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You Can Do Anything....

Focused on Priorities

In case any of you have been wondering…..yes I am alive and well!! :)  Since this month started it has been all  cRaZiNess at my house and in my brain!!!  I’m not sure if anyone has even missed me or even really cares…..but I have missed blogging and sharing thoughts and ideas!! :)

When looking at my calendar for the month of May at the beginning of the month, I realized how crazy busy my life was about to get and I had to make a choice.  I had to realize and accept what my priorities are – especially in times like these when my calendar and our life gets this insane busy.



Putting things that I love doing on the back burner like blogging, baking, reading books and blogs, Pinterest :), watching my favorite shows, even checking/replying to emails at times, etc…… or that they don’t make it “above the line” as Dave Ramsey would say…….is very hard for me to accept sometimes. Its the FUN stuff I’d rather be DOING!!!!  This month I knew I was going to have to accept reality of my responsibilites or I was gonna become a crazy mama!!! (or crazier!) :)


This quote is the perfect mantra I would have to tell myself each day……..


And I had to remind myself each day to be OK with that.

It helped.


Despite the extra stress and demands – these are the things I made sure of each day:

  • Make sure my family was taken care of with daily nurturing from me: cooking, cleaning, healthy meals, etc
  • Get my workouts in:  we signed up for the Tough Mudder in October and began meeting up and training with our friends from church! I am looking forward to this new challenge and adventure!
  • Focus on eating more clean:  eating more veggies and increasing my protein while cutting out more processed foods has actually helped me focus on food as fuel instead of stress eating.
  • Sleep: I had to make a choice every night to go to bed at a decent hour or stay up and blog – I chose sleep. (that is HUGE bonus for this night owl! :) )
  • Learned to say No: I had to say No to several fun things so that I wouldn’t over schedule and overstress myself with trying to fit it all in.
  • Focus on one project at a time!! Then when that one was over then I focused on the next thing coming up.
After focusing on all that during each day, I didn’t have energy for much else. As these big events, projects, and end of the school year craziness fades away, then I will be able to add those other *FUN* things into my life again. I have been able to tell a huge difference in my stress and anxiety levels by not trying to do it all. Having this mentality really helped me to be able to enjoy the fun as they were happening instead of being stressed and frazzled and ready for it to just be over with.  I am truly learning and figuring out the balance that I need in my life, especially during the really stressful times.


Here are a few of the highlights and lowlights of the past 2 crazy weeks!

I had some pretty big projects that needed all my energy and attention. For starters, I was in charge of a HUGE fundraiser for our church Girls Camp and it consumed the first week. It was a BBQ dinner, silent auction, and a live dessert auction and thankfully it went over awesomely well and was a good time!!!

Then, the next day I had an awesome cousins weekend where we did our 2nd annual cousins sleepover and did the Houston Lupus 5K walk for my cousin Bev. This year we had the’ little cousins’ walk it with us and they were little troopers! Walking by the bayou and downtown skyline was a really pretty view!

While trying to leave the parking lot in downtown (to head straight to Galveston to pick up my Mama who had just gotten off a 7 day cruise) I started having random car problems. Thankfully my sister was with me and our cousin Bev had taken all the girls with her to head home to my house. My other cousin, who thankfully hadn’t left yet, took me to a store to get a gas treatment per my brother-in-law’s advice. That finally worked and we were able to get on the road – only to break down again halfway home!!! Thankfully I was able to exit before my car shut off and then I literally coasted into a store parking lot before coming to a stop. My husband, who was working the weekend, was able to come pick us up so we could continue on to Galveston to get my poor mother. Thankfully she was so patient with us and is a social butterfly!! hahaha  We went back to the car later that evening to change the fuel filter and that still did not fix the car. :( Luckily, Lexy’s dad came to our rescue and helped us tow our car the rest of the way home.

The next day my dad came down to help Courtney fix the car by trying to replace the fuel pump. That was a 2 person-all-day-job in itself!!!

and…….the car is still not fixed!  Another part broke while they were trying to take off the fuel tank. :(   Thankfully my mom was able go home with my dad and leave her car here for me to drive until we can finish getting it fixed. ugh at car issues!!! Thankfully my dad being the handy man he was able to help Courtney with our refrigerator that has started moaning and groaning along with other odd and end jobs around the house that needed fixin’. Yay for checking off the Honey-Do list! :)

On top of all that my iPhone is having MORE issues!!  I was having issues being able to use my dietSNAPS app for a good week because of a glitch on my screen that won’t let me click on anything. I had to resort to taking pics of my food just using my phone camera!!!!!  :(  (I figured out a way around it so I can now use my app but the glitch is still not fixed!! :( )


Thursday of last week  I got invited to Gabe’s school for a quick Mother’s Day Breakfast. His teacher said “He just loves you so much cause he talks about you all the time!”  Talk about melt my heart!  My lil’ Green Lantern Hero! :)

