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Mar 23, 2012 8_57 PM_jpg

Fun Friday :)

I’ve been away from home for most of today…. I had a fun day and really enjoyed it! :)

Last night, after I posted my menu… I had a snack attack! I posted about it over on the dietSNAPS website. Feel free to check it out HERE! Needless to say, I set my alarm so I could get up for an early morning run.  +9 activity points

Lean turkey sausage, roasted veggies, and egg whites – 5 pp

**1 Hour Muscle Blast Class** +9 activity points

Whey protein fruit smoothie (no flaxseed oil) – 2pp

My mom invited me to see The Hunger Games with her and some friends. I’m planning to go tomorrow with Torry and the boys, but I couldn’t resist!!! I packed some grapes and a Hungry Girl cookie, picked up my friend Sussan, and headed up there! – 4pp

I loved the movie and thought it was very well done. We went to Subway for lunch…  I had my normal turkey sub with spinach, tomato, cucumber, onions, banana peppers, and sweet onion sauce – 7pp

Vitatop – 3pp

Kody has a camp out this weekend… he is so excited and has big plans to stay up all night! :)

Banana with 1 tsp of peanut butter before heading to dinner – 1 pp

Betsy wanted to take me and Tosha out to dinner for our birthdays and we have been trying to figure out a time that worked for the three of us. Tonight was the night! We went to La Brisa … Chicken Fajita Lettuce Wraps – 6pp (I ate about half and brought the rest home for Torry)

Betsy, Me and Tosha – Thanks sooo much for the birthday dinner! :) :)

After dinner… I headed home to hang out with Torry and Ty… we miss Kody. It’s movie night. :)



I’m BACK! It’s only been a little over a week since I posted last….but it sure seems like its been longer than that!  I’m pretty sure no one really missed me 😉  but I took a nice and much needed break from everything for Spring Break. 😉

Here are some highlights of each day. This is gonna be a doozie of a post!!!!  But I promise I didn’t post every food pic! :)



I spoke too soon about that gorgeous weather when I posted HERE! :( It was a teaser and didn’t last long at all. It started raining and was colder weather again for a couple days. Such a bummer cause of our Spring Break starting!!!!  The kids were happy that it was Spring Break nonetheless – especially the teenager!!!! 😉

Since it was STORMING outside when the kids got home – I decided to try the ‘broom’ experience I’d seen floating around Facebook……I’m not sure what the real story is about this but it WORKS and is cRaZy cool!!!!

I’d heard you could do it with a broom, egg and a quarter – so I tried all 3……


It was crazy awesome!!!!!

Friday Fire Bites:

My hubby requested donuts…..ugh – they will be the death of me cause I have no willpower!

Had an old fashioned maple glazed donut -{hint #1 as to where my week was headed! 😉 }

Lunch/Snack – Zone Perfect bar

had a bite of the kids Dominoes pizza before we left for our Date night so that I didn’t show up starving.

Our good friend (and my husbands boss) Jim invited us to eat at one of our favorite Sushi places called Michiru with another one of our friends (and my husbands co-worker)  Steve and his wife Erin. This is our 2nd time eating here for a date night together – except the 1st time was wayyyy too long ago.

Appetizers we shared – Martini Crispy Shrimp with Spicy Thai sweet and sour sauce…….

Salmon Puffs (SUPER YUMM!!) and also had edamame

Then we ordered several rolls and shared them all. They were ALL sooooo GOOD!!!

Spicy Girl and The Angus

Red Dragon and the Dancing Eel

Crazy Crab – one of my fav’s with that Thai dipping sauce again!

The Michiru – their presentation is soooo pretty and cool on all their dishes!

Jim, Erin and Steve

Courtney and I with Jim

My hubby and I followed it up with dessert at our new fav FroYo place Menchies 




**It was raining so instead of running Lexy and I met up at the gym – I did 50 minutes on the elliptical

grabbed a Muscle Milk Light protein shake while in HEB stocking up on some groceries

Went home and literally cleaned house for 4 hours to get ready for my in-laws to come into town and stay with us for the night

had a late lunch of frito pie with Wolf Turkey Chili and Fritos

had a banana while resting for a few minutes before getting ready for our dinner out with the adults in the family

Dinner at our FAVORITE place – La Brisa!!

