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Just Do It Even If You Suck

“Do Your Best and Forget the Rest”

The title of my post is Tony Horton’s (of P90X2) favorite saying.  I’ve had a couple friends texting me this week upset with themselves for bad food choices, or lack of motivation to exercise, etc.  We’ve all gone through this.  It happens at the beginning of our process, the intimidation of what seems like a huge feat to overcome.  It happens in the middle with plateaus or falling off the wagon.  And it happens at the end when trying to maintain and maybe we fall back into our old habits because we’ve become a little too relaxed in our efforts.  No matter where you are in your process just “do your best and forget the rest.”  Get on that scale on weigh-in day, own it, and move on!  Give yourself more credit because you are stronger than you think!

Speaking of P90X2…I started Phase 2 on Monday and holy crap, this crap is hard!  So after attempting to do pull-ups on my husband’s TRX bands for almost the entire first video, I got on my computer and ordered a pull-up bar and assist band.  I figure I’ve committed to completing this program, I better do it correctly!

Monday Fire Bites: 1 tsp PB (1), Body by Vi green greek smoothie (random sideways picture, too lazy to fix it) (3), chicken and raspberry salad (5), balance bar (5), Protein Pancake and another BBV smoothie (7).

Workout: Chest, Back, Balance and Ab Ripper

Tuesday I spent most of the day working on favors for my friend Taryn’s baby shower (pic in the bottom right hand corner).  I got the idea off Pinterest, but personalized it for Taryn.  She grew up in Chicago and loves Garrett’s popcorn, so since I don’t live in Chicago I got the next best thing, Costco’s version!!  It’s cheese popcorn mixed with caramel popcorn…gross you say???  TRY IT…only then will you be a believer!!

Tuesday FB’s: 1/2 banana and 1tsp PB (1), Body by Vi green greek smoothie (3), turkey and cheese melt w/veggies and FF ranch dip (8), steak fajita, 6 chips, guac, fruit, and a jicama, cucumber, mango salad (10 guesstimate), 1/2 tres leeches cake and 1/2 a homemade churro (6?)

Workout: Plyocide

Woke up Wednesday with a really sore back.  During my warm-up Tuesday in Plyocide I tweaked it when doing a twist move.  So I was kind of concerned about going to yoga, not sure if it would hurt or help.  I decided to go and just be really careful in the poses.  I felt really good during the class and my teacher told me to put ice on it as soon as I got home because the muscles would be inflamed from all the blood pumping during the class.  I’m not sure if it was the yoga or the ice or a combo of the both, but the pain was totally gone by the end of the day!!

Wednesday FB’s: 2 tsp PB(2), Body by Vi green greek smoothie (3), Mint Cookie Balance Bar (5), Trader Joe’s nuts and cranberries (6), BBQ’d chicken w/green beans and leftover pasta (10), Starburst Jelly Beans (4) and 2 Red Vines (2)

Workout: 75min Hot Yoga

Nothing too exciting happened today, I took a picture of my home gym that I’ve turned my parents family room into.  I got my pull-up bar and assist band today, however not only can I not find a doorway in my parents house that it will work in, my mother will not let me even if I could find one.  I think her specific words were…”over my dead body”…hello mother, phase 2 is only 3 more weeks and I need it!!  Waaaaaa…maybe I’ll have to do that video when she’s not home 😉  I also found out today that we finally have a house!  I’m very excited to get back to Austin, but sad to leave my family and friends in Utah.  It will be nice to have my own space again and feel like a grown-up!

Thursday FB’s: 1 tsp PB (1), BBVGGS (see above if you don’t know what that stands for!) (3), strawberry chicken salad (5), 2 Red Vines (2), peach, flank steak w/caprese salad, brown rice, and green beans (10)

Workout: Shoulders and Arms and Ab Ripper

*Numbers in () are WW Points Plus


Monkey bars


The hubby is gone and I now have 4 months to focus on a transformation.  I was in need of some motivation and found these on simplyshredded.com.

On Saturday before Keller went to the airport we took a walk down to a neighborhood playground where they had monkey bars.  I figured I would see how good I was at getting across ,being that our Tough Mudder in October has a monkey bar obstacle.  Guess what?  I suck!  Like literally I made it to the second bar.  So we will be working on those cause come October I want to look like this chick!

Boo frickity hoo you can’t make it across the monkey bars!