All this last week I turned my attention and focus to the next big event on the calendar- hosting a big Hinson get together weekend for Cruz’s baby blessing! I spent all week spring cleaning my house from top to bottom using the FlyLady cleaning lists going room by room and got as much of it done as I could each day. It was long overdue and much needed…….and made me feel SO much better to finally get it all cleaned like I like it to be. I now feel like I can keep going with my favorite FlyLady routines and stay on top of it better. :)

We had such a FUN weekend!!!!  Lots of family here and lots of yummy food – of course!!! It was definitely a *celebration* weekend -which means for me that portion control was pretty much out the window! :)  By Sunday night I was feeling pretty sick and ready to be back on track Monday morning with a good workout and a good ole’ protein waffle! 😉


Saturday – We woke up to a nice lil ‘gully washer’!!!!  It was POURING down rain and storming so we had to change our track workout plans to the gym instead.  Courtney and Keller put us through a nice little hour long circuit workout. Then we stopped and grabbed donuts for us and the kids and then headed home to make protein waffles. :) We then showered and got ready for everyone to start arriving. There was lots of hanging out, baby holding, catching up, laughter, and little cousins running around playing!!  This is what life is all about. :) 

All the adults out to dinner at Rudy’s BBQ and then we of course headed over to Menchie’s for dessert! :)


Sunday – Happy Mother’s Day!

I got up bright and early to get started on breakfast for everyone to come over and eat before heading to church. We made hash brown breakfast casseroles and the infamous Granny Hinson rolls. :)

It was just AWESOME to look around while at church at all our family (we occupied  2 1/2 long rows of pews!!!) who were all there to show love and support for this sweet baby blessing!!!


Happy Mother’s Day to US!!! :)   We were missing a sister and a sister-in-law;  we missed you Shea & Meredith!!


Grandma Terry with 14 of her 19 grandchildren :)


We all headed home for a yummy lunch that consisted of Cyndi’s crockpot tomatillo pork tacos, chips and salsa and green sauce, fruit salad, all topped off with Aunt Windy bringing Granny Hinson Red Velvet Cake and me making not one –  but TWO – Texas Sheet Cakes! :)


All but 2 of the siblings – we miss you Matt & Shea! :)

*For some unknown reason I did not even think about getting a picture with me and my kids or my little family on this special day (will have to make up for that next Sunday I guess)…..

so a zoomed/cropped version will have to do for now.  :/

I just have to say how grateful I am to be a Mama, and how especially blessed I am to be a mama to FOUR sweet and amazing kids!!!  They have made me the person I am today.


I am also thankful for my own sweet Mama and for the love, generosity, and sacrifice she continues to give me today!!


I hope you all had an awesome Mother’s Day!!! 






The Road Trip Begins

Wow- today has been a long, crazy, and fun day! My alarm went off at 4:30am so I could get started on my check list before hitting the road. I did my 49 burpees first thing and that had to count for my work out. I did not have a spare moment this entire day. After loading up the car (oh my gosh … the joy) we finally got going a little after 8am. We had to run a few errands along the way, so we didn’t get to Marble Falls until 2pm. I dropped Torry off at work, ran to the post office, went tanning, took the boys to see our old house, the lake, our old church, and met up with my friend Jessica and her kiddoes! We visited for about an hour before it was time to get Torry and head to his parents new house for our Christmas dinner with them. Trent, Meagan and girls are here too! Lucky for Ty, Trent is a huge fan of the WWE, so we watched Monday Night Raw! :) Haha!  Later in the evening, Carman, Courtney and kids joined the fun! :)

Fire Bites:

Strawberries & Banana – 0

Cheesy Eggs W/ Pico – 5

Zone Bar – 5

McDonald’s Salad – 7

This nice little message was posted on the chair in the tanning bed room…

The boys have been friends with Gavin forever… it’s always fun to see them together! They were sooo excited to see each other!!

It was so nice to catch up with Jessica! It’s been wayyy too long. We could have talked all night, but Torry needed to be picked up… and I had a Christmas dinner to get to! :)

Fiber One – 2 (I was trying to keep my points lower during the day, because I wanted to enjoy dinner guilt free)

Ahhhhhh- Torry’s parents picked up Rudy’s BBQ! It was sooo good! I had potato salad and creamed corn on the side… and I did go back for more sides!!

I completely forgot to take a picture of my dessert…. I ate a pint of the Arctic Zero Ice Cream – 4

As far as day 2 of our trip….. this is the weather advisory for Amarillo tomorrow…

Blizzard Charges into High Gear

As much as a foot of snow is expected in the High Plains. Driving will be extremely dangerous, if not impossible.


