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Waitin on Big ‘Mo’

Like I mentioned before the past couple of weeks I’ve been reading an awesome book called¬†The Compound Effect. This book is a MUST READ self improvement book for everyone who wants to be more successful in any area of your life!!!! The author, Darren Hardy, explains how every day choices we make, our daily routines & habits, and even our thoughts we have creates a subtle compound effect in our lives- whether it be in a positive direction or negative. He explains how the compound effect works and give several awesome examples and stories to illustrate it. Then he talks about how to recognize the daily choices and habits that we make and have and how you can put this concept to work right away.

I had an HUGE ah-ha moment the other day when I got to the chapter on Momentum. He calls it Big Mo. ūüėȬ†“Big Mo is, without a doubt, one of the most powerful and enigmatic forces of success. You can’t see or feel Big Mo, but you know when you’ve got it. You can’t count on Mo showing up to every occasion, but when it does – WOW! Big Mo can catapult you into the stratosphere of success. And once you’ve got Mo on your side, there’s almost no way anyone can catch you.” ¬†How do you get Big Mo to show up??? ¬†Well you have to understand “Newton’s First Law -the Law of Inertia: Objects at rest tend to stay at rest unless acted on by an outside force. Objects in motion tend to stay in motion, unless something stops their momentum. Its not easy to build momentum, but once you do, look out!!”

He then gives an awesome example of how this works – Do you remember playing on the merry-go-round on the playground as a kid?? ¬†Everyone piles on it weighing it down and then you have to really work to get the thing moving. ¬†Getting it started is really slow going. The first step is always the hardest – getting it to move from a standstill. You have to throw your whole body into it and push with all your might. Finally after a long hard effort your able to get up a little bit of speed and run next to it. Then you run faster and faster and it really gets going to where you can jump on and enjoy the ride! Then when it starts to slow down you can jump off and stand there to push because momentum had taken over, you can now easily keep it going. Applying this to our life – When we make changes, we start off taking small steps. The progress is slow but once it becomes a newly formed habit (after 3 weeks or so) that’s when Big Mo usually joins the Party!!

My ah-ah moment was that I realized Big Mo has been the missing piece to my ‘puzzle’ in my life lately!¬†I think about last year when I know I had awesome Momentum – I was in the zone with Weight Watchers and lost almost 20lbs in about 4 months!! Its because once I had established new daily habits; tracking my food with dietSNAPS, focusing on my daily points, made exercising a priority, making healthier food choices – I couldn’t fail because I had Big Mo with me! That is such an awesome concept that when we all realize how this force works in our lives – we could all go to higher places we never dreamed possible!!!! ūüėČ

So this week I have been really focusing on creating and establishing good habits. To¬†start implementing this principle- to invite Big Mo over again :) – ¬†my focus this week has been my home and making it an organized, clean, and tidy place that me and my family can really enjoy. I have started implementing my FlyLady Daily Routines¬†and I just LOVE how accomplishing it feels when I am checking my routine list off each day!! (yep- I’m a list makin’ nerd :P) ¬†I especially LOVE the peaceful feeling in my home that comes from accomplishing my routines. Everything just seems to flow better and my mind is a little more calm and peaceful and I am able to think more clearly. I have learned that I do not thrive well in chaos and that I need to make preventing chaos a big priority in my life.

I believe that once we get started created good habits in one area of our life- that it will be a domino effect in the other areas of our lives – cause Big MO will move in! ūüėČ ¬†So think about where you are on the merry-go-round ride…….are you trying to push it to get it started in your life, do you push for a little bit and think its too hard and stop, ¬†or are you getting to enjoy the ride and having fun with Big Mo??!! ūüėČ ¬†This has been such a great visual picture for me as I think about where I am on that ride in different areas in my life. ¬†I know that if we keep doing those small simple steps each day that given a little time Momemtum will kick in! And when it does you will be unstoppable! ¬†So hang in there and most importantly whatever you do don’t stop!!!! ūüėČ



Tuesday was House Cleaning day (or Weekly Home Blessing Hour as FlyLady calls it) and this is the first time I have done cleaning like this in a long time without company showing a few hours later!!! haha – sad I know but when you have a big house and 4 kids, a dog, and a military hubby – I put it off and have just done enough cleaning to (barely) get by. This is why I love FlyLady because I am usually one that likes to clean the whole house spick and span or not at all so¬†for a perfectionist like me – I need to be constantly reminded that 5 minutes here and 15 minutes there a day and my routines is all it takes to get the job done – and when you stay on top of it – Big Mo moves in!! ūüėČ

Was up and at ’em to workout by 4:30am……….

