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Vi Shape Pancake

Sundays with Cyndi- Vi Shape Pancake

Yeah yeah I know…it’s Tuesday. Better late than never right? School started and Cole had his first day of Kindergarten. Tear. He’s such a big boy…so I’ve been a little preoccupied!

So usually I will make a dinner to post for my Sundays with Cyndi, but if I were to do that from this Sunday here would be the ingredients and instructions…


leftover Chipotle burrito bowl


On Saturday night, go to Chipotle, get a burrito bowl, don’t eat it all, put in fridge, reheat Sunday.



Sooooo instead you get breakfast!

I’ve been playing around with different recipes trying to find a yummy Vi Shape pancake recipe that I can be addicted to. Some I’ve made are too thick, some too runny, etc. So if you don’t have the Vi Shape shake mix, you can try and substitute another protein powder, but I can’t guarantee that it will turn out the same…or you can just buy the shake mix and love life!! 😉


2 scoops Vi Shape shake mix

2 TBSP ground flaxseed (just bought a big bag at Costco, cause it’s Paleo friendly!)

1/4C unsweetened coconut almond milk

2 egg whites

Blend all ingredients in a blender and pour onto frying pan on med/high heat. Turn when edges look cooked (be careful to make sure the bottom is nice and brown otherwise you’re going to make a mess when you try and turn it). Serve with 1 TBSP peanut butter (my fav is Skippy all natural with honey) or whatever you want to put on it!!! SO easy, SO yummy!
Points+= 4

Van's GF waffle

It’s the little things…

Yesterday was weird…I was exhausted.  Took Cole to school and then went to the store to grab a few things.  Came home and organized some stuff while catching up on Grey’s Anatomy.  Was about to take a nap, but decided I needed to get out so I went out to walk the hill.  It was a gorgeous day, high 60s and sunny.  I was so glad I made myself get out and walk.  The one thing I did notice is that it’s getting harder for me to breathe.  When you’re pregnant your lungs are processing more air allowing your blood to carry more oxygen to the placenta for the baby.  Add that on top of having exercise and altitude induced asthma and it’s a miracle I can make it up that hill at all! +8pts

I tried to focus on the little things today.  Like for breakfast, I usually just spread my peanut butter eyeing it to be about 1 TBSP…today I pulled out the measuring spoons.

Van’s GF waffle w/1TBSP Skippy all-natural w/honey peanut butter  5pts

I also pulled out the scale to measure ounces for my turkey and cheese on my sandwich for lunch…made some ranch dip w/light sour cream and a ranch packet.  Great Harvest wheat bread, turkey, muenster cheese broiled and topped w/avocado sandwich, carrots, celery, ranch, grapes.  12pts

Snack after walk: Chobani  3pts

And for dinner we had leftover chicken piccata with 1/2C orzo pasta and green beans  7pts

After dinner snack: orange and Trader Joe’s light kettle corn  3pts

And then because I hadn’t taken a nap and walked the hill, I was ready for bed at 7:30pm, didn’t fall asleep until 8 but still 8pm what am I …4?

Probably the best part of my day was my sister asking for an idea for a Halloween costume…I told her to be a text message and this is what she came up with!