Dec 10, 2011 7_57 AM_jpg

The Festivities Continue…

Comin’ to you “LIVE” from my couch…. where I am surrounded by Kleenex, pillows, and blankets. I started getting sick over the weekend and have slowly gone downhill today. I had a super busy/festive weekend and I made it through most of it feeling “okay”… but as soon as I walked in the door from church… all I could think about was my pj’s and the couch!  Sad huh? 😉

Backing up to Friday:

Protein Pancake W/ Pear – 5pt

1 Hr Muscle Blasts Class  +10 pts

Protein W/ Frozen Banana -3pts

Turkey Salad – 4pts  (Met up with some friends for lunch and a movie)

Had grapes while watching New Year’s Eve! I really liked the movie. :)

Frozen Yogurt – 3 pts

Protein Bar from the office – 5pts

One of my BF’s turned 40!!!  It was Ciro’s birthday and Carman and I were meeting up for the party! Y’all remember Ciro right?? We did his success story HERE… be sure to check it out!

I was so hungry, so grabbed some of these on the way out the door…

My Mom and Dad met us there….

And it was very close to Torry’s office, so he met us too!


Good food!


Awesome house!

I just love Ciro! We have been good friends for a really long time… we were trying to remember how long???  I think I was 13 when I first met him? He used to do my spanish homework for me tutor me in Spanish! He drove with me to college one year and it was the BEST road trip ever!!  Hahaha!!  All I know is that we were supposed to be going to Idaho and he detoured through Arizona so he could go to Atomic Comic!!!  Haha…. and we were half way to California before he realized he missed is turn in AZ. I can’t believe he is 40!!! Which means I am not far behind!

Rally Hats!

My parents


Happy Birthday Ciro!!  Had a great time at your party and hope you are enjoying your weekend!!! :)

Saturday: Very Busy Day!!!!

Pre Run Peanut Butter *Ran 5 miles with the group* +8

Protein Pancake – 5 pts

Church Christmas Breakfast


Protein Bar on the way to my cousin’s baby shower…

Had 2 plates of baby shower food!

Check out this awesome cupcake! Icing heaven! I split this with my mom….

And just when we were on our way home…. my cousin chased us down and forced us to take/eat a cake ball!  Haha!  Yum to the maxxx!

Raced home to hang out with Ty and Kody. I went aluminum can collecting with Kody for an hour. He found a $10 bill in the grass! Made his day! Then Ty and I went winter coat shopping. We have a road trip coming up soon and there may be snow in our near future!  Woohoo!

Then I met up with some friends for girls night out. While we were waiting to be seated, they passed around pizza samples….

I decided on the Chicken Lettuce Wraps-

Dessert at Pinkberry!  OMG…………………………………………………

Heading to a family get together tonight and gonna try to get to bed early….. I really can’t afford to be sick this week!

photo 4

Happy Birthday to ME! ;)

Started off my birthday with a quick and CHILLY 40 degree 3 mile run with a new little running partner 😉 +5

we are dog-sitting this sweet little Golden Retriever, Cinder, for a family that just moved here until they can find a house. I think I actually ran with her instead of she went running with me!! 😉


post run shake on the go while taking G to school – 4


mid morning Zone snack – 5  I love this sweet & salty one!



Birthday lunch at SaltGrass Steak House with my mom & sister who came to spend the day with me. 😉 

yummy appetizer – I had 2 of these Range Rattlers & onion strings with ranch


a couple small pieces of the crust on their beer bread – yum!


I wasn’t too crazy about their tortilla soup – so I just ate the chicken out of it


I ordered the sirloin steak cooked medium with green beans – I didn’t know it came topped with butter and onion strings :/ – I ate half of it all and took the rest to go


we all three shared cake and ice cream – although we didn’t even make a dent into that cake!!  took it to go for later. 😉


the three of us 😉

with my mom 😉


later we stopped by a new Cake Ball bakery to try some – I had Key Lime first and it was the best one! Also tried birthday cake, buttered pecan, and cookies and cream. They are sooo rich!


When my  hubby got home from being out of town all day he took me out to dinner – I decided on Rudy’s BBQ – I got the lean brisket, pickles, onions, had a few bites of the new potatoes we got to try, and a slice of white bread. I had a back to my roots moment and went all country girl by turning some of my brisket into a brisket sandwich with bbq sauce on that slice of white bread. Its how I grew up eating it but now its one of only two times I will eat a piece of white bread. 😉


oh yeah- that is my leftover chocolate cake with redi-whip and a Coke Zero on my bed. My hubby and I shared the rest of the cake in bed. Had another killer headache coming on so I hit the sack!




Friday Menu – Lexy

Total Points – 36

Activity – +5

Pre work out… protein pancake with pear – 5

Attended the Muscle Blast class… very good class and as I sit here bright and early on a Saturday morning… my muscles feel blasted!  😉

Whey protein fruit smoothie – 2

Zone Bar – 5

Finally went and got my hair high lighted today and grabbled a salad at Chickfila – 7

Took a pic of the hair when I got home and ate some frozen yogurt! :) – 3


Rudy’s – 9

And more froyo – 5

Heading out for my Saturday morning run now…. Have a great weekend!!  :)