**15 mins on the elliptical in my Target Heart Rate Zone

**30 minutes walking incline on the treadmill – prepping for a Blue Bell Fun Run in the Texas Hill Country next month ūüėČ +4


post workout – green protein smoothie – 2

mid morning snack/breakfast – protein waffle with strawberries and Cinnamon Cool Whip – 6


lunch – freezer meal turkey veggie soup with pico added for an extra kick – 4


afternoon snack during a break from cleaning – ZonePerfect bar – 5


snack on the way to pick up kids РWW sample from last week Рthey were pretty good!  -3


1 cookie from Family Night last night -3


dinner – Asian turkey stir fry with a little rice and lettuce with 1 TBSP of Thai Peanut Sauce – was SUPER yummy!!!! – 5



Inspired from¬†this yummy recipe¬†from Kalyn’s Kitchen¬†that I’ve used before.

I browned lean turkey with salt and pepper and then added a chopped onion and yellow bell pepper. Then I added in these ingredients to taste – ginger, fresh garlic, soy sauce, and chopped cilantro.

It was SUPER flavorful and my kids LOVED it and wanted seconds!!


My hubby is doing better and is back at work this week since the accident. Kinda bitter sweet cause I enjoyed having him home and getting to spend that time with him while he recovered. Just when I thought I was gonna have most of the day with him back at work and all my kids at school our little man was up half the night and then in bed with us the rest of the night so I let him sleep in and stay home from school today with his bad allergies/cold and swollen red eyes.  :(  Thankfully he is a good sick kid and I was still able to get my routines and list done today. By the time dinner rolled around my whole body was aching from being so busy all day and soreness from Boot Camp setting in + exhausted from not getting enough sleep.

Had a banana with Nutella before heading to bed – 5




Today was Laundry and Menu Planning Day. I got all of our laundry caught up and cleaned out the fridge so I could plan out a menu for the next 2 weeks. I found this cute printable dinner calendar on Pinterest. For the last couple of months I’ve been ¬†just writing down what we have for dinner on a calendar like this I keep on my fridge so I can look back and see how many times we eat out in the month, ¬†have leftovers, and when I actually cook. Its really quite eye opening when you just start tracking what you do for dinners. Makes me realize what I need to do more of – and cut out. ūüėČ


*woke up with a headache and nothing sounded good. Made some toast out of these sandwich rounds that are only 2pts+

with strawberry freezer jam-3

*Had to force myself to use today as a rest day cause of my headache and neck and shoulder pain. ¬†I have to remind myself that it is ok to take and extra rest day now so that I ¬†won’t have to take a 2 week rest like I had to a couple of months ago. Mentally for me – that’s easier said than done. ¬†:/



snack while getting my Morning Routine done- 5


strawberries with cinnamon cool whip – 1


lunch – leftover awesome asian ground turkey on lettuce with 1/2 TBSP of orange sauce and 1/2 TBSP Thai peanut sauce – 5


mid afternoon snack – 1 TBSP peanut butter and an apple – 3

*Spent all evening in our first session with Sit Means Sit Dog Training. The owner Hamid was awesome in showing us and explaining how to get started in training our Duke. Within a few minutes of each command Duke was getting it! It is very cool at how simple and easy this dog training is. If you wanna see some amazing results just go to youtube and type in Sit Means Sit or click HERE to see some cool videos – it will blow you away!!!!!


dinner – Ritzy chicken casserole and Asparagus Stir Fry veggies



Today is my Errand Day in my FlyLady Basic Weekly Plan.  I was probably only home for an hour total today!!!!

*Up bright and early before my family got up to get my workout in before my crazy day. I have to say I was NOT feeling it. (still have headache :( )

*20 minutes on the elliptical


*then almost did just 20 minutes inclines on the treadmill – I was tired and still had a headache. I decided to start reading my iBook The Compound Effect and that helped ‘distract’ me and get in another 20 minutes. Sometimes we just have to find ways to ‘trick’ ourselves so we can finish a workout. ūüėČ


stopped by the store to get a few things for my kids to have breakfast before school. (needed to get to the store that bad! thank goodness its on my list for later) ¬†I grabbed a Muscle Milk Light to get in my post workout fuel. ūüėČ -4


