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I’m experimenting to see how good this works. I’m blogging from my WordPress app on my iPhone because my Mac is sitting next to me totally dead and the charger is upstairs and I’m too lazy to get it!
I’m supposed to be holding down the fort on the blog while Carman and Lexy play girl scouts in Louisiana, but I’m not doing such a great job.



Lexy took the picture of the squirrel, afraid it was stalking her. I suggested a shotgun to take care of the problem, carman corrected me (silly city girl) you need a .22 so you can kill it, skin it, and eat it. I literally almost threw up after reading her suggestion!
I’m getting ready to move back to Texas next week and even though I came with only a Tahoe full of stuff 9 months ago, I will be leaving with a Tahoe full of stuff AND a 10’x12′ trailer!!
This is how my weeks have been going lately…do awesome counting points, drinking my body by vi shakes, weigh Friday lose weight, cheat Friday, Saturday, Sunday back on Monday. Why do I do this? Eventually it’s going to catch up to me I know it. Plus I end up feeling like crap by Sunday night. I need to think of better weight loss rewards other than food!
My P90X2 continues…I have this week and next left of phase 2 then a rest week thank goodness. It’s perfect timing too because my rest week will be the week of my move, but I’m pretty sure I won’t be getting much rest!
I want to give a shout out and thank you to Earth Balance. They sent us some of their coconut peanut butters to try being that we FLF girls love our peanut butter!!

And here are my Fire Bites…
Sunday: I only took 3 pics, that’s how you know it was bad, lots not included!!

Monday: back on track, started the day w/chest, back, and balance followed by ab ripper

My new nemesis…Ben and Jerry’s Greek frozen yogurt blueberry and graham cracker flavor…oh my gosh so good and so bad. It’s like having 1/2 cup of full on ice cream (like blue bell) so I only allow myself bites, until maybe Friday and if I lose weight again I might eat half the container!!
Tuesday: plyocide

Wednesday: I usually go to hot yoga on Wednesday’s but I’m going tomorrow so today I did shoulders and arms followed by ab ripper

So I apologize now if you don’t hear from me a lot over the coming weeks. I’m excited to finally get settled back in Austin. Try not to eat any squirrels while I’m away ūüėČ

Just Do It Even If You Suck

“Do Your Best and Forget the Rest”

The title of my post is Tony Horton’s (of P90X2) favorite saying. ¬†I’ve had a couple friends texting me this week upset with themselves for bad food choices, or lack of motivation to exercise, etc. ¬†We’ve all gone through this. ¬†It happens at the beginning of our process, the intimidation of what seems like a huge feat to overcome. ¬†It happens in the middle with plateaus or falling off the wagon. ¬†And it happens at the end when trying to maintain and maybe we fall back into our old habits because we’ve become a little too relaxed in our efforts. ¬†No matter where you are in your process just “do your best and forget the rest.” ¬†Get on that scale on weigh-in day, own it, and move on! ¬†Give yourself more credit because you are stronger than you think!

Speaking of P90X2‚ĶI started Phase 2 on Monday and holy crap, this crap is hard! ¬†So after attempting to do pull-ups on my husband’s TRX bands for almost the entire first video, I got on my computer and ordered a pull-up bar and assist band. ¬†I figure I’ve committed to completing this program, I better do it correctly!

Monday Fire Bites: 1 tsp PB (1), Body by Vi green greek smoothie (random sideways picture, too lazy to fix it) (3), chicken and raspberry salad (5), balance bar (5), Protein Pancake and another BBV smoothie (7).

Workout: Chest, Back, Balance and Ab Ripper

Tuesday I spent most of the day working on favors for my friend Taryn’s baby shower (pic in the bottom right hand corner). ¬†I got the idea off Pinterest, but personalized it for Taryn. ¬†She grew up in Chicago and loves Garrett’s popcorn, so since I don’t live in Chicago I got the next best thing, Costco’s version!! ¬†It’s cheese popcorn mixed with caramel popcorn‚Ķgross you say??? ¬†TRY IT‚Ķonly then will you be a believer!!

Tuesday FB’s: 1/2 banana and 1tsp PB (1), Body by Vi green greek smoothie (3), turkey and cheese melt w/veggies and FF ranch dip (8), steak fajita, 6 chips, guac, fruit, and a jicama, cucumber, mango salad (10 guesstimate), 1/2 tres leeches cake and 1/2 a homemade churro (6?)

Workout: Plyocide

Woke up Wednesday with a really sore back. ¬†During my warm-up Tuesday in Plyocide I tweaked it when doing a twist move. ¬†So I was kind of concerned about going to yoga, not sure if it would hurt or help. ¬†I decided to go and just be really careful in the poses. ¬†I felt really good during the class and my teacher told me to put ice on it as soon as I got home because the muscles would be inflamed from all the blood pumping during the class. ¬†I’m not sure if it was the yoga or the ice or a combo of the both, but the pain was totally gone by the end of the day!!

Wednesday FB’s: 2 tsp PB(2), Body by Vi green greek smoothie (3), Mint Cookie Balance Bar (5), Trader Joe’s nuts and cranberries (6), BBQ’d chicken w/green beans and leftover pasta (10), Starburst Jelly Beans (4) and 2 Red Vines (2)

Workout: 75min Hot Yoga

Nothing too exciting happened today, I took a picture of my home gym that I’ve turned my parents family room into. ¬†I got my pull-up bar and assist band today, however not only can I not find a doorway in my parents house that it will work in, my mother will not let me even if I could find one. ¬†I think her specific words were‚Ķ”over my dead body”‚Ķhello mother, phase 2 is only 3 more weeks and I need it!! ¬†Waaaaaa‚Ķmaybe I’ll have to do that video when she’s not home ūüėČ ¬†I also found out today that we finally have a house! ¬†I’m very excited to get back to Austin, but sad to leave my family and friends in Utah. ¬†It will be nice to have my own space again and feel like a grown-up!

