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Team Jacob

Crossfit, Good Food, & Breaking Dawn – what more could ya ask for???

I get the rare chance to hang out with my husband on a trip this weekend in San Antonio!! He is getting Crossfit Instructor certified over the next two days.  I’m excited to get to be on a ‘work’ trip with him {finally} since he travels so much and we can get to have some much needed time to hang out – and time for myself while he’s in class all day!!!! Not quite sure yet what I’m gonna do with myself!!! 😉

Of course the first things on our list of things to do after getting here was to go see the latest Twilight saga Breaking Dawn!!!! It was ssoooo good!!! I haven’t read the book in a long time and couldn’t really remember what happened – but they did a great job with the movie as it jogged my memory of what happened in the book.



Can you tell why I love Jacob?!!! 😉

Waiting and excited for the movie to start!!!


My Fire Bites for today: 

oatmeal for breakfast when I got on the road – 4

mid morning snack – 5

lunch time but wanted to wait till I got to San Antonio so we could eat a good lunch – 2

Was STARVING!!! ate a a burger joint called Smashburger – OHMYGOSH – this was the BEST burger I have ever had!!!!

Everything was SUPER fresh! We both had the spicy baja burger that had 1/3lb burger, multi grain bun, spicy chipotle mayo, pepperjack cheese, guacamole, purple onions, lettuce and fresh jalepenos – YUUMMMMM-OOOOOO!  The burger was wayyyy better than the fries and that usually never happens to me. mmmmm- it was good!!  The burger was probably a good 12 points  – guesstimating – and the fries I ate were probably around 9 points? A nice little splurge -worth it for sure!!

movie snack – 5 pts

no dinner cause we were still full after the movie. I had another serving of these on the way home – 5