*WW weigh in – still not pretty – up 1.8 this week on top of the gain last week. :( Gotta keep trucking on and give my body time to adjust back after that Spring Break week I had. This is where patience really is the key. :/ -5

The topic of the meeting today was What is Working For You (or Not).


grabbed Subway for lunch on the way to get my oil changed and a much needed wash and detailing. It was such ¬†a gorgeous day out that I sat outside in the sun and with the breeze it was just AWESOME! ¬†Its amazing what sitting out in the sun rays for a little while can do for your mood! ūüėČ

-Subway turkey on wheat with no cheese, honey mustard, spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, pickles, onions, bell peppers, banana peppers, and salt and pepper -8

Ran more errands before picking up Gabe then still had to go to the grocery store.

ran home to fill Easter eggs with candy for my Activity Day Girls activity. Had this Fiber One brownie and a few jelly beans – 4

was still hungry and needed something to last me a little longer but all I had time for was to grab some PB and a banana -2

the girls had a great time hunting Eggs and talking about why we celebrate Easter. I just love SPRING!


ran home and had 10 minutes for Tay & Jay to change clothes for their first Soccer practice. Grabbed some grapes and a few almonds to last me through the next couple hours till I could get home to eat dinner. -2


This is the first time these girls have gotten to be in a sport – mainly because I refuse to over schedule my family with extra circular activities and with 4 kids that’s pretty easy to do since we’re pretty busy already.

Well I just have to say as a Mom – ¬†just when you think you know your kids – you don’t!!!! ¬†The one that I thought would hate it LOVED it and the one I thought would love it HATED it and boo-hoo cried within the first 10 minutes and said this “wasn’t right for her cause she’s dreamed her whole life of being in gymnastics”- Oh GEEZ!!!! ¬†Gotta love those curve balls life throws at ya! ūüėČ

After another stop at WM to get Jayde’s glasses adjusted and order her some sport glasses we FINALLY got home at 8pm.


I had sandwich stuff for the family to make homemade sub sandwiches but I was too tired and not really hungry for another sandwich so I just ate a serving of turkey – 2

and way toooo many of this awesome find!!!!!  These new Jalepeno Jack Sun Chips were sooooo good!! I was so exhausted that I ate them straight outta the bag Рwhich I know is a big NO NO Рcause I have no idea how many I ate. I know that I ate enough till I was satisfied.

I think I hit the pillow snoring!!!!!

Meanwhile, these two went on a Daddy Daughter date to see the midnight showing of The Hunger Games 

They both said it was AWESOME! ¬†ūüėČ













Zoo Lights

Can’t sleep, must post

So I woke up today at 5:45am for no reason and my mind starting wondering which prevented me from being able to go back to sleep. ¬†I’m going to pay for it later! ¬†But what better time to post to the blog!! ¬†Not much to report for the past couple days. ¬†Nothing like the Houston Ice Road Truckers. ¬†Bless their hearts!


First day back from Cali and was in desperate need of some spin. ¬†Kicked my butt and I loved it. After class, I went up to the fitness studio to do my 50 burpees on the Bosu. ¬†I took a video of how I do them, but who knows if it will ever make it up here, cause #1 it’s a video of a pregnant me in workout clothes doing a burpee, and #2 I really have no idea how to put it up here ūüėČ ¬†I knocked out 50 in 2:33 then emailed my husband to tease him that a pregnant chick beat his time.

Pre-workout: the usual banana and PB


Papa took Cole to play at an indoor playscape cause I was supposed to be studying for my CNA state test scheduled for Thursday, but the test got canceled and so I took a nap instead.  It was lovely.

Snack: nuts and cranberries mix from Trader Joe’s (so glad they come in individualized packets cause I never knew how many points I was eating of this stuff!)

Dinner: Amylu chicken burgers, 1/2 C Trader Joe’s white mac and cheese, and green beans

Headed to bed early and finished my book I was reading.


Woke up to a 4-year-old in my bed who kept telling me he was sweaty. ¬†It wasn’t sweat! ¬†Can I please get through one week of not having to clean up bodily functions‚Ķoh wait‚Ķno I can’t because I’m about to have a BABY!!!

Pre-workout: Nature’s Path GF waffle w/pb

Went to buns and guns class.  We were working on the gliders again and so this time I tried to be more conscience of the core work to prevent another sore muscle/gas feeling of going into labor.

