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Getting Back to My Old Healthy Habits – Cause They Work!!

*Warning – this is a *keeping it real*  kinda post. :)

I have been thinking lately that I needed to get back into the habit of blogging and checking in here daily again like we used to because it seems to be one of the last pieces of the puzzle of keeping me on track and accountable. Its the whole reason Lexy, Cyndi and I started this blog 20 months ago was because we needed and wanted to have accountability and the support. We can attest to the case studies out there that say you are MUCH more successful when you have a buddy or accountability partner. We are definitely living proof. :) Just yesterday we were checking in with each other via text and all 3 agreed that we need to get back to it. Hopefully in the process, those that read our blog can relate in some way as we continue to blog about our healthy living journey. There truly never is a finish line.

We are now starting week 3 of our back to school routine and I feel like I am still having to plug along and force myself into my routines daily. (3 weeks+ seems to always be the frustrating magic number when making changes) My summer self wants to just chillax while my kids are gone to school and not worry about my chores and to-do list….so I am still on the uphill battle with getting my new routine down.

I think everything from this summer is finally catching up with me emotionally.  I have had lots of new changes that I think I am subconsciously still processing and didn’t realize it. I have literally had changes in almost every area of my life over the course of 3 short months- new job, new church family, relationships with family and friends, workout schedule, stress on completing this Tough Mudder, back to school school routine, etc. Throw that in with ‘a little’ pms and you have a nice little formula for mental craziness in trying to process it all.   It has been too easy for my brain to go here –

…..with the exception of ‘I’m too skinny’ and ‘I’m too good’……seriously who thinks that??! :)

I am such an extrovert that when I get like this mentally – I think that I half hope the people around me will pull me out of it. What I am coming to realize is that I am the ONLY one who can pull myself out of funks like this and break down these walls. What is so cool about that is when it is ME using my inner strength to break down these walls…..it becomes empowering because then I recognize how strong I am and value the strength that I forget I have.


I love this diagram because I truly believe that we need to visit each of these four areas or rooms, daily. I have found what helps me is to have several different things I can switch to focus on or think about when I’m frustrated in a certain area of my life.  When I’m frustrated in one area….like my physical activity level not being where I want to be or not doing all that great on my eating habits….I can change my focus that day on my mental and spiritual health and listen to a motivational talk or I can relax and do yoga to relax my body and mind…..or I can spend quality time with my kids…..or my spend time talking to my awesome husband and explain to him how I’m feeling. (He always helps me think logically again) :) Relying on these things help me ‘get out of my own way’ and keep me from going into ‘self destruction mode’…..as my husband likes to call it.  :)

Do you feed all four of these areas in your life every day?? 



I took snapshots of my dietSNAPS day so you can see how I track my day in my app. I try to eat consistently every 3 hours. Today was a different story and a fluky day only because of 2 hard workouts  – I am always more hungry, hungrier…??……when I have a hard workout.



Vi- shake with almond/coconut milk and ice






Vi Shake with frozen strawberries and an Orange and Banana health flavor mix ins


Protein waffle – I use our favorite recipe but I am now adding 1-2 scoops of the Vi-shake mix and I think it is AWESOME and better than ever!!!!


power nap :)


Weight Watcher Chicken Fried Rice recipe 

*not pictured confessional – Devyn made cookies to take to a couple of families for Family Home Evening treats (hence the reason why our dinner was so late).  I did lick the spoon and eat a bite (or two) of cookie dough :)



Girls Day at the Beach

The girls decided last night that they wanted to spend the day at the beach. I was excited to take them because I knew I would get to relax and cat nap if I wanted too this trip because I didn’t have little ones to keep a hawk eye on constantly. :)

We loaded up, stopped by the grocery store for their snacks, and headed down to Galveston jammin to our beach tunes!! It was the PERFECT beach day!!!!! :) I ‘planned’ for a healthier lunch today and so we stopped at Subway to grab sandwiches before gettin on the beach.


Breakfast-banana, protein waffle w/strawberries & cinnamon cool whip

Lunch-Subway turkey sandwich and a few of the girls buffalo wing flavored chips

Snack-Coconut Vi-shake on the drive home

Snack-Vi shake samples at a Challenge party

Dinner-MyFit foods breakfast tacos

My hubby had his first jump today since his ‘accident’ back in February! :)

The girls said they had a blast today! Makes me smile. 😉

False labor contractions suck!


I hate springing forward!  Sleep is very important to me.  It didn’t help that I started having pretty regular and noticeable contractions before I even went to sleep that continued throughout the night.

