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Good morning chocolate

Happy Turkey Day!!

Oh Thanksgiving how I love thee!  There is so much I am grateful for.  I’ll just list the important ones…my hubby, I missed him so much today.  This was the first Thanksgiving we haven’t spent together since we’ve been married.  My baby boy…let’s make that 2 baby boys.  My family (near and far), friends, health, husband’s job, and delicious leftover rolls ;).


Started the day off right with spin class +12

Pre-spin: 3

Post-spin: the store I was at didn’t have Muscle Milk Light so I drank just over half of this  4, and a green smoothie


I had to go down to Salt Lake to take my final test for my CNA class so that I could be passed off to take my state test.  Then Cole and I went to see Arthur Christmas.

Snack before movie:  5

Snacks at the movie: popcorn, 2 red vines, and 1 twizzler  11

After the movie we met up with Aunt Sasa at our fav El Chubasco for our some shrimp tacos…but they were all out.  So we had to improvise.  It wasn’t the same.

Dinner: chicken tacos, 2 corn tortillas, pico, 1/3 of Cole’s quesadilla, and chips  13

TURKEY DAY Fire Bites:

Cole and I woke up early…excited for the holiday.  I made us some mint hot chocolate.

Was planning on going to the gym for a strength class at 9:30a, but decided it was more important to have a nice breakfast with my family.  Plus I know Keller would probably call to Skype while I was in the class.  We decided not to go with the traditional homemade buttermilk waffles and instead turned the healthy Protein Pancakes into Protein Waffles.  Soooo delicious and nutritious!

Went to get on the treadmill and do my burpee/running intervals and of course I literally press start on the treadmill and Keller calls.  So I jumped off and we got to Skype.  He was able to have a Thanksgiving meal and have the day off.  It was nice to be able to chat.  Didn’t have enough time to do my full workout so instead I knocked out my 47 burpees (missed yesterday cause I tried to do them after spin and my legs were jello). Then we went to the movies to see Hugo, great cinematography, but SLOW AND BORING as all get out.  That’s my personal opinion and the opinion of the 4-y-o who was bouncing from one lap to another cause he was so bored.  Snacked on some popcorn and 3 red vines.

Came home and had some carrots and light ranch dip while I started the 2 batches of rolls.  Our family was invited over to a friend’s of my parents for Thanksgiving dinner so all we were in charge of making was rolls, salad, and veggies.  My job was the rolls.  They turned out perfect!

We started off dinner with some delicious soup topped with apples and bleu cheese.

There were also bacon wrapped water chestnuts and shrimp for appetizers.  I was so hungry by the time we got there that I lost count of how any I ate!

And then the delicious dinner was served.  This was the only Thanksgiving I can remember that I only had one plate full of food.  I was seriously sooo stuffed, I was actually mad.  I have never only had 1 roll, that’s like so wrong!  Good thing there were leftovers so I can way some more tomorrow.

We played such a fun game after dinner.  Everyone wrote down a name of a person (famous or not) and put it in a basket. When all the names were in, someone reads off all the names twice.  Then you start going around the circle and you try to guess who wrote down which name.  The last person to be guessed wins.

And of course had to end the night with pie.  I’m not a huge pie lover, unless it’s french apple, but there was no french apple for me.  Probably a good thing!  So instead I had about 1/2 cup of the delicious cherry chocolate ice cream that I have grown to love so much over the last week and 2 bites of a very chocolately pie!

All in all a fabulous Thanksgiving.  So Happy Thanksgiving to all and to all a good night



133 Burpees on carpet, gives you rug burn!

Yay for Tuesday…Got up bright and early today cause I had to get started on making homemade rolls for Cole’s school Thanksgiving feast.

I made the mistake again of missing my burpees…since last Thursday!  AHHH…133 make-up burpees.  So while the rolls were rising I figured I should get on the burpees so I didn’t have 155 tomorrow.

Pre-burpee workout:  1 TBSP PB and banana 3pts

Took me about 30 min cause they are seriously exhausting and I wanted to give myself enough of a rest so that my form didn’t suffer.  These were my hands after.

