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Oct 10, 2011 5_56 PM_jpg

Boot Camp with my FAV trainer Monica!!!

MONDAY 10/10

Breakfast/Pre-workout:  ZonePerfect Cashew Pretzel Bar- 5pts+

Workout: Boot Camp class taught by my fav little trainer from the TransforME studio Monica! Lexy & Courtney finally got to meet her!  I have missed her class and that kind of workout–I was all smiles!!! 😉 LOVED IT!!  Earned +10 activity points :)

Post workout/snack: Lean Body On the Go shake in Chocolate that I grabbed when I ran into HEB for a couple of things- 4pts+

Snack: WW Toasted Coconut Dream snack bar- 2pts+/ Chips 4pts+

Late Lunch: protein pancake with banana and sweet cinnamon cool whip– 6pts+

Snack: strawberries with nutella- 5pts+

Dinner:  3oz ranch crusted baked chicken and steamed veggies- 4pts+

Recipe:  I mixed in a bowl; a ranch dressing packet, about 3/4 cup panko bread crumbs, parmesan cheese, and garlic salt. Then I dipped each (I flattened mine out) chicken breast in the mixture till it was coated well and then added it to an olive oil sprayed pan. I also sprayed the tops with EVOO spray. Baked for about 30 minutes at 350. Was a new spin on baked chicken for us and was super good!!!

Family Home Evening & Dessert– My hubby’s turn to plan FHE so we had Oreos & milk while watching Thor together with the family :)  (2 servings) 10pts+

Total points: 40

Activity: 10

TUESDAY 10/11: 

Breakfast/pre workout: banana with 2tsp PB- 2pts+

Workout: Thankfully Lexy texted about working out this morning or else I would have stayed in my pj’s ALLLLL day and not felt guilty!! It really helps having a workout buddy!!   20 mins recumbent bike/ 20 mins eliptical/ 20 mins walking incline helped work out some soreness from yesterdays boot camp butt kickin’! :)

Post workout/snack: ISO 100 Chocolate Protein- 2pts+/ oatmeal with cinnamon- 4pts+

I LOVE this protein!


snack: a single serving bag of sweet & tangy BBQ kettle corn popcorn tried for the first time- 3pts+……was really good but not worth the 3pts for a cup when you can eat 3 cups of regular popcorn for 3 pts!

Mid afternoon snack: Zone Perfect Cashew Pretzel bar- 5pts+ (Guess I was in the sweet & salty mood?!?)

Dinner: Meatloaf patties made with ground beef (from my stock in freezer), onions, green onions, oats, and shredded zucchini.

Butternut squash fries. I also ate some of the homemade potato fries I made for the kids. 13pts+

 snack: 8oz glass of 1% milk with chocolate- 3pts+

(it tasted like chocolate water–think I’ll stick to my chocolate protein next time I need a chocolate milk fix and get more protein and better taste for less points!!)


Total points: 32

Activity earned: 7