power of prayer. I know that our prayers are heard and then answered on the Lords time.

24 – Thanksgiving Day!! for the chance to be reminded of the blessings in our lives – and be with our families.

25 – music. all kinds. to lift me up, comfort, motivate, dance, sing to.

26 - Weight Watchers. a lifestyle plan that has been life changing for me.

27 – Lexy & Cyndi and this blog!!!  I have learned so much about myself and what I am capable of thanks to the support of these two awesome women whom I call my sisters –  and those around us that support us!!! love you gals!! icon wink 30 Days of Gratitude

28 – all my outlaws and inlaws! icon wink 30 Days of Gratitude my sisters and Courtney’s brothers and sisters – all their spouses and my nieces and nephews!

29 – birthdays and ME. icon wink 30 Days of Gratitude I am thankful for my life on this earth, for the person I am, the values I have, the trials I have been given to endure and learn from, for who I have become through hard work, and for who I CAN still become.

30 – Christmas time!!! Its the season of giving, to remember the Reason for the Season – to celebrate our Saviors birth.


Have you made your gratitude list?? 


my fire bites today:

*rest day – still gotta do burpees :/

 30 Days of Gratitude

breakfast – my trusty ole’ oatmeal! – 4

did computer work ALLLLLLL day trying to get caught up! {my house shows it! will have to make up for that tomorrow}


 30 Days of Gratitude

didn’t plan my day very well or clean out my fridge yet –  so I ended up snacking on some of these – 4


 30 Days of Gratitude

kept getting side tracked and realized about 3:30 that I hadn’t eaten lunch – leftover pizza – 7


 30 Days of Gratitude

Zone bar snack – 5


 30 Days of Gratitude

made Skinny Italian meatballs  but I put a little twist on it and served ours with a sweet & spicy sauce, 1/4 cup rice and 1/2 cup veggies – 7

I have made a few recipes from Gina’s Skinny Taste’s blog before – I love her blog and her creative & simple recipes with the PointsPlus values on each recipe!!!

I will post the recipe in a separate post HERE.

Just when I thought my birthday celebration was over………..

photo 7 30 Days of Gratitude

my sweet husband came home from work with this surprise from The Cake Lady Bakery. icon wink 30 Days of Gratitude


 30 Days of Gratitude

my kids got to finally sing Happy Birthday to me and I enjoyed my slice of chocolate cake! – 8