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Thoughts on weighing in weekly as a Lifetime Member

Ok….so I did not weigh in today at my WW meeting, I just checked in since I already have my official weigh in already for the month,….and I have to say it is a WEIRD feeling!!!!  I kinda feel like I skipped school or a test or something!  Not quite sure how to explain it….. but I realized tonight that for me personally, I am gonna HAVE to weigh in every week even though I only officially have to weigh in the 1st meeting of the month.  I am seriously feeling kinda like a lost puppy tonight. Its a very volnuerable and alone  feeling not having that accountability today to keep me on track. I heard or read somewhere recently that members who reached lifetime who continued to weigh in weekly were more likely to have continued success than those who only weighed in monthly. I think I am one of those people that need it weekly.

This may be just the new ‘jump start’ I needed! 😉

Now I will mentally work harder this week knowing I will have to step on that scale next Thursday!

Do you weigh yourself daily, weekly at your meetings or at home, or monthly??
What works best for you to keep you on track  and continuing to have success??