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These are just sexy Valentino's!

Pregnant chicks wear high heels too!


No workout today, not feeling it…I really wanted a yummy breakfast!

Breakfast: 2 eggs, 2 whites, sourdough toast with jam, and oj

Did our usual Tuesday routine, took Cole to the rec center to play, had lunch at Kneaders, went to swimming, went to taekwondo, blah blah blah

Lunch: 1/2 tuna on whole wheat…Keller ate the other half…and a few parm chips

Snack: I was craving a mint oreo chocolate chip shake from our favorite shake place in Kamas…unfortunately but fortunately they put way too many chocolate chips in it so I only ended up eating about 1/4 of it

Dinner: mom made the chicken enchilada veggie soup I posted back in january, click HERE for recipe…topped with greek yogurt, avocado, and cilantro


Had my usual pre-workout snack 1tsp of PB and half a banana and went to spin.  After had my usual breakfast.

Went to the hospital to volunteer for the last time.  I’m bummed cause I have really enjoyed volunteering there, but with a newborn and us moving back to Austin I have to say goodbye!  Snacked on a balance bar during my shift and then had my green smoothie (I’m really going to miss these) and half a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich…and fries…again.  Needless to say, I wasn’t starving for dinner a few hours later so I just had a small plate.

Dinner: flank steak and green beans

I spent a little too much time on my feet at the hospital and started feeling it after dinner.  I curled up in the fetal position on the couch until Keller finally made me go to bed.


Buns and guns class today, I was all ready and raring to go when I started to have a pain on the left lower side of my belly.  Keller forbid me from going so I just got ready for the day.  The pain kind of came and went and came and went, but wasn’t too terrible.  We had a day full of errands to do in Salt Lake.  Since I’d already had my pre-workout snack, I just grabbed a Fage yogurt for breakfast on our way out.

Our first errand was to pick up my ring that was being re-dipped at the jeweler.  By the time we were done, my pain was so intense that I could barely walk back to the car.  I decided to call my dr.  She didn’t seem too concerned, but told me if I was worried to head over to the labor and delivery at the hospital to get checked out (her office is in Park City, the hospital I will deliver at is in Salt Lake, we were in Salt Lake).  I had an appointment for some beautification and decided I would wait and see how I felt after.  By the end of the appointment the pain was completely gone. I’m thinking he was sitting on a nerve or something and finally moved.

Lunch: Cheesecake Factory Skinnylicious mexican chicken lettuce wraps

Needed a treat…and I was super excited cause Cold Stone now has frozen yogurt!!  I got a Like It size chocolate yogurt with brownie.

I met up with mom when we dropped Cole off for taekwondo and we headed over to the brand new Nordstrom (my favorite store, if you didn’t know) downtown that isn’t even open yet but was having a shoe party.  And like I would ever say no to a party that involved shoes!!  Hello?!?!  Here’s a few pairs I tried on…got lots of stares walking around in the heels.  Apparently people have never seen a pregnant woman wear high heels??

Fun summer Tory Burch wedges!

Hot Pink (very in this season) Vera Wang peep toes

And my fav…super sexy, just plain freaking awesome Valentino’s!

Dinner: I wasn’t starving so I shared a beet and goat cheese salad with mom and had some of her steak with some of my potato gnocchi and green beans…after about 4 bites I was done!


Spin again, had my pre-workout and post-workout/breakfast norm.

Keller wanted to see the movie 21 Jump Street and since Channing Tatum was in it, of course I was going!

Found this on Pinterest!

We grabbed sandwiches and I had an apple in the theater.  By the time the movie was over it was time to pick up Cole from school.  We came home and Daddy and Cole rode bikes in the driveway…we are trying really hard to teach Daddy how to ride a 2-wheeler, but we can’t get him off his strawberry shortcake tricycle!

We met up with Aunt Sasa and her friend Kim at El Chubasco for dinner.  I had 2 shrimp tacos and some chips with pico.

On the way home Sasa stopped at the store and bought some Starburst jelly beans…I swear they will be the death of me…oh well, I still have a few days left of justifying eating whatever I want 😉


Holy snacks Batman!