I had my usual Chicken Fajita Lettuce wraps with pico and guacamole and too many chips with salsa and green sauce :/

We decided that the night would not be complete w/out a little dessert – from Menchie’s of course! 😉

I LOVE their Chocolate Silk and the Dolce de Leche froyo!!!

the gang! 😉



SUNDAY – 3/11

I made Granny Hinson rolls for the family for breakfast – had one with strawberry freezer jam on it 😉

Zone bar on the way to church for snack

Ty’s special day 😉

Lexy prepared a feast of sandwich fixin’s!

I made enough salsa and green sauce to feed an Army!!! {I also ate that much too!!!!}

Had more cookies than I could count on 2 hands! aka – I lost count how many I ate. :/

Aunt Jackie got to come for the day! It was soo good to get to catch up with her.  It was such a nice afternoon just hanging out and visiting with all the family!


Later that evening the kids had a church Fireside and dinner to attend in preparation of leaving for their 3 day Pioneer Trek!

I got to help out for the night and had to dress the part as well! 😉

cute decorations!

Devyn and Ty found out there were in the same ‘family’!

Carb loading lasagna for the big Trek! 😉

Ty was all smiles and super excited for this adventure!

I was still so full from eating so much at Lexy’s – but when they came around with Texas Sheet Cake!!!!! – I couldn’t turn it down. :(  It was soooooo good!!! :)



MONDAY – 3/12

*Boot Camp- got there and to my surprise we had a substitute – his name was Art – the funniest thing is that he was wearing a shirt that said “Work of Art”!!! hahaha  He has a website called www.cardioassassin.com – that should give you some idea at what a crazy workout it was!!!

my hubby texted me and said ‘the kids need donuts since they are on Spring Break” – ugh – snacked on 2 maybe 3 donuts throughout the day

post workout – our FAV protein waffle with banana and agave

The kids had friends over all day as we cleaned house and decided to go ahead and head up to my parents while Devyn was gone on the Pioneer Trek. They were doing the Trek only about an hour and a half away from where my parents live in East Texas.

snack – carrots and ranch while packing up things in my fridge to take with us

the kids and hubby all got McDonalds but I had no desire to eat anything there. So he kindly pulled into Subway for me so I could get a turkey & ham sandwich on our way out of town.

I tried these new Parmesan Sun Chips {thanks to Cyndi always eating Parmesan chips with her awesome sandwiches its had me wanting to try some!!!} Well now Subway has some and they were really good!

oh – and I also had more than 1 Subway chocolate chip cookie on the 2 hour drive up to my parents. :/


TUESDAY – 3/13

Slept in a little and it was soooo nice!!!

*I got some new running kicks on our way out of town cause I am WAYYYY overdue for a new pair of new running shoes. My last pair I bought towards the end of 2008 while training for my Houston Half Marathon that I ran in January of 2009. It is 2012 people!!  I have always bought the Brooks Adrenaline GTS ‘s for the last 6+ years and just LOVE LOVE them!!! This time I’ve been researching and trying on the newest trend of minimus shoes on ALL the brands that are out and I FINALLY found a pair several weeks ago that I loved – AND the best part is that they are by BROOKS!!!  I was soooo happy to see them come out with this minimus style shoe cause its the only shoe that I tried on that fit perfect!!! These are the PureConnect style – they are SUPER light-weight and feel like a smooth glove on. I always get giddy and excited running in new shoes!!!! That’s motivation for ya!!!