I used my mom’s chinese checker board to keep count.  I did them in 10’s, took a break, 10 more, break, etc.

Post-burpee breakfast: 5pts

Cole and I headed over to his school for the feast.  The kids all had a great time and got to try lots of different things.

I forgot to take a pic of the finished rolls and by the time I had the chance to take a pic, they were almost gone!

Snack: snacked on the mac&cheese (I wish I hadn’t tried it…it was soooo good and sooo not good for you!), 1/2 a roll, and those small pieces of ham  6pts

We came home and did some shoveling.  I put Cole to work!

We grabbed a snack of grapes, cheese, and a WW oatmeal cookie 5pts and then took a nap!

Tuesday is Taekwondo day and I went over to Heidi’s for Tuesdays with Heidi…I’ll make a separate post with our recipe of the night and instructions.

Dinner: Chicken lettuce cups  9pts

Dessert: per Cole’s request Wendy’s frosty  4pts


What will be on your Thanksgiving plate?

The great thanksgiving plate – What will be on yours?

Karen asked us what’s gonna be some of your challenge this week? Some responses were:

All week off/eating marathon
Being on vacation and away from home
Family saying ‘I fixed ur favorite dish!’
Game time with family & wanting to snack
Too high expectations at the family get together- just remember there’s never a perfect get together! 😉

We need to mentally rehearse before T-day – think about positive things and think about what your gonna do/eat and then make a PLAN!!

Think about Friday after Thanksgiving and imagine what you wish you would have had on Thanksgiving Day. Make sure you allow yourself to have a serving of that item so that you will be satisfied and happy, and can move on. The most important thing we can do the day AFTER Thanksgiving is GET BACK ON PLAN!!!!!  And get to a meeting. 😉

There are lots of ways to substitute or make little changes for less points and still enjoy Thanksgiving dinner. Use lite cool whip instead of ice cream on top of your serving of pie, give up a serving of that dish  you don’t really want to have so that you can have a serving of the dish you’re craving the most, pile up with veggies, use your WW measuring spoons to serve with to keep your portions in check, use E-tools to help you determine the Points+ values on some of your fav dishes before hand, cut back on butter or oils in recipes by using applesauce, bring a WW friendly dish or a dessert to the get together that you know you will eat…….the list is endless.

One member asked ‘How long before this meal would show up on the scale?’  Typically if you eat on Plan all week and have that one splurge meal/day then it shouldn’t show up on the scale. Remember that you have your 49 WPA and also activity points. I know for me I love to go for a run on Thanksgiving morning. I always feel like it starts my day off right and then I’m ready for the day, my metabolism is burning, and I can make better choices because I feel better and am more aware of how full and satisfied I get while eating.

She had us imagine that it was T-day……..What are u gonna wear that day? Are we gonna go dig out our buffet clothes or the maternity pants so we can eat?! Or are we gonna dress cute?! 😉

She shared her heart with us a little bit which of course made us all tear up- she lost her oldest brother a few weeks ago and said that she would give anything to hear her two brothers arguing again at this Thanksgiving dinner. She also said if anybody wants to break out the video camera or take pictures – you let em! There will come a time that you will do anything to hear their laugh again on video or see their smile in pictures- it will become priceless to those left behind. She said the most important thing to remember is that the holidays are not all abt the food – it’s abt the company. I love that. 😉

She encouraged us all to get to a meeting next week- will be talking abt the emotional effects of eating during holidays!

Motivational Quote: 

“Satisfaction does not come from indulgence.”
-Calvin Coolidge

So what will you do to make this year the BEST Thanksgiving ever???! 

*For me my Thanksgiving Day plan is to get up and go running with my husband, mentally rehearse the things I want to eat on my plate, go to my Granny’s house with a good attitude and have an awesome time visiting and catching up with my family that I love, enjoy my plate of Thanksgiving dinner, and have a good time play games with the family as always. 😉

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