Warning…do not read for inspiration on staying within your points!

So here’s the deal, I’m 37 weeks prego and I am finally feeling it.  I’m tired, feel like a house, and feel like I’m eating more than usual.  Heidi says “it’s about time!”  As far as counting points…it’s not happening.  So please don’t read my posts for inspiration on being hardcore at tracking points!  I am, however, still taking pictures of everything I eat with our favorite app dietSNAPS and exercising, so I give myself bonus points for that.


Started the day with spin class, came home for breakfast, got ready and headed to Salt Lake to do some shopping for the baby.

Pre-workout: 1/2 banana and 1tsp PB

 Breakfast: Protein Pancake w/fruit

Lunch: Great Harvest veggie and hummus sandwich

Snack: froyo

Dinner: chicken, broccoli, and a new recipe for a healthy baked mac and cheese(click for recipe)


We were planning on going to the gym, but I was not feeling it so we took a rest day.  Took Cole to the rec center to play, lunch at Kneader’s, swim lessons, taekwondo, dinner at Bombay House, home, die.

Breakfast: Protein Pancake w/fruit (same as Monday)

Lunch: Kneader’s 1/2 turkey and avocado panini with parmesan chips

Snack: apple and FAGE greek yogurt

Dinner: Bombay House…my fav…chicken curry (not creamy) and shrimp coconut karma (creamy) with Naan

Snack: toast w/PB and jam (no pic)


Another fabulous spin class to start the day, breakfast, volunteer at the hospital, pick up Cole, and then home for dinner…nothing exciting!

Pre-workout: 1/2 banana and 1tsp PB (same as Monday)

Breakfast: Protein Pancake and Green Greek Smoothie

Lunch: Balance Bar

Snack:  uh yeah it started with a healthy green smoothie from the hospital (for recipe click here) then I couldn’t stop eating Keller’s fries and then I made my way to the chocolate croissant (only ate half, but still, ate half!)

Dinner: pork loin and salad

Me and the boys

Can I just sleep for the next 6 weeks?

I’ve been soooo tired lately.  By the end of the day I don’t want to do anything but lay on the couch and watch TV or go to bed.  So sorry I’ve been a slacker!


Breakfast: protein pancake and fruit

Mom took Cole to the rec center to play and I was able to catch up on my blogging and do some yoga.  30 minutes of the Rodney Yee Power Yoga for Flexibility.  This is my favorite yoga DVD, click here to check it out.  Unlike the prenatal yoga DVD, I actually DO feel rejuvenated after doing this DVD.  I met up with mom and Cole at Kneader’s for lunch.

Lunch:  turkey and avocado panini (wheat bread, turkey, provolone cheese, avocado, spinach, tomato, onion)  This was the most delicious sandwich ever!!  I ate half along with a few chips and a couple bites of a delicious double fudge brownie.

Took Cole to swimming and then to Taekwondo.

Snack: apple

Dinner was Tuesday’s with Heidi: chicken gyros, click here for the recipe.


Pre-workout: the usual

Hardcore spin teacher more than made up for my crappy Monday class.

Post-workout: protein pancake and green greek smoothie

Did some cleaning and worked with my CPA (my dad) on our taxes.  Then headed to the hospital for my volunteer shift.

Lunch: leftover Kneader’s sandwich

I picked Cole up from school and we headed down to my sister’s house for a cousin sleepover.  He was so excited!   I hung out at my sister’s until Keller’s flight got in.  She made a really yummy pasta with squash, zucchini, spinach and artichoke dip, and feta cheese.

I got to the airport just as Keller landed (PS I don’t think I mentioned that he went to Austin for a quick job that came up last minute).  It worked out great cause he was able to go to our storage unit and get some baby stuff that I didn’t think to bring when we first moved out here.  Essentials like the car seat and bottles.  So he had to check the car seat which was perfectly fine when he left Austin and snapped in half by the time it got to Salt Lake.  An hour later we had no car seat and a $100 voucher for Southwest airlines.  I guess you sign a waiver when you check something like a carseat that says they are not responsible for any damages so technically they don’t have to do anything which I think is total crap but whatever.  Luckily the lady helping Keller was nice enough to offer the voucher which was more than the money they would have given us for the 5 year old carseat.  SO I guess I should be grateful.