***If you haven’t done so already, I would HIGHLY suggest going to your local running shoe store and have them fit you for the perfect shoe for you – no matter if you run OR just walk or both.  I didn’t think it was really a big deal but decided to bite the bullet and do it when I was training for my first Half Marathon in Seattle back in 2004 – all I can say is IT MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE IN THE WORLD!!!!!  😉 {That’s your HASU for the day!}

this is why I love running in the country! 😉

**6 miles (ran to the nearest little town and back to my parents)

*I narrowly escaped a dog attack from the neighbors dog diagonally across the highway from my parents on my way back!  Thankfully I was able to fend him off (barely) and thankfully I had a feeling to stop backing up away from him and then realized I was backing into the highway while a car was coming!! Thankfully the car that was coming down the road in that lane saw what was happening and had slowed way down as they passed by me- then they turned around about the time I was able to take my eyes off the dog for a second and look both ways to run across to the other side of the highway to get away from the dog!  They came back to my rescue and ran into the ditch at the dog about the time I had picked up something on the shoulder of the road ready to chunk it at the dog. Thankfully the dog stayed on his side of the highway and I was unharmed. The more I think about what all could have gone wrong during that incident that morning the more I am soooo grateful for being protected and watched over and for Good Samaratins!!!!  So word to the wise – ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings and be prepared and ALWAYS be aware of others who may be in need of help!!! This dog has run at me before but never like this. Next time I will be even more prepared and take more precautions.



good ole’ home cooked country breakfast!!! 😉  Fried eggs, bacon and some of my Daddy’s homemade pork sausage

cousin time!

Jayde with Gus (my parents Rat Terrier) and our Duke (they are brothers 😉 )

the kids played outside and in the mud ALL day

dinner – homemade hamburgers, french fries and sweet potato fries




felt pretty stuffed (and gross) from eating so much!!! made my hubby and I a protein pancake with strawberries….but what do you use when there is no syrup or cool whip for 30 miles ……..a drizzle of Mayhaw syrup!!!!!! 😉 {only in the country!}

lunch – flat out bread pizzas

*I picked Devyn up when they were passing through on their way home from Trek – she had such an awesome experience!!!! When we got back to my parents she walked in to my mom’s room and crashed on her bed for a good 3 hours! 😉


snacked on Dove dark chocolate while porch sittin’

lots of porch sittin’ :)  The weather was gorgeous and sunny!!!

I don’t think my kids wore shoes the whole time we were there 😉

the kids having a flower pickin’ contest! 😉

just chillin in the pasture

a little Blue Bell ice cream while sitting on the porch is always a must! 😉

I got snack-y cause my mother always has these kinds of things in her house :/ – these are soooo good!!!

first time trying these and they are soooo good!

These are only 2 points and really good!

dinner – my Daddy cooked us fresh pork ribs while my sister and I cooked the sides to go with it – she cooked cabbage, I cooked green beans and we had leftover fries



Slept in. Then when we got up we got busy packing and cleaned house then headed home so I could take my hubby for his {early} birthday present to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo tonight to see (my other man 😉 ) Jason Aldean in concert! 😉

We had to make a few stops on the way home. When we were leaving my sister told me about this shirt that I just NEEDED to get – so of course I HAD to stop and buy it – think it fits me??! 😉  Check out Lexy’s post HERE if you’re not sure……..hahahahaha


Gabe was so cute on the way home – he was cracking himself up and laughing so hard! (probably from exhaustion! 😉 )

one of my BFF’s came into town from Dallas this week and she and her girls came over before we left for the Rodeo!! I have MISSED HER!!!!!

on our way! 😉

Dinner while watching the Rodeo events – chopped BBQ sandwich.

**Little known fact about Me- I used to Rodeo when I was in high school with the Texas High School Rodeo Association. I did BreakAway Calf Roping and Goat Tying – and I have the pictures to prove it!   Those sure were fun times and being at the rodeo sure made me miss my rodeoing days. :) Maybe one of these days I will be able to get back into it. 😉

Jason Aldean! 😉

after the concert we made our way to the food pavilion and we ordered Fried Oreos and a Fried Oatmeal Cream Pie and a corn dog to share – and all I can say is it was AWESOME!!!!!!  but very rich! – I could only eat a few bites of each. It was fun to try it out!

I couldn’t resist! 😉



FRIDAY – 3/16

Slept in again. :)

Breakfast – oatmeal with cinnamon

Lunch – We met up with my friend Teri and her girls at La Brisa for lunch. I ordered my usual Chicken fajita lettuce wraps and ate wayyy too many chips and salsa while we chatted it up and got caught up.

