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Alo ga?

I’m moving to HAWAII!!!!

Just kidding…maybe one day!  Let’s do a quick recap of the last few weeks cause I’m sure you can tell I’ve been a little MIA:

My hubby is home!!! Yay!! All three of us are very happy!

Completed the tough mudder. What an amazing experience! I would rather do a mudder over running a half marathon or running anything…anytime!! The best part was doing it with my hubby, sis-in- laws, and bro-in- law. I felt pretty good through most of the obstacles…until we got to the electric eel. Turns out, I don’t enjoy being electrocuted. Weird right? The best part of the whole thing was just the feeling of accomplishing such a feat. I love feeling strong and fit. It’s very motivating and empowering.

Four days after the mudder we left for our Hawaii vacation. We spent 8 days in Maui and loved every minute. Just what we all needed!


I have to admit, I am kind of anxious to get home. I don’t know how far away I am from my goal at the current moment (I was 2.8), but can tell by my super tight pants and growing muffin top that I need to get back on track. Is this déjà vu? Why do I feel like I’m always getting back on track? I guess it’s just life. My one focus now is getting to my goal. My new year’s resolution was to make it to my goal weight and I have a little over two months to do it. So I will continue on my second 90-day challenge and get back to a routine with eating and workouts. Stay tuned for details on how I will actually do it.  😉

Here’s a quick video for you…