Thursday FB’s: 1 tsp PB (1), BBVGGS (see above if you don’t know what that stands for!) (3), strawberry chicken salad (5), 2 Red Vines (2), peach, flank steak w/caprese salad, brown rice, and green beans (10)

Workout: Shoulders and Arms and Ab Ripper

*Numbers in () are WW Points Plus



Self Love

So I have a love hate relationship with hot yoga. ¬†Sometimes I love it, sometimes I hate it while I’m loving it. ¬†It’s hard. ¬†And if you don’t think it’s hard, you’re not doing it right! What I do love is the different insights the teacher shares while I’m sweating my eyeballs out.

Side note: I actually cried during yoga this week, not sure why, I think it was because the pose I was in really hurt, my body was super tight. ¬†There was probably more to it, I don’t often cry just because a pose hurts, but it was actually very cleansing, and nobody knows you’re crying in hot yoga because the tears blend in with all the sweat on your face…try it!!!

Anyway, the insight for this week was about Self Love. ¬†The teacher was talking about how we carry ourselves, how we walk into a room, are our bodies up tall and open or are you hunched over and closed? ¬†How you carry yourself says everything about how you feel about yourself. ¬†She also talked about the people who always have a lot to say, and are always talking about themselves, it’s like they have something to prove. ¬†If you truly have self love, you won’t really have a lot to say, you are content with yourself and have nothing to prove to others. ¬†It made me think of this really funny segment by comedian Brian Regan called¬†Me Monster¬†(CLICK ON “ME MONSTER” to see the video and laugh your pants off!). ¬†It’s all about the person who is continually one-uping everyone’s story and talking about how awesome he/she is. ¬†Just watch it!

I definitely need to work on Self Love!  Stand a little taller next time you walk into a room and see if it makes a difference.  How did you feel standing tall?  Did others notice your confidence?

On to Fire Bites and Weigh In’s.

I forgot to post my Weigh In last week so I’ll do 2 in 1 this week. ¬†Last week was the first week my hubby was gone so it was kind of like a detox week without trying ūüėČ ¬†I lost 3.6lbs. ¬†This week I lost another 1.6lbs. ¬†I’m super excited with my progress especially because I haven’t been restricting myself on foods. ¬†I’m just trying to stay within my points and doing my P90X2. ¬†I am also making sure to have a post-workout protein shake.

Wednesday FB’s: 1tsp PB (1), protein pancake and green smoothie (6), balance bar (5), turkey and avocado sandwich w/carrots and tomatoes and ranch (5), 1/2 tuna sandwich and a small portion of my mom’s salad (8), bite of brownie (1), Weight Watchers refurbished chocolate chip cookies first some dough, then 2 cooked cookies (at least 10!!)

Workout: 75min Hot Yoga

Thursday FB’s: 1tsp PB (1), protein pancake and green smoothie (6), cookie and coke zero (3), balance bar (5), pork gyro (10), 5 red vines (5)

Workout: P90X2 Total Body and Ab Ripper

Monkey bars


The hubby is gone and I now have 4 months to focus on a transformation.  I was in need of some motivation and found these on simplyshredded.com.

On Saturday before Keller went to the airport we took a walk down to a neighborhood playground where they had monkey bars.  I figured I would see how good I was at getting across ,being that our Tough Mudder in October has a monkey bar obstacle.  Guess what?  I suck!  Like literally I made it to the second bar.  So we will be working on those cause come October I want to look like this chick!

Boo frickity hoo you can’t make it across the monkey bars!

Sunday Fire Bites: protein pancake, balance bar (half), a piece of Maxwell’s pizza and red vines (no pic), apple w/pb, halibut w/veggies and fruit.

I also found some great sayings in our church program today about Procrastination.

So in the words of one of those rats on Ratatatouille “Let’s Do This Thing!!!”

Just a Quickie

As you can tell from Lexy and Carman’s posts we had a super fantastic weekend. ¬†I’m exhausted just reading about it again ;). ¬†My hubby leaves on Saturday to go back to Afghanistan for 4 months so this post is going to be short and sweet. ¬†I will have plenty of time for blogging come Sunday! :(

I want to spend some time on our trip/weekend recap so I’m just posting fire bites from yesterday and today. ¬†We spent most of the day yesterday in our jammies recovering from our trip and getting things done at home. ¬†Cole went to school and had t-ball practice after. ¬†Keller was laughing at me because I’m apparently one of the “loud” parents.

Wednesday Fire Bites: protein pancake and banana 5, turkey and avocado on wheat w/carrots 5, starburst jelly beans (dang you Sherilynn) 4-8, Trader Joe’s pretzels and a couple bites of a tuna sandwich 3, flank steak and veggies w/bread 8, bites of Keller’s Fat Boy ice cream sandwich??

Today we spent the morning at the park, it was gorgeous weather!  Came home and had lunch before heading to Salt Lake to do some errands.  These boys are going to miss their daddy!

Thursday Fire Bites: protein pancake and green smoothie 6, turkey and avocado sandwich w/carrots 5, Menchie’s froyo 4, Mom brought home Costco kettle chips low fat but high evil 4, chicken gyros 9, WW oatmeal cookies 6

I’m dying of lack of exercise. ¬†I’m not looking forward to my husband leaving, but I am looking forward to getting back into a regular eating and workout schedule. ¬†Gots to be hardcore to start training for the Tough Mudder!!