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Whey Protein Fruit Smoothie

This is a very simple smoothie recipe. I have one almost everyday. It’s great for a healthy snack!

I use 1 cup of diet V8 Splash… my 2 favorite flavors are Berry Blend and Tropical Blend. I add 2 scoops of Standard Process Whey Pro Complete. Then I’ll add 1 cup of mixed frozen fruit.

photo 113 768x1024 Whey Protein Fruit Smoothie

I get this from my husband’s chiropractic office. From the Standard Process website… “Whey Pro Complete supports weight management, muscle tissue, immune function, and gastrointestinal health.” For more information on the product… check HERE. If anyone local would like to try it, let me know… icon smile Whey Protein Fruit Smoothie

photo 211 768x1024 Whey Protein Fruit Smoothie

Blend it all together in the Magic Bullet! 30 seconds to a minute…

photo 38 768x1024 Whey Protein Fruit Smoothie

Who needs Jamba Juice?? icon wink Whey Protein Fruit Smoothie  This smoothie is 2 points plus!

photo 46 768x1024 Whey Protein Fruit Smoothie


New Cook Books!

First Weight Watchers Meeting Of 2012

I went for a quick 30 minute run this morning +5

It was great to be back at our normal Weight Watchers meeting. Karen was on a roll this morning and really made the meeting fun! I have to say again that I love the tweaks to the new Points Plus program. One of the goals that I didn’t list in my new years resolutions… (but I have mentioned it before) is that I really want to get to 125 lbs! That would put me right in the middle of my ideal weight on the BMI chart. I’m hoping that the new changes to the program will help me get there!

Protein Bar at the meeting – 5

 First Weight Watchers Meeting Of 2012

I lost .6 lbs since my last weigh in. It’s crazy to me that I have maintained pretty much the same weight for the last 7 months! I LOVE WW!

photo1 First Weight Watchers Meeting Of 2012Tactio

I also purchased two new cookbooks! I got the new Power Foods Cookbook along with the Fruits and Veggies A to Z!

Photo on 1 5 12 at 7.52 PM 3 First Weight Watchers Meeting Of 2012

Protein waffle with raspberries and banana….. (third cup each of fat free cottage cheese, egg whites, and oatmeal…. 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder, 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla, and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon)

 First Weight Watchers Meeting Of 2012

Found these at the store the other day…. Special K cracker chips… 30 chips = 3 pts

 First Weight Watchers Meeting Of 2012

Cheesy eggs with pico – 5

 First Weight Watchers Meeting Of 2012

Dreyer’s French Silk ice cream (half the fat) – 3

 First Weight Watchers Meeting Of 2012

I posted over on dietSNAPS about Health Magazine!

Tortilla Pizza – made with turkey pepperoni, spinach, red peppers, and fat free mozzarella – 4

 First Weight Watchers Meeting Of 2012

Whey protein fruit smoothie – 2 (Standard Process Whey Pro Complete 2 scoops, 1 cup frozen mixed fruit, 1 cup diet V-8 splash tropical blend)

 First Weight Watchers Meeting Of 2012

Now off to do my 66 burpees for the day!

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Movie Night :)

Just got home from the movie! Breaking Dawn was awesome and everything I was expecting! It’s always fun to be out with all the “twi-hards!” We had the pleasure of being first in line… so that gave us a little over  an hour and a half of people watching. It was quite entertaining…. especially the lady that brought about 12 teens for the 7:30pm showing and she arrived at 7:20pm expecting them to all be able to sit together…. Or the lady that was carrying a huge tray with popcorn and drinks and actually thought the attendant would get her tickets for her out of her back jeans pocket…. CRAZY!!! And then there was us….. first in line….

photo 118 Movie Night :)

Fire Bites for the day…..

Protein Pancake W/ Raspberries  & Banana – 5

 Movie Night :)

*30 minutes of elliptical followed by 15 minutes of inclines* +6

Salsa Verde Chicken W/ Green Giant Veggies – 5

 Movie Night :)

Zone Perfect – 5

 Movie Night :)

Half The Fat Ice Cream – 4

 Movie Night :)

Turkey Chili W/ Spinach & Pico – 5

 Movie Night :)

Whey Protein Fruit Smoothie – 2  (forgot to take a pic til after the fact!!!)

 Movie Night :)

Gluten & Dairy Free Brownie – 5?  One of my husband’s AWESOME patients sent some home with him today! icon smile Movie Night :)

 Movie Night :)

Movie Theater Snack…. Grape Tomatoes – 0

 Movie Night :)



Lexy’s Daily – 8/26

I’m not sure how many of you take nutritional supplements.  My husband is a chiropractic kinesiologist and for as long as I can remember… I’ve been taking supplements.  I’m not alway good about remembering to take them… and sometimes I only get in the morning dose…  it occurred to me that I could use my dietSNAPS iPhone app to keep track of my supplement intake as well!  Most of the time I take Standard Process whole food supplements which I get from my husband’s office.  Carman brought up the point that it would also help me remember to take my afternoon and evening supplements because I would see it on my phone and it would serve as a silent reminder!!  :)  I’m telling you… you can’t hide from pictures!  I will start tracking this and see if it helps!

Morning Supplements Continue reading

2 – Whey protein fruit smoothie

5 – Protein pancake with banana

5 – Zone Bar

5 – Turkey chili w/spaghetti squash over spinach

8 – Little Caesar’s pizza

We met up with Tim and Windy and Carman and the kids for the first football game of the season!

Friday Night Lights is one of our favorite shows! I love football season in Texas!

“Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose!!”

4 – Airheads

Yay!  Nightly supplements…

And some frozen yogurt for good measure!  :)