Breakfast: protein waffle (Cole wanted Mickey Mouse waffles) and a green greek smoothie

Headed off to church.  My contractions started getting more noticeable to the point that I started timing them and realized they were about 2-3 minutes apart.  I wasn’t really sure what to do cause I was induced with Cole so I really didn’t know what all is supposed to happen when you go into labor.  So I started texting my friend Taryn who is finishing nursing school and currently do her OB rotation at the hospital.  In the end we determined since they weren’t getting more intense and I had no other signs, it was probably false labor.

Snack at church:

I wasn’t really starving like I usually am after church, I think I was more preoccupied with knowing whether or not I was in labor so I just grabbed some sourdough toast with peanut butter and jam.

I made my mom paint my toes in case I was in labor, cause hello it’s very important to have pretty toes while giving birth.  My sister and her family came up and brought us a delicious dinner of chicken, broccoli, rolls, and fruit.

Took a nice long bath…which ps in case anyone reading this is pregnant…really does help ease contractions.  Then had a small bowl of half the fat mint cookie ice cream.


Still having contractions so I called my doctor first thing this morning to see if I could get in to see her.  I had to miss my spin class, but I figured it was probably ok 😉  Of course everything was fine, I’m not in labor…as of now.

Breakfast: piece of sourdough bread w/pb and jam

Keller and I headed down to Salt Lake to get the rest of the stuff we needed for the baby.  I got a massage first, it was fabulous!  Spent the rest of the day going to a few different baby stores getting the carseat and a few other little things.  We stopped by Chipotle for lunch.

Lunch: brown rice, black beans, fajita veggies, chicken, pico, lettuce, side of guac and sour cream (didn’t end up using)

Snacked on some Starburst jelly beans while we were running around.  Picked up Cole and headed home.  Since we didn’t get to workout this morning we decided to go to the gym tonight.  They had a 6pm spin class and in case you wondered spin class does NOT ease contractions.  But it felt good anyway.

Dinner: wasn’t feeling like dinner food so I had BFD…Protein Pancake and Green Greek Smoothie

And now I need a snack!

Mar 1, 2012 1_26 PM_jpg

My Door Got A Lot Of Action Today!

Seems like every time I opened my door today there was a surprise staring me in the face!! I started out the day with breakfast… like most mornings… 😉  Then I got busy with my paperwork/computer work for the day.

Protein waffle with strawberries! I love this time of year…. these strawberries were awesome!!  -5

I was interrupted by the doorbell… I normally don’t have people just drop by, so I was really curious who it was… by the time I opened the door I just saw the tail lights of the FEDEX truck… he was offffff….. I was surprised to see the gift I ordered for my son just yesterday was already delivered. His 14th birthday is next Tuesday!!! 14!!!!!!!

Whey protein fruit smoothie – 2  Recipe HERE

Pizza quesadilla – 4  Recipe HERE

Then I got a surprise text that said “Check Your Front Door!!” I opened it up and almost had a heart attack with this balloon staring me in the face!!!  Thanks Carman!!! The Coke Zero and Mentos hit the spot for my afternoon snack! (Haven’t looked up the points for the Mentos yet!)

And she knows me sooo well!!!!! Can’t wait to hit “The Cube”!!!! :) :)  Who knows the Cube?? Any Marshall’s shoppers out there???

Protein bar – 6

Then Aunt Windy surprised me by picking up my race packet for the 5K this weekend!!! I’m super excited for my mom! She is doing her first 5K ever!!! Should be a lot of fun!

We met up with all the girls before a Women’s Conference tonight…..

We ate at Cheddar’s and I had the Hawaiian Chicken Salad…. with half the dressing. Uncle Tim said it was 8 pts…. Aunt Windy said 10…. who should I trust???

Me and my mom! Click  HERE to read about her weight loss journey! She is on Week 32!

Carman, Me, and Roxanne!

Me, Mom, and Aunt Windy! <— click her name to read about her awesome transformation!!!

Roxanne and Aunt Rodna strike a pose!

Madison and Devyn hanging with the old ladies! :)

Ran into Brenya and Rachelle and lots of friends tonight at the Women’s Conference. They all think I’m crazy for taking pictures every time we see each other…. but it’s FuN! :)

Devyn, Carman and I hit the new Frozen Yogurt place…. we’ve been wanting to try it out!! Sooooo Goooood!!!

K—– I’m going to BED!!!! Hope you had an awesome day! :) :)

Mighty Fine Burgers!!