We got to sleep in cause the man child was at his sleepover.

Pre-workout: 1 tsp PB and 1/2 banana

Buns and Guns class.

Post-workout: protein pancake and a green greek smoothie

We came home and got ready to go pick up the boys.  Took all 3 of them (Cole, J, and Will) out to lunch to Corner Bakery.  It was hilarious cause all 3 of them wanted soup, chips, and pickles…random much?

Lunch: 1/2 veggie panini, a few chips, and bites of a cinnamon roll we all shared

Our plan was to take the boys sledding but the snow has been so sparse we had trouble finding a hill that had a good amount of snow.  We finally did find one but the bottom of the hill was pretty close to a road, so Uncle Keller had to stand at the bottom and keep them from sledding onto it.

The boys were so tired after sledding we decided to skip taekwondo.  We headed home and had dinner.

Dinner: Michelle’s recipe Costco meatballs with Trader Joe’s spaghetti sauce, salad, and some garlic toast

Headed to Idaho tomorrow for the weekend to see our (FLF girls) sister-in-law Shea(Keller’s sister).  I’ll do my best to try and post while I’m there, but no promises. 😉


putting Cole to work

A new year, a new trimester, and a new title?

Happy New Year…a week late I know.  I’ve been in hibernation for the past week studying for my state CNA exam.  I took both the skills and written parts today.  In the skills part you have to demonstrate vital signs (temperature, pulse, respirations, and blood pressure) and then a set of 5 CNA skills.  The written part is 100 multiple choice questions.  Unfortunately, they don’t give you your results right away, they mail them to you.  I’m pretty sure I passed both parts so as of next week I’m going to start signing my name:

Cyndi Hinson C.N.A. (ps I’m totally joking!)

It does feel good to have that done and out of the way.  Now onto my other 9 prerequisites…ugh.  I’m hoping to get 2 or 3 done before the baby comes…ha…I know…like that’s going to happen when my husband is coming home in 22 days and I’m now in the 3rd trimester.  I’m aiming high though.

I know you don’t want to see a week of food pictures, nor do I want to sit here and post them all so I’ll sum the week up with a few highlights.  I felt really good this week.  The crap is out of the house and I’m back on track.  Cole offered to help during the New Year’s Eve clean-up party!

There’s nothing like a clean house and a crap free kitchen to start the New Year off right.

I did spin Monday and Wednesday and then the Buns and Guns class on Thursday.  I received a very nice compliment from one of my spin teachers who was amazed that I’m due in March and still going to spin.  At Buns and Guns I was feeling really good and probably did more than I should have but was able to do almost the entire class (some modified moves).  And then one of my moms friends thought I was due in May (not March) and told me I looked great.  So I had a nice boost in self-esteem this week.  On an unrelated, but still important note, I noticed that on the 2 days I didn’t work out, Tuesday and today, I was more tired throughout the day as compared to the other days.  I think next week I’ll add in some yoga on my days off just to help ease the soreness and increase my energy levels.

My food this week was pretty consistent.  On the days I worked out I had a banana and peanut butter or almond butter for a pre-workout and then a protein pancake and green smoothie after my workouts.

On the days I didn’t workout, breakfast was a Nature’s Path gluten-free waffle with peanut butter and a banana.

Snacks consisted of pretzels, cheese, Trader Joe’s nuts and cranberries, and Balance Bars.

On Monday mom made a delicious healthy dinner that was much needed!  Chicken, caprese style salad, grilled veggies, and orzo.

My after dinner snack were these almond butter cookies from Trader Joe’s that were sooooo good!

Tuesday after Buns and Guns Cole and I went to the Rec Center and then he begged me to go to Kneader’s for lunch.  He loves their chicken noodle soup (cause the kid seriously is a soup nazi!).  I had my usual tuna sandwich with a side of fruit.

