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I got my HG Supermarket Survival book today!

Friday started out with a seriously awesome MUSCLE SCULPT class!  This is by far my favorite one…. Carman was in “stealth mode” and snapped a pic…

And I am so excited because my new Hungry Girl Book “Supermarket Survival” arrived!  I’m looking forward to reading it and using all of her awesome tips! The opening page of the book says it’s “dedicated to confused supermarket shoppers everywhere!!”  Hahaha!!

The reason I love concept behind Hungry Girl is that it provides a happy medium.  To quote the intro… “It’s a bridge between the average junk-food diet and the idealistic way of eating perfectly healthy at all times. It’s a realistic approach to better-for-you eating that people can actually live with and feel good about.”

Guilt-Free Eating In The Real World???

The day’s menu:

Total Points: 34

Activity Points: +10

Banana before gym – 0

Protein Pancake w/ Pear – 5

Zone Bar – 5

I had a busy day sewing badges for my boy’s Boy Scout shirts!  Hours and hours it took me…

Frozen Yogurt w/ Raspberries – 3

I had a surprise visit from a lady from church!  She delivered this awesome cake welcoming me to the area!!!  It was so yummy!!

I’m using the WW E-Tools to figure out the cake points…. YIKES! (counting my share as 14)

And I had date night with my husband… went to La Brisa – 7