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32 weeks

32 weeks…oh my!

So I’ve been pregnant for 8 months…sometimes it feels like it’s flown by, other times not so much.

Weekend recap…


Since Keller got home we have worked out every day, so it was nice to take a day off and just be bums.

Breakfast: bagel and green greek yogurt smoothies

Cole has been wanting to watch Stars Wars cause the previews for Episode 1 in 3D coming to theaters has been on.  But my dad only had the Attack of the Clones movie so we put that on.  It’s seriously like the worst movie ever.  I had to go get a book to read while they were watching cause I wanted to throw something at the TV!  After the movie we went to lunch at Red Rock Brewery.

Lunch: my fav tuna sandwich in a pita pocket, ate half with salad and a few of Keller’s fries

The whole point of us going out was because Cole really wanted to go get some ice cream, but I made him have lunch first!  So after lunch we grabbed a Cold Stone.  I had a “like it” size chocolate with brownie.  Oh so yummy!

I was cordially invited to the Waldorf Astoria in Park City (right down the hill from my parents and for any The BACHELOR watchers..where they filmed the Park City episode) to have a hot chocolate party with my sister and nieces.  My sister had a free night stay and in an attempt to steal my title of world’s best aunt, took the girls for a sleepover…aren’t they special!!

Cole and Uncle Keller came over later to swim.  The pool is outside, heated, but still…the temperature outside was approximately 30 degrees and dropping.  The kids were in the pool for maybe 5 minutes before they ran to the hot tub and spent the rest of the time there.  I sat outside next to the hot tub on a lounge chair in my North Face jacket and Keller’s beanie wrapped in towels.  It was actually super fun!

Keller was craving Cafe Rio chips and queso and I was still full from lunch so we got a steak salad to share.  I had probably a total of 5 bites, because that’s what it’s like sharing something with my tape worm husband (that’s what his buddy nick named him cause he eats so much and no one can figure out where it all goes).  But it was fine cause I really wasn’t that hungry.


Breakfast: Protein Pancake w/OJ

Keller took a 3 day job in Texas so we took him to the airport in the morning.  Cole was not cool with Daddy leaving again after he just got back, but we got over it.  I don’t know what my deal was but I was sooooo tired that we didn’t make it back for church, instead mommy took a nice long much needed and overdue nap!

Snack after nap: apple and Trader Joe’s chunky PB

We had a fun little family Super Bowl party with Michelle’s family.  We were commenting on how proud of ourselves we were that the food was pretty much all healthy.  We made chicken and pepper kabobs, pita w/hummus, fruit salad, veggies and light ranch dip, caprese’s on a stick (baby tomatoes with a small piece of mozzarella, and a sliver of basil drizzled with balsamic), shrimp, WW oatmeal cookies, and then of course we had to have some chips.  Michelle’s sister-in-law Missy brought a delicious buffalo chicken mac and cheese dish and these incredible cake balls.  Needless to say we were all stuffed by the end of the night…but it was all soooo good!


I felt like someone beat me with a b$&#h stick today.  It was bad…and my day did not help my mood.  Took Cole to school and then went to spin.  We had a substitute from our usual teacher and she was AWFUL.  Her music was awful, she didn’t know how to use the microphone so you couldn’t hear her, she didn’t have set sequences (like a hill, or intervals, or speed work) she just let her iPod shuffle songs.  It was the longest hour of my life.

Pre-workout: 1 heaping tsp PB and 1/2 banana

I thought maybe after I got home and got some food in me maybe my attitude would improve, but it really didn’t.

I went to get my haircut and that was the highlight of my day.  My hairstylist redeemed himself from last time and gave me a really good cut (see prego picture).

And then I went to Costco.  I spent almost an hour wandering around and left with only 7 things.  And then of course I picked the LONGEST line possible.  I headed up the canyon and started really wanting a veggie sandwich from Great Harvest. They stop serving sandwiches at 3, it was 2:40.  So I called to have it ready for me to pick up.  I also had to have a slice of their cinnaburst bread because (as I’ve justified to myself) we won’t be living here that much longer and I won’t be pregnant that much longer so I’m taking advantage when I can!  My sister Sherilynn who lives about 10 min from my parents house is out of town and needed someone to bring in here garbage cans so I took my lunch to her house.  Her driveway was literally a sheet of ice.  So my 8 month pregnant self (in flats mind you) had to shuffle in the snow pulling her garbage can down and holding onto my car.  I told my dad it’s a good thing I workout and have abs of steel 😉 or I would have fallen multiple times!  So I make it in her house and dry off my snow covered feet and go to unwrap my lunch.  My veggie sandwich is literally tomato and lettuce…like for reals…so I called Great Harvest to ask them if they had just run out of their veggies and she was like uh no I don’t think so.  UGGG…luckily Sherilynn had 1/2 a zucchini in her fridge so I cut it up and stuck it on and it wasn’t too bad!