Devyn went with them shopping and I took Gabe and my niece Cami home to rest and watch a movie.

I caught up on some of my shows and ended up having a snacking fest on EVERYTHING I had in my house!!

Skittles, chick-o-sticks, sun chips, bean dip………I don’t know what my problem was!

Later that night we met up with them again at Menchie’s – of course! 😉

my fav cake batter flavor is back!!! I also got chocolate silk with strawberries, mini chocolate chips and drizzle of hot fudge

Becca has long since passed Dev up in height!!

Tay & Jay wanted their picture taken with them too! 😉




*a little over 5 mile run with the gals that are in town 😉 It was nice to run and chat again!

After a speedy shower and getting dressed in record time – Lexy picked me up so we could make a WW meeting before the week was up.

post workout – ISO 100 whey protein shake – 2

It was really no surprise when I weighed in with a +2.4 gain.  I didn’t like it – but I weighed in and owned it and am moving on. I am fully aware of the choices I made all week to cause this and that’s ok. I know I am going to have to work harder this week because of the ‘break’ that I took this week. 😉

The meeting topic was about Negative Talk and was really good to be reminded on ways to turn it into Positive self talk.  (I will be posting the recap soon!)

Came home and got rest and read the latest book I downloaded onto my iBooks and get a power nap before having to get ready for a baby shower –

I had spaghetti squash, roasted veggies and alfredo on the way so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat cake 😉 – 2 {it worked}

Was SUPER tired after the shower and was ready to just vegg on the couch – I picked up Little Caesars pizza and Dr Pepper 10 and rented the Redbox movie Puss in Boots to watch as a family.

Dessert – a bowl of dutch chocolate Blue Bell ice cream with chocolate syrup 😉


SUNDAY – 3/18

Last day of Spring Break :(

My sweet hubby fixed me brunch that I ate on the way to church – eggs, roasted veggies and 2 pieces of Sara Lee toast

after church my kids shared some donut holes they got – that wasn’t satisfying enough so I ate my Zone bar I had cut into bite size pieces and had with me so I wouldn’t get home and rampage the kitchen!

I had to turn around and drive my niece to meet my mom half way so she could meet up with my sister when she got off work. It made for a long and tiring afternoon when I am used to taking a Sunday nap this time of day! 😉

As soon as we got home-  I dropped off Tay & Jay so they could ‘babysit’ Daddy {he was in bed all afternoon/evening with a migraine} and I took Dev and Gabe to the last Pioneer Trek Fireside. They had an amazing slideshow with awesome music that really gave us a glimpse of the AWESOME experience these youth had!!!

Goodbye Spring Break!!!  We will miss you.

Now the countdown for Summer begins! 😉

Jan 13, 2012 10_56 PM_jpg


I think I have the Janu-weary blahs.  I am a Work-in-Progress this month.I will kick this…I just need a little ‘hibernation’ time. 😉  I am taking this entire month to recover, get myself physically and mentally organized, and figure out how to incorporate my New Years Resolutions and goals  into my daily routine so that I can make the rest of this year an AWESOME year! 😉

I won’t bore you with all of my hideous crappy food pics……but I’ll give ya the highlights and lowdown of the last few days.


breakfast – oatmeal with banana

**I took off doing the burpee challenge for 2 weeks because of my shoulder pain – so I had to face the music and add up how many burpees I need to catch up on…….1,160 burpees folks. :(   Got 200 of those done today.

Zonebar snack on the way to take Dev and Gabe to the dentist

since he just turned 4 this is his first time ever seeing the dentist – and he laid there like a CHAMP! He did better than I do!! He didn’t move a muscle and was relaxed as could be while they did everything they needed to do to clean his teeth. It was too cute!! The assistants and the dentist were cracking up in awe! my big boy!


came home and had a flat out bread pizza for lunch with olive oil and added this Sicilian seasoning to it –  it was SO GOOD!!!


dessert – strawberries with FF rediwhip

was hungry ALLL day long!!!