Post-workout: Muscle Milk Light

Took Cole to the Rec Center after to play then we met up with Papa to have lunch at Kneader’s. ¬†I was super hungry by the time we ate which was not such a good thing because even though I only took a picture of my tuna sandwich (which I ate half of), I failed to picture the cinnamon roll that I ate 2/3 of, some chips that I lost count of how many I ate, oh and Cole’s soup and foccacia bread which I helped myself to and ending up eating his entire piece of bread (which wasn’t like a small little sample!). ¬†Oh well‚Ķat least it was all delicious!

We came home and took naps before going down to Salt Lake to meet up with my sister and niece and nephews to go to the Hogle Zoo Lights. ¬†Luckily we got there when we did because by the time we left not only was it freezing cold, but it was packed with people. ¬†Little Will told us next time he doesn’t want to come (they were a little cold by the end).

Grabbed some dinner at Corner Bakery.  Michelle and I had breakfast for dinner and it was delicious!

Then we dropped the kids off and Michelle and I went to see the movie New Year’s Eve. ¬†No picture of the many red vines I munched on while at the movie. ¬†It was an ok movie. ¬†It could have been better!



Movies, Miracles, and Meltdowns

Recaping this weekend…


Awesome day‚ĶPapa took Cole to Home Depot and Aunt Sasa’s so I got to spend the morning talking to daddy on Skype and taking my time getting ready for the day.

Breakfast: some delicious bread Dad got at Great Harvest…I shoved it in the toaster (it was a little big)

I had a groupon to a local deli that I had been wanting to use so I suggested we all go to lunch. ¬†We got to the place and it was a little sketchy, like it didn’t look like a place where sandwiches are or SHOULD be served. ¬†We decided to head to Red Rock Brewery instead. ¬†I hadn’t been there since I moved back and I forgot how much I love their tuna sandwich. ¬†They serve it in a pita pocket with lots of pickles and it’s super delish!

Lunch: 1/2 sandwich, salad

Grammy offered to take Cole to see Happy Feet 2 so that Sherilynn and I could go see the movie The Way with Martin Sheen.  It was seriously sooo good!  I recommend it to everyone.

I was in charge of dinner.  Luckily I had bought some of the Amylu chicken burgers at Coscto.  Served those with Alexia sweet potato fries and snap peas.


Nothing important or exciting happened today‚Ķwent to church, hung out, that’s about it. ¬†My phone was dead so I didn’t get pics of everything I ate.


Balance Bar at church

Lunch: leftover Chipotle from Thursday

Snacks: 3 WW oatmeal cookies, no sugar added hot chocolate, grapes, a few almonds

Dinner: pork loin, red potatoes, broccoli

Had some leftover points so I split a Yoplait smoothie with Dad.  3



Yay for Monday spin class.  Got to use my new Garmin watch for the first time.  It was interesting to compare the readings from my HR monitor and calories burned from the Garmin to my old watch.


Post-workout: 2

Picked up my mom from the Dr. and we went to Great Harvest for lunch.  Split the delicious veggie sandwich!!  I seriously am in love with this sandwich.

Had my 24 week check-up and did my glucose screening. ¬†This is where the miracle comes in‚ĶI actually lost 2 pounds from last month’s weigh-in. ¬†My dr. wasn’t super excited about it, but hey let’s be honest it’s not like I’m on the light side of things! ¬†I was excited! ¬†Other than that everything is good, can’t believe I’m already 6 months.

I was starving after my appointment so I ended up eating the other 3rd of my mom’s half of the sandwich cause it was ginormous. ¬†Then mom and I headed to the outlets to look for some Christmas jammies.

Snack: 16 almonds 4

Dinner: marinated flank steak, roasted veggies, brown rice 7

Thanks to Carman I got a great idea for the Elf tonight!


Sooo tired today. ¬†Slept in until 8 thanks to Cole waking up grammy. ¬†Had a workout planned, my usual intervals with lunges and squats, but it didn’t happen.

Breakfast: 5

Took Cole to the rec center. ¬†He had a great time until he had to leave. ¬†Wasn’t too happy, but he grudgingly came. ¬†I bribed him with a cookie from Kneaders, which worked, kind of. ¬†We got there and he had a complete meltdown because I told him we were taking it home to eat, which only increased when I made him leave the restaurant without the cookie. ¬†I was proud of myself, I maintained composure even when I had to physically put him in the car because he refused to get in (screaming no!). ¬†For those of you who know Cole, it’s hard to believe that this precious angel could turn so quickly into a screaming lunatic, but it happened. ¬†I felt bad cause #1 I really wanted a bite of his cookie, #2 he was sooo upset, #3 I hoped I had made the right decision on how to respond to the situation. ¬†It was so unlike him, however, it has happened a couple times since we’ve been here in Utah. ¬†If you ask daddy, he thinks Cole is getting a little too spoiled living with Grammy and Papa. ¬†He’s going to have quite a shock when we move back to Austin, have the baby, and then daddy leaves again. ¬†Oh the joy of my life!