Picked up Cole from school and he begged the whole way home to watch X-Men.  I read my book again.  Wasn’t really hungry for dinner when Cole was so I made him dinner and then we went back to the movie.  Even though he had just eaten, he wanted a bagel to to eat while finishing the movie.  He only ate about 1/3 of it, so the rest of it was my dinner!  By the time the movie was over it was time for bath and bed.  I literally spent the rest of the night finishing my book.  I couldn’t put it down.  I realized at 10:15pm when I finally finished that I hadn’t eaten anything else besides that bagel.  Oh well.

putting Cole to work

A new year, a new trimester, and a new title?

Happy New Year…a week late I know.  I’ve been in hibernation for the past week studying for my state CNA exam.  I took both the skills and written parts today.  In the skills part you have to demonstrate vital signs (temperature, pulse, respirations, and blood pressure) and then a set of 5 CNA skills.  The written part is 100 multiple choice questions.  Unfortunately, they don’t give you your results right away, they mail them to you.  I’m pretty sure I passed both parts so as of next week I’m going to start signing my name:

Cyndi Hinson C.N.A. (ps I’m totally joking!)

It does feel good to have that done and out of the way.  Now onto my other 9 prerequisites…ugh.  I’m hoping to get 2 or 3 done before the baby comes…ha…I know…like that’s going to happen when my husband is coming home in 22 days and I’m now in the 3rd trimester.  I’m aiming high though.

I know you don’t want to see a week of food pictures, nor do I want to sit here and post them all so I’ll sum the week up with a few highlights.  I felt really good this week.  The crap is out of the house and I’m back on track.  Cole offered to help during the New Year’s Eve clean-up party!

There’s nothing like a clean house and a crap free kitchen to start the New Year off right.

I did spin Monday and Wednesday and then the Buns and Guns class on Thursday.  I received a very nice compliment from one of my spin teachers who was amazed that I’m due in March and still going to spin.  At Buns and Guns I was feeling really good and probably did more than I should have but was able to do almost the entire class (some modified moves).  And then one of my moms friends thought I was due in May (not March) and told me I looked great.  So I had a nice boost in self-esteem this week.  On an unrelated, but still important note, I noticed that on the 2 days I didn’t work out, Tuesday and today, I was more tired throughout the day as compared to the other days.  I think next week I’ll add in some yoga on my days off just to help ease the soreness and increase my energy levels.

My food this week was pretty consistent.  On the days I worked out I had a banana and peanut butter or almond butter for a pre-workout and then a protein pancake and green smoothie after my workouts.

On the days I didn’t workout, breakfast was a Nature’s Path gluten-free waffle with peanut butter and a banana.

Snacks consisted of pretzels, cheese, Trader Joe’s nuts and cranberries, and Balance Bars.

On Monday mom made a delicious healthy dinner that was much needed!  Chicken, caprese style salad, grilled veggies, and orzo.

My after dinner snack were these almond butter cookies from Trader Joe’s that were sooooo good!

Tuesday after Buns and Guns Cole and I went to the Rec Center and then he begged me to go to Kneader’s for lunch.  He loves their chicken noodle soup (cause the kid seriously is a soup nazi!).  I had my usual tuna sandwich with a side of fruit.

That night I was studied while Cole was at Taekwondo and snacked on a frozen yogurt from Red Mango.  I had a small original tart flavor with pineapple and blueberries.

and then picked up Chipotle for dinner.

Wednesday night Sherilynn, Cole and I went to El Chubasco for dinner…I had shrimp tacos, they did not agree with me, enough said.

Thursday Cole and cousin J had their very first ski lesson.  It was so cute to watch them, their ski’s are super tiny.  It was a warm day and the lack of snow is seriously pathetic, but they didn’t care and had a great time!

Made an open-faced turkey and reduced fat cheese sandwich with avocado for lunch.

Dinner was pork loin with a balsamic cherry sauce, snap peas, and french bread.

My niece Hazel just turned 7 and had a tea party.  She sent my mom home with leftover for me.  I had a cucumber sandwich and one of the cookies.