Sunday Fire Bites: protein pancake, balance bar (half), a piece of Maxwell’s pizza and red vines (no pic), apple w/pb, halibut w/veggies and fruit.

I also found some great sayings in our church program today about Procrastination.

So in the words of one of those rats on Ratatatouille “Let’s Do This Thing!!!”

Thoughts on weighing in weekly as a Lifetime Member

Ok….so I did not weigh in today at my WW meeting, I just checked in since I already have my official weigh in already for the month,….and I have to say it is a WEIRD feeling!!!!  I kinda feel like I skipped school or a test or something!  Not quite sure how to explain it….. but I realized tonight that for me personally, I am gonna HAVE to weigh in every week even though I only officially have to weigh in the 1st meeting of the month.  I am seriously feeling kinda like a lost puppy tonight. Its a very volnuerable and alone  feeling not having that accountability today to keep me on track. I heard or read somewhere recently that members who reached lifetime who continued to weigh in weekly were more likely to have continued success than those who only weighed in monthly. I think I am one of those people that need it weekly.

This may be just the new ‘jump start’ I needed! 😉

Now I will mentally work harder this week knowing I will have to step on that scale next Thursday!

Do you weigh yourself daily, weekly at your meetings or at home, or monthly??
What works best for you to keep you on track  and continuing to have success??

Discover Healthy Living Blogs

There was a fun post over at Peanut Butter Fingers today about how we each discovered Healthy Living Blogs…

It was fun to remember how I first started my interest in blogging.  In 2006, My brother Nathan created a family blog for me on Joomla.  I mainly used that blog to chronicle my training for my first marathon… I have no idea how to get back to that blog or if it still even exists… I probably didn’t renew my fee when he told me to and it’s lost forever.  Sometime in 2007, I created a new family blog on blogger.  I was immediately drawn to blogging and since (at that time) I lived away from most of my family… it was a fun way to share pictures and journal our everyday life (along with my training for marathon #2).  I have had several private blogs with friends and family that we would use to hold each other accountable to different fitness challenges we were trying… or post our daily work outs… etc.

As far as healthy living blogs… my really good friend Cathy showed me a blog about a girl similar to my height and weight that had successfully reached her WW goals… Carrie at FitFatRinseRepeat. I read her site everyday to find out what she was eating and what she was doing. I thought it was sooo cool that she was willing to share her weight struggle and success with perfect strangers online. I would also use the forums on the Weight Watchers site and found a link to Roni’s Weigh. I hated cooking and loved how she provided step by step pictures and instructions. I just love to see good before and after pictures and see a good story!!

I was pretty loyal to Carrie and Roni and didn’t really search out other ones….  I would see some from time to time… but I pretty much stuck to these two. In December 2010, Roni posted this article… and I started reading Theodora Losing Weight In The City, and Keeping Up With Katie.  Eventually that led me to Peanut Butter Runner and Peanut Butter Fingers!  And you see I could go on and on!!  They are all such amazing women in their different ways…  I think it is really cool that they are willing to share their life through blogging.  I have learned so much from their real life experience!

In March… Carman, Cyndi, and I started our weight loss blog Graze Craze that is now Fire Lites Fire.  We wanted to share our everyday life as we struggled to become Weight Watchers Lifetime Members and ultimately reach our weight loss goals.  We realized that life is never going to be perfect 100% of the time… and we used the blog for accountability.  There are MANY times where I made better choices because I knew everyone would be seeing what I was eating.  It really does have an interesting effect on things. Blogging is definitely something I love to do.  :)

Trust Your Training

I have always enjoyed running as a form of exercise. When I was in high school, I remember our basketball coach encouraging us to always be conditioned to run 2 miles. For some reason, I remembered that and tried to incorporate running into my everyday life. Even when I was at my heaviest weight, I would go running. (okay … you may have called it jogging … haha!)
I always dreamed of running a full 26.2 mile marathon. It seemed impossible and unattainable. I never even knew anyone personally that had completed such a task. One year, a very close friend of mine trained for and completed a full marathon. I knew then that I wanted to do the same. Rumor has it that if you can run 3 miles… you can run a marathon. I was up for the challenge. I looked around online and chose a training plan to follow. After many months and as the race day approached… someone in our running group said that the most important thing to do is “Trust Your Training!” Running a marathon is very much a mental challenge. He reminded me that my body was conditioned and ready for the race… and I needed to trust it. I believe this same principle can be applied to anything! Continue reading