Lunch: whole wheat bread, low-fat cheese, turkey grilled with olive oil spray and carrots w/light dip  7

Went to swimming only because I felt bad canceling on the teacher with such late notice and because we won’t be here next week for our lesson.


Then headed to Taekwondo. ¬†Heidi had a prior engagement tonight and so we couldn’t do out Tuesdays with Heidi. ¬†We’re going to see if we can do it another night this week so stay tuned. ¬†Instead I got some Christmas shopping done and picked up Chipotle for dinner.

Dinner: 6

Snack: 3



Listen to your body!

This post is for Lexy and Carman‚Ķyesterday my eyes were opened to the fact that I am not super woman. What??? ¬†I know, but it’s true. ¬†After a Wednesday spin class, 120 make-up burpees (on the BOSU), and my Thursday buns and guns class where we spent most of the class on these:

They are called gliders and you can probably guess what they do‚Ķthey glide. ¬†These can be used for a variety of different exercises under the hands or under the feet. ¬†It makes the workout way more intense causing the entire core to contract while sliding back on forth on the gliders. ¬†We used them almost the entire class for tons of exercises such as: mountain climbers, one-legged burpees with shoulder press, side lunges, push-ups, and lots more I can’t remember. ¬†Since my core was already sore from my burpees the day before, I couldn’t complete every exercise and modified a lot.

So after all that, Thursday evening I started having some pain in my stomach. ¬†It was a hard to describe pain kinda of all over my belly, strong and horribly uncomfortable. ¬†I thought maybe it was something I ate, but I really hadn’t eaten a lot that day and nothing different than usual. ¬†It got to the point that when we sat down for dinner I could hardly eat and was doubling over in pain. ¬†My mom took over getting Cole to bed and I went to take a bath and get in bed. ¬†I did some googling and found that it was most likely gas‚Ķwhich my mom and I concluded today, came from some bad spinach in my green smoothie. ¬†The fact that my core was so sore from all the workouts just intensified the pain.

So even though I do feel like I listen to my body and don’t push myself too hard, I may have to re-evaluate. ¬†Carman and Lexy voted me out of the burpee challenge with a vote of thanks. ¬†I have not accepted this forced exit, but I have a feeling it’s going to be harder to keep up everyday. ¬†All I can do is my best and my goal is to finish the challenge one way or the other.

Wednesday’s Fire Bites

Pre-spin: 2

1 hr spin class +12/120 burpees

Post-spin: 5

Volunteered at the hospital, Wednesdays are now my official days.  Started getting a huge headache halfway through my shift so I grabbed a coke zero (after going 2 days without caffeine, yeah for me, 2 whole days!).  Picked up Cole from school and headed home.  I bought a kabocha squash last week to make for my mom who is doing a very strict protein/veggie diet.  She had bought a rotisserie chicken from Costco and I made the squash.  It was a super delicious dinner!

Snack: apple w/PB  3



Pre-buns and guns: 2

Kick my BUNS and GUNS class +12

Post-B&G: Muscle Milk light  3

Cole I went to the rec center and I Skype chatted with Keller while Cole played.  Came home and had lunch and both of us went down for naps!

Lunch protein pancake and green smoothie 5.

We got up just in time for Taekwondo.  Snack on the way: 5

I dropped Cole off and went to do some Christmas shopping.  Grabbed Chipotle for dinner on the way home.

Dinner: burrito bowl- brown rice(awesome!), small bit of black beans, chicken, fajita veggies, pico, sprinkle of cheese, lettuce, guac…this was the night I got sick, I ate maybe 1/3  6pts?

FRIDAY fire bites

Breakfast…another protein pancake and green smoothie 5

50min of yoga at home

It was Heidi’s (from Tuesdays with Heidi) birthday so I surprised her and showed up at her house to take her to lunch. ¬†We went to one of both our favorites Cafe Trio. ¬†I really wish she would let me take pictures with her. ¬†We both looked really cute today!