1/2 oz almonds

bites of Homemade Vanilla Blue Bell ice cream


we took the kids to Sonic for dinner so they could spend some gift cards they got for Christmas. I had a jr burger and ate a few of the kids tater tots.

had a cheese stick later at home – still could not get satisfied. After talking to my hubby about his day he said he had the same problem and was starving all day long too. :/



oatmeal with banana for breakfast

Attended my WW meeting

was so happy I got a chance to meet up with my bestie from high school and her husband for lunch – they were in our neck of the woods for an appointment

She is doing AWESOME in her weight loss journey as well and I am soooo proud of her!! She looks awesome!!!

We ate at Gringo’s and I had too many chips and salsa……..and then chicken fajita salad with Amazon dressing that I dipped my fork into instead of pouring it on my salad.

-Junior mints I grabbed while in the store picking up a few things – big mistake – at the whole box throughout the rest of the afternoon.

-afternoon snack – Chocolate Carmel Cluster Zone bar

-Had Faith in God Activity Days cleaning the nursery toys at the church. Came home and got the kids situated so I could go to  a Parenting class taught by my friend Debbi and her husband.

-Dinner was a Strawberry yogurt ZonePerfect bar cause I had no time to fix myself anything to eat if I wanted to be on time.

-Refreshements after the class- no bake cookie, and a Salted Carmel Butter Bar – YUM-O!!!



* Did days 72 and 73 burpees + 60 more = 205 total today  (only 900 left to catch up on)

-Breakfast – only had a few bites of my protein waffle. Ended up baking chocolate chunk cookies and ate a little cookie dough and a cookie fresh out of the oven.

Zone bar snack after helping our friends clean their house for a couple of hours


my hubby and I ran a few errands and stopped at Five Guys for a late lunch date – I had the jr bacon burger and we shared some cajun fries.

met up with our running gals later in the evening for a fro yo farewell party to Debbi

the gang 😉

hershey kiss and cake batter fro yo with fruit, mini chocolate chips and chocolate drizzle

I am going to miss this AMAZING woman and friend! Her wisdom and amazing spiritual strength and perspectives has literally changed my life.



*Ran an early 5 miles with our running gals – it was our last run with Debbi :**(

*Came home and did my Day 75 timed Burpees for the Challenge – I completed them in 6:50

post workout – a MUCH needed green protein smoothie

*recipe – 1c water, 1 frozen banana, 1 scoop ISO 100 chocolate whey protein, 2 HUGE handfuls of fresh spinach, a little vanilla, and a few ice cubes……SOOOO good and refreshing!

had a few venison/pork sausage patties from the fresh sausage that my brother in law gave us – SOOOO good!


couldn’t get satisfied again – pb and banana snack

my aunt was in town visiting and took the 3 little ones out to Berrylicious for a treat – they brought me back my fav flavors – hershey kiss and cake batter with strawberries

it was such a nice and relaxing family Saturday – we hung out and caught up on some of our fav shows

snacked on candy that got brought into my house by certain mentioned above visitor! 😉 Reeses, Kit Kats, Turtles, and more cookies.

We watched the last quarter of  Saints vs 49er’s game on their live online blog….since we don’t have cable or regular tv, I decided to head out and finally get ourselves a digital antenna so we can watch our beloved Texans play tomorrow!!!! When  I left the Saints were ahead – when I got to Best Buy there was a crowd of people standing in front of one of their tv’s as it was the last few seconds of the game and the 49rs had just scored and pulled ahead again winning the game!!!! Unbelieveable.


dinner – our fav mexican restaurant La Brisa To Go cause my hubby is in bed down in back in lots of pain. :(

Looking forward to the Sabbath and more relaxing family time tomorrow. 😉














The Days After The Vacation


I tried not to put a lot of expectations on my huge list of things to do upon our return from vacation. I knew the boys weren’t going back to school until Wednesday, so there was no rush in jumping right in to my “To Do” list! It feels like the last two days have been rather foggy. This is what I was up against…. a very bad sore throat, wanting/needing to get a chiropractic treatment from my husband, barely any food/groceries in the house, wanting to visit with my family that I hadn’t seen in 2 weeks, a dentist appointment, an extreme desire to get back to my regular work-outs, needing to unpack/do laundry, taking down christmas decorations and getting the house back in order, etc! And I know I’m forgetting way more… but I’ll spare you the details.