End of the fun in Houston, back to eating my way through Austin!

We had way too much fun staying up late and getting up early…so here’s a little recap of my Houston trip.


Woke up early to meet Torry at his office in downtown Houston by 9am.  Grabbed a banana and a spoon full of peanut butter for breakfast.

He spent about an hour working on me and then I headed to Whole Foods to grab some food.  I was really in the mood for breakfast but it was 10:30 so they had stopped serving breakfast and were putting out lunch.  Nothing sounded or looked good.  I grabbed a bowl of fruit and a FAGE greek yogurt.  I went to get Lexy’s cookie and saw a cinnamon scone that looked enticing so I grabbed that too.

Had to stop at HEB for some agave nectar for my protein waffle and ran into this.

Only in Texas!  Got back to Carman’s and she made me a protein waffle…I was kind of mad at myself for eating the scone cause it wasn’t really worth it and the waffle was WAY better.

By the time I was done with my waffle I felt like a truck hit me.  We got the boys some lunch and then Cole and I went to take a nap.  Snack after we woke up.

The girls had some errands to do and then we came back to Carman’s and just hung out until Rook.  Dinner was more delicious stuffed peppers with spinach and half of a leftover veggie tortilla pizza.

I’ve never played Rook before but it was a really fun game.  And of course there was foods that always  makes it fun!  It was so nice to have so many healthy options!

And of course a few treats!!

I could only eat about 1/3 of the Better Than Sex pie made with sugar free pudding, fat free cool whip, graham crackers, and cream cheese…is was delicious.


Another early morning waking up for the twins birthday before they had to leave for school.  I had to contain myself from devouring some Granny Hinson rolls and bacon, instead Carman made me another protein waffle.

Headed to Torry’s again so he could finish working on me.  I was a little leery about going back after how crappy I felt after the treatment Tuesday, but it has been so long since I’ve been worked on that it was expected.  Torry tried to make me eat healthy food after at his favorite Snap Kitchen, but Cole saved the day with his craving for Chipotle.

We had an interesting discussion at lunch that Lexy talked about briefly in her last post (click on “post” if you want to read it).  Torry was telling us about the book The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy.  In the book he talks about an assistant he had that he helped make small changes to significantly improve her life.  One of the changes she made was canceling her subscription to People magazine cause it was time to start studying her own life.  Made me think, how many of us submerge ourselves in the lives of celebrities through magazines, websites, blogs, tv shows,etc. in an effort to escape our own?  Food for thought.

Snack on the drive home.

We got on the road after lunch and got back to Austin pretty quickly.  Made a pit stop for an afternoon treat…a diet lemonade from Chic-Fil-A and a delicious bundt cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes.  I bought a couple different flavors and took them back to share with everyone.

Keller was craving some steak from Texas Roadhouse so we headed over there for some dinner.

I had a house salad, the Dallas filet (only ate half of it), and broccoli.

And of course had to finish the day with some more Blue Bell.  I made my own flavor by combining Dreyer’s half the fat mint chip with a smaller portion of Blue Bell cookies and cream…it was super yummy!


Love my husband…woke up and looked at the clock and it was 9am.  Ahhh…so nice.  The night before we had stopped by the store to grab some things to have for breakfast.  I found one of my old favorites Good Food Made Simple frozen steel cut oatmeal.

We took Cole to a park to play.  It was freaking 90 degrees in Austin today!  What the what? It’s February!!!!

Snack at the park.

Then I was sent on my way to enjoy a relaxing Mommy To Be massage at my favorite Spa the Lakehouse at Lake Austin, set up by my sweet hubby.

Lexy asked me yesterday “what other things do you do at a spa? read magazines?”  I told her you just be silent and enjoy it.  Ha…she was like what’s that?  I usually go into the steam room and sometimes the hot tub, but both of those were off limits today.  So I just enjoyed some alone time!  The massage was awesome, they always have amazing therapists.  I was literally almost asleep by the end.  I also enjoyed a delicious healthy spa lunch after my treatment.  I choose a portabello mushroom sandwich with tomatoes, avocado, and cheese.  It was so good and nice to get some veggies in for my day.

I spent as long as I wanted showering and getting ready.  When I got back Keller said I looked rejuvenated and refreshed.  It was lovely!

For dinner we went to one of our favorites and pretty much the only Texas food I have been craving since being in Utah…Mighty Fine Burgers.  I had a 1/4lb burger, and shared fries and a shake with Keller and Cole.

Pretty much a super fantastic day!