Lunch: 15?

appetizer…rosemary flatbread w/white bean, pesto, and olive spread…I had 3 pieces of the flatbread

lunch…portabello mushroom and veggie panini w/mozarella and a cup of roasted red pepper soup…ate the entire sandwich, and maybe 4 bites of the soup

dessert‚ĶHeidi’s choice, creme br√Ľl√©e I had literally maybe 2 tsp‚Ķso full from the rest of my lunch

Made a Costco run to exchange my Garmin‚Ķhopefully this one works. ¬†Picked up Cole and we went home. Papa has been wanting to try this BBQ place in Heber, UT (about 20 min from Park City) so we went tonight. ¬†It claims to be “Texas” BBQ.

Cole chillin’ on the way‚Ķthank goodness for car DVD players!

This is Cole and my skeptical face that it would be anything like REAL TEXAS BBQ.

Dinner: side salad (did not eat croutons or all of the cheese), brisket sandwich (ate 1/3 of the bun), 3 bites of Cole’s pulled pork sandwich, a few green beans

My overall rating of the place is a 5 out of 10. ¬†The brisket was good, but definitely NO extra lean Rudy’s brisket. ¬†The beans were out of a can and in water with a piece of bacon that was gray. ¬†The potato’s were good, but I’m not a crazy potato person, I can pass them up. ¬†The service was not awesome, they gave Cole RANCID milk! ¬†And before we even got home my stomach was hurting and I had to spend some time in the loo. TMI I know!

I will be listening to my body the next time my Dad suggests going to this BBQ place again. ¬†ūüėČ

Points Plus 2012

Who’s Excited For WW 2012??? ;)

Today was awesome! I was really looking forward to going to my Weight Watchers meeting so I could get my new 2012 materials and hear about the “tweaks” to the Points Plus program. I had already read Danica’s Official Review¬†and I was looking forward to getting that spark of motivation that I’ve been needing! I can’t believe it has been a year since Weight Watchers announce the new Points Plus program! ¬†Little did I know HOW MUCH it would change my life!¬† Once again, I just want to say how much I love WW! I think lately I’ve gotten caught up in the holiday madness and I have just gotten out of the good habits I had developed over the past year! It’s ALL about moderation! You can still enjoy the holidays and eat healthy! You can still have sugar cookies….. you just have to account for them in your points! Today’s meeting definitely reminded me that I have the power to make good choices, control my environment, continue to exercise, experiment with new recipes, and keep striving to live a healthy life! It’s not always gonna be perfect, but it’s always better to keep trying!

Backing up to yesterday…….

Wednesday Fire Bites:

Cheesy Eggs W/ Pico – 5 pts

Zone Bar – 5 pts

I finally had a chance to go up to my husband’s office to get worked on. I was starving and lucky for me he had a bowl of butternut squash! One of my faves! (They had a meeting that morning and there was plenty of left overs from Whole Foods!) ¬†-0 pts

He also gave me a new protein bar to try and I ate it on my way home…. :) ¬†-5 pts ¬†BioGenesis UltraLean Spice Bar

I ended up having breakfast for dinner. I feel like I have been running from thing to thing lately! I am helping out with the youth program at church on Wednesday nights now… so I wanted to make sure I ate something before I went… – 5 pts

…they ALWAYS have treats there and it’s so hard to resist!!! My youngest son ended up making graham cracker “gingerbread houses” covered in icing!……. Guess who had half the house??? ¬†Yep… ME! ¬†I don’t know what it is with icing these days…. but I’m addicted! ¬†Oh well…. it was good… moving on…

Today’s Fire Bites!

Turkey Swiss Melt – 4pts

After the awesome WW mtg… Chickfila – 7 pts ¬†(Got my hair cut and highlighted today!!)

Sample! -2pts

As soon as I got home, I was ready to start reading through my materials! Frozen Yogurt W/ Blueberries – 3pts

Turkey Chili W/ Spaghetti Squash and Spinach – 5 pts

And since I haven’t been to the gym since Monday… I met up with Carman tonight for a spin class… +10pts ¬†Yay for an awesome work out!

(Plus 75 burpees when I got home to make up for yesterday and today! When will the burpee challenge end???)

Ran by the grocery store on the way home and drank Muscle Milk Light while I picked up a few things – 4pts

The biggest accomplishment of the day is that I DIDN’T EAT ANY COOKIES!!! ¬†Woohoo!

What do you think of the new Weight Watchers 2012 materials!!?? Are you excited or annoyed???