Tonight we went out to Red Rock Brewery after seeing Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy (yawn).  I had my favorite tuna sandwich in a pita with a side salad, about 6 steak fries, and bites of garlic bread and spaghetti (Cole was playing games on my phone so all I got a pic of was my salad).

And then Cole and I split a McDonald’s M&M McFlurry for dessert.



Movies, Miracles, and Meltdowns

Recaping this weekend…


Awesome day…Papa took Cole to Home Depot and Aunt Sasa’s so I got to spend the morning talking to daddy on Skype and taking my time getting ready for the day.

Breakfast: some delicious bread Dad got at Great Harvest…I shoved it in the toaster (it was a little big)

I had a groupon to a local deli that I had been wanting to use so I suggested we all go to lunch.  We got to the place and it was a little sketchy, like it didn’t look like a place where sandwiches are or SHOULD be served.  We decided to head to Red Rock Brewery instead.  I hadn’t been there since I moved back and I forgot how much I love their tuna sandwich.  They serve it in a pita pocket with lots of pickles and it’s super delish!

Lunch: 1/2 sandwich, salad

Grammy offered to take Cole to see Happy Feet 2 so that Sherilynn and I could go see the movie The Way with Martin Sheen.  It was seriously sooo good!  I recommend it to everyone.

I was in charge of dinner.  Luckily I had bought some of the Amylu chicken burgers at Coscto.  Served those with Alexia sweet potato fries and snap peas.


Nothing important or exciting happened today…went to church, hung out, that’s about it.  My phone was dead so I didn’t get pics of everything I ate.


Balance Bar at church

Lunch: leftover Chipotle from Thursday

Snacks: 3 WW oatmeal cookies, no sugar added hot chocolate, grapes, a few almonds

Dinner: pork loin, red potatoes, broccoli

Had some leftover points so I split a Yoplait smoothie with Dad.  3



Yay for Monday spin class.  Got to use my new Garmin watch for the first time.  It was interesting to compare the readings from my HR monitor and calories burned from the Garmin to my old watch.


Post-workout: 2

Picked up my mom from the Dr. and we went to Great Harvest for lunch.  Split the delicious veggie sandwich!!  I seriously am in love with this sandwich.

Had my 24 week check-up and did my glucose screening.  This is where the miracle comes in…I actually lost 2 pounds from last month’s weigh-in.  My dr. wasn’t super excited about it, but hey let’s be honest it’s not like I’m on the light side of things!  I was excited!  Other than that everything is good, can’t believe I’m already 6 months.

I was starving after my appointment so I ended up eating the other 3rd of my mom’s half of the sandwich cause it was ginormous.  Then mom and I headed to the outlets to look for some Christmas jammies.

Snack: 16 almonds 4

Dinner: marinated flank steak, roasted veggies, brown rice 7

Thanks to Carman I got a great idea for the Elf tonight!


Sooo tired today.  Slept in until 8 thanks to Cole waking up grammy.  Had a workout planned, my usual intervals with lunges and squats, but it didn’t happen.

Breakfast: 5

Took Cole to the rec center.  He had a great time until he had to leave.  Wasn’t too happy, but he grudgingly came.  I bribed him with a cookie from Kneaders, which worked, kind of.  We got there and he had a complete meltdown because I told him we were taking it home to eat, which only increased when I made him leave the restaurant without the cookie.  I was proud of myself, I maintained composure even when I had to physically put him in the car because he refused to get in (screaming no!).  For those of you who know Cole, it’s hard to believe that this precious angel could turn so quickly into a screaming lunatic, but it happened.  I felt bad cause #1 I really wanted a bite of his cookie, #2 he was sooo upset, #3 I hoped I had made the right decision on how to respond to the situation.  It was so unlike him, however, it has happened a couple times since we’ve been here in Utah.  If you ask daddy, he thinks Cole is getting a little too spoiled living with Grammy and Papa.  He’s going to have quite a shock when we move back to Austin, have the baby, and then daddy leaves again.  Oh the joy of my life!

Lunch: whole wheat bread, low-fat cheese, turkey grilled with olive oil spray and carrots w/light dip  7

Went to swimming only because I felt bad canceling on the teacher with such late notice and because we won’t be here next week for our lesson.


Then headed to Taekwondo.  Heidi had a prior engagement tonight and so we couldn’t do out Tuesdays with Heidi.  We’re going to see if we can do it another night this week so stay tuned.  Instead I got some Christmas shopping done and picked up Chipotle for dinner.

Dinner: 6

Snack: 3