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Banana and pb

Friday Fire Bites

Pretty chill day…took Cole to school, came home, worked out, cleaned the house while watching A Baby Story on TLC, made lunch, took a nap, picked up Cole, went to El Chubasco for dinner, took Cole to Wendy’s to get a “frosting”, came home, put Cole to bed, visited with my cousin who was in town from Portland, and now I’m posting.

Prego workout of the day: intervals 45min and strength workout from Tuesday which by the way I got from this website blog.fitandfabulouspregnancy.com.  I figure the chick on this blog looks frickin awesome so she probably knows what she’s talking out!

Pre-workout snack: 1/2 banana and 1 TBSP PB  3pts

I started watching “A Baby Story” on TLC while I was on the treadmill and quickly became addicted.  One question…if you are a woman and have ever watched an episode where the woman is planning on having the child naturally, why in the H would you ever want to do the same?  Seriously, screaming women, praying they can make it through…um God answered your prayers by making the person that created the epidural. SERIOUSLY!!!

Breakfast/Post-workout: 5 pts

Cleaned the house and it took a lot longer than anticipated mostly because I was still watching episodes of “A Baby Story”.  Very distracting!  After I finished, I was craving a chicken salad sandwich.  I ended up making an apple walnut chicken salad sandwich (recipe in separate post) with a side of veggies and ranch.  Oh and the last oatmeal cookie.  10 pts

Aunt Sasa wanted to go to El Chubasco for dinner and Cole and I never turn down chips and salsa.  2 shrimp tacos, 12 chips (counted them out, Sherilynn made fun of me), 3 bites of Cole’s delicious quesadilla, and a coke zero.  17pts

P.S. I was trying to see if El Chubasco had the nutrition facts listed on their website, which they don’t, so I googled shrimp tacos at El Chubasco and my post from last week was the first result…I was super excited about that!

Adventures in Portland

One of my best friend’s from high school got married in Portland in August.  I was so excited that we were able to go.  Since it was quite the distance from Austin, we decided to make a vacation out of it.  I tried to document my eating as much as possible, but wasn’t able to get everything.  This was 2 weeks after I found out I was pregnant, and one of my “bad” weeks.  I had 2 solid weeks of constant nausea.  I tried medication prescribed from my doc and that made it worse because not only was I still nauseous, but now I couldn’t go to the bathroom!  So in terms of watching what I ate, that consisted of watching whatever sounded good at the moment go into my mouth.  The thought of veggies and protein made me want to blow chunks.  So I did my best, but it wasn’t that great.

Keller started off the trip with an ice cream craving…who gets a banana split at the airport?

We had to stop in SLC on our way to Portland and had just enough time to grab a Wolfgang Puck BBQ chicken pizza before our connection left.  By the time we got to OR it was almost 1am our time.

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