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I’m Back!! Finally!

I’m back!!!!!!   Aren’t y’all proud?! 😉

tried Tony Horton’s P90X Stretch cause I have been super sore but more STIFF than anything from Spin and BodyPump earlier this week. It was really good and helped stretch a lot of my reallllllyy sore areas. I really liked how the tip of the day for this workout was to focus on *breathing*……once I really focused on it I could tell a HUGE difference!

+2 activity points

breakfast – 5pts+

*WW Meeting & weighed in*

We talked about ‘Our Victory Log’ — very cool meeting and I will recap that soon!

mid morning snack while running errands – 0

{these grapes I swear were bigger than my eyeballs!!!}

lunch while still out and about – was getting tired at this point – 8pts+

Sonic Jr Deluxe Burger with mustard instead of mayo – no cheese 😉

mid afternoon snack on the way home – 4pts+

turkey & havarti cheese snack – 4pts+

about 1/2 cup popcorn – 1pt+ ??

dinner on the way to our football game that my twin girls were supposed to perform at but we got blessed with some much needed rain {and some really cool lightening!} instead so we turned around and just came home – 9pts+

snack – 2pts+

as I type this……banana w/ nutella – 5pts+

**confessional – I cannot buy nutella and have it in my house ANYMORE! I swear I have become a ‘closet’ nutella eat-it-with-a-spoon- eater!!!  The past couple weeks the BLT’s {bites, licks, & tastes} of everything are what are adding up and making me  backslide into snacking too much!! I am starting to recognize ‘new trigger’ foods that I cannot buy and keep in my house because when I’m tired, bored, lonely, emotional, stressed, or just missing my husband…….this is the kind of stuff I grab because in the beginning I think one bite is no big deal…..its just a ‘bite’……well then that ‘bite’ adds up to alotta points and then you are not getting the results you want!!! Back to reality.**

From healthy-is-the-way-to-go.tumblr.com on Pinterest

THIS is what our focus should be in our weak moments!


Lexy’s Daily – 8/29

From the moment I woke up today until now… I’ve been doing laundry, cleaning the garage, putting boxes up in the attic, washing dishes, and overall *trying* to find a place for our things in the new place.  I took several days “off” last week to work on the website, so I knew I had to get back to unpacking today.  I feel like I made a lot of progress… and I can’t wait until I can officially say I’m finished.

Of course I know I will never be “finished.”  Because there will always be dishes to wash, laundry to fold, floors to mop, messes to clean up, etc.  Much like maintaining your weight loss…. the work never ends!  :)  I was gonna go into a great analogy and say something cool… but I’m really too tired… gonna jump in the shower and go to bed early!  So, I leave you with my dietSNAPS food journal of the day…

3 – Rice Protein Fruit Smoothie… ran out of my normal protein, so used my husband’s…

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