So, I opted for the easy ones! I went out for dinner yesterday and was able to visit with some family that I haven’t seen…. I got my chiropractic treatment, I did make it to the grocery store to pick up some essentials, I worked out, and I made it to my dentist appointment. Yay! When the boys start back to school tomorrow, I’ll tackle the rest of the list….

Monday – 30 points plus

*Ran 5 miles with the running group* Missed them a lot…. good to be back! +8

Luckily I had some frozen raspberries to add to my oatmeal – 4

I had tomatoes, turkey pepperoni, and some fat free mozzarella cheese – 4

Protein bar – 5

There was a frozen banana in the freezer….. banana soft serve with cinnamon! – 0

Finally headed out to the store and while I was checking out…. I ate a Quaker Stila Bar! Really good! – 2

My parents stopped by for a visit- I had just whipped up a whey protein fruit smoothie – 2

We met up with Uncle Tim and Aunt Windy and family for La Brisa! Chicken Fajitas Lettuce Wraps W/ Pico – 6

Half the fat ice cream back at the house – 3

Also – half a cookie that my mom brought over – 4

Tuesday – 26 points plus

Had a protein bar on my way to the gym this morning.  – 5   I ended up doing an hour long boot camp class. +10

When I got home from the gym, I did 127 burpees… I made up for missing because I really didn’t feel good yesterday.

Protein waffle w/ banana and raspberries *on my NEW belgian waffle maker* – 5

I had a dentist appointment and after that, grabbed a salad at Chickfila. The boys went to rake the leaves in my parents back yard and I met up with Torry at the movie to see the new Sherlock Holmes.  -7

Ate a banana and peanut butter while visiting with my parents – 3

I made a different type of tortilla pizza tonight… I found this Hawaiian Chicken Crockpot recipe on Pinterest, and I added spinach, fat free mozzarella cheese, and peach salsa to complete my pizza…. -6


birthday boy

My Baby Boy’s Birthday!!

Today is my sweet baby boy’s 4th birthday!! He has been so excited that his birthday was coming. He woke up this morning and the first thing he said was ‘Its my birthday!’. I said yes it is-Happy Birthday!! and then he said ‘I’m FOUR now!” It was sooo cute and precious!!

He and Daddy got donuts for his birthday breakfast!

He sure is growing up fast……

the day he was born

6 months old when we moved to Texas 😉

1st birthday

Our doorbell rang only for us to open and find this from the Primary!! He was all smiles and wanted to hang it in his room! 😉

He got a couple of phone calls throughout the day – he loved it !! :)


about to open his present……..


He said it was JUST what he wanted!!! this was a truck he was eyeing at a stop we made on the way home from Kansas……..

He found these trucks at one of our stops and sat and studied out everyone of them…..

it was sooo cute……

then he said he wanted THIS ONE cause he could put all his farm animals in it!!! Smart boy!  So Daddy took the kids to the car and I bought it for him to open this morning. 😉


and put his animals in it he did 😉



content and happy!

Then we took him to eat at our fav mexican restaurant  – La Brisa 😉

Mama and birthday boy 😉

he had to do his ‘CRAZY’ eyes picture


birthday dinner


he was so cute when the waiters came and we all sang Happy Birthday!

my cute birthday boy!

Daddy and the birthday boy


My Fire Bites today:

*Ran 5 miles with the gals – +10


post run protein smoothie while updating my posts – 2


oatmeal -4


Birthday donuts – 10- 😉 1/2 a large kolache – 5?


Dinner at La Brisa – chips & salsa – 8

chicken fajita lettuce wrap with guacamole – 7

I finished off his birthday sopapilla -9

3 Andes mints – 4

I finally downloaded the new WW bar code scanner and tried it and it is SO COOL!  Can’t wait to use it at the grocery store!