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Peanut Butter tip & Muscle Blast

pre workout–banana w/pb – 2pts+

I’m finding that eating a little peanut butter with my banana before my workouts vs. just a banana helps me a TON!  I’ve noticed it’s helped me maintain my energy throughout my workouts and keeps my blood sugar stable so that I don’t feel famished when I’m done with a hard workout.

Workout: Muscle Blast class with Carla at 24Hr –  +8pts

This chick is AWESOME!!!!! First off she has the lean body that I dream of achieving, and second she does the coolest/different exercises in this class to really target your core and smaller muscles in addition to the larger.  LOVE LOVE this class!

Post workout/breakfast – ISO vanilla protein-2 pts+  & oatmeal- 4pts+

Lunch: 3oz shredded crockpot chicken on 50/50 lettuce with 1 TBSP Pioneer Woman dressing recipe

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