That night I was studied while Cole was at Taekwondo and snacked on a frozen yogurt from Red Mango.  I had a small original tart flavor with pineapple and blueberries.

and then picked up Chipotle for dinner.

Wednesday night Sherilynn, Cole and I went to El Chubasco for dinner…I had shrimp tacos, they did not agree with me, enough said.

Thursday Cole and cousin J had their very first ski lesson.  It was so cute to watch them, their ski’s are super tiny.  It was a warm day and the lack of snow is seriously pathetic, but they didn’t care and had a great time!

Made an open-faced turkey and reduced fat cheese sandwich with avocado for lunch.

Dinner was pork loin with a balsamic cherry sauce, snap peas, and french bread.

My niece Hazel just turned 7 and had a tea party.  She sent my mom home with leftover for me.  I had a cucumber sandwich and one of the cookies.

Tonight we went out to Red Rock Brewery after seeing Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (yawn).  I had my favorite tuna sandwich in a pita with a side salad, about 6 steak fries, and bites of garlic bread and spaghetti (Cole was playing games on my phone so all I got a pic of was my salad).

And then Cole and I split a McDonald’s M&M McFlurry for dessert.


Zoo Lights

Can’t sleep, must post

So I woke up today at 5:45am for no reason and my mind starting wondering which prevented me from being able to go back to sleep.  I’m going to pay for it later!  But what better time to post to the blog!!  Not much to report for the past couple days.  Nothing like the Houston Ice Road Truckers.  Bless their hearts!


First day back from Cali and was in desperate need of some spin.  Kicked my butt and I loved it. After class, I went up to the fitness studio to do my 50 burpees on the Bosu.  I took a video of how I do them, but who knows if it will ever make it up here, cause #1 it’s a video of a pregnant me in workout clothes doing a burpee, and #2 I really have no idea how to put it up here 😉  I knocked out 50 in 2:33 then emailed my husband to tease him that a pregnant chick beat his time.

Pre-workout: the usual banana and PB


Papa took Cole to play at an indoor playscape cause I was supposed to be studying for my CNA state test scheduled for Thursday, but the test got canceled and so I took a nap instead.  It was lovely.

Snack: nuts and cranberries mix from Trader Joe’s (so glad they come in individualized packets cause I never knew how many points I was eating of this stuff!)

Dinner: Amylu chicken burgers, 1/2 C Trader Joe’s white mac and cheese, and green beans

Headed to bed early and finished my book I was reading.


Woke up to a 4-year-old in my bed who kept telling me he was sweaty.  It wasn’t sweat!  Can I please get through one week of not having to clean up bodily functions…oh wait…no I can’t because I’m about to have a BABY!!!

Pre-workout: Nature’s Path GF waffle w/pb

Went to buns and guns class.  We were working on the gliders again and so this time I tried to be more conscience of the core work to prevent another sore muscle/gas feeling of going into labor.

Post-workout: Muscle Milk Light

Took Cole to the Rec Center after to play then we met up with Papa to have lunch at Kneader’s.  I was super hungry by the time we ate which was not such a good thing because even though I only took a picture of my tuna sandwich (which I ate half of), I failed to picture the cinnamon roll that I ate 2/3 of, some chips that I lost count of how many I ate, oh and Cole’s soup and foccacia bread which I helped myself to and ending up eating his entire piece of bread (which wasn’t like a small little sample!).  Oh well…at least it was all delicious!

We came home and took naps before going down to Salt Lake to meet up with my sister and niece and nephews to go to the Hogle Zoo Lights.  Luckily we got there when we did because by the time we left not only was it freezing cold, but it was packed with people.  Little Will told us next time he doesn’t want to come (they were a little cold by the end).

Grabbed some dinner at Corner Bakery.  Michelle and I had breakfast for dinner and it was delicious!

Then we dropped the kids off and Michelle and I went to see the movie New Year’s Eve.  No picture of the many red vines I munched on while at the movie.  It was an ok movie.  It could have been better!