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Tough Mudder

Carman’s First 90 Day Challenge Story :)

I LOVE that the Body by Vi 90 day Challenge now has added a Fitness and an Active category along with Weight Loss!

Carman – 34 (at the time of event) :) 

Which challenge kit did you use? 
Fit Kit

What is your favorite recipe? 
Shrek Shake

What was your Challenge Goal? 
This was my 1st 90 day challenge and it was to train and complete my 1st Tough Mudder in Austin, TX with my FireLitesFire gals/sisters-in-law; Lexy & Cyndi and my brothers-in-law; Torry & Keller and some amazing church friends. :)

Did you exercise? If so, what type of exercise did you enjoy? 
We did circuit training, weight training, workouts at the track with sprints, monkey bars, low crawling, etc and Saturday long runs.

Which of your personal goals have you achieved?
Having previously done half marathons and a marathon, the Tough Mudder was one of the most challenging events I’ve done! It was a CRAZY AMAZING experience and getting to do this 12 mile 22 obstacle event as a team with my family members was what I loved most!! I loved training with some amazing athletes who inspired me daily and weekly. My biggest achievement was that I was able to complete every obstacle with my team/family, except those dang greased monkey bars – which I attempted TWICE!!, and I felt amazing when I was done!! :)

Is there anything else you want to tell us?
I could tell a HUGE difference in my endurance and athletic ability in my training for this Tough Mudder from getting in two Vi-shakes a day as part of my 5-6 small meals despite my diet not being perfect. The nutrition in these shakes is by far the best I have ever put into my body and trained with. I also LOVE that I can focus on a a new goal every 90 days! It is life changing!! :)

What is your next 90 Day Challenge Goal?
My next 90 day Challenge is to focus on dropping 5-10% bodyfat so that I can become leaner and stronger than I’ve ever been. It’s also a goal of mine to see some hawt mama abs for the first time ever!! I will also be running the Houston Rodeo 10K run in February and plan to beat my previous 2 years run times. :)

Check out my blog post on lessons learned from doing the TM. :)


Would you ever do a Tough Mudder???

If you’ve done one, would you do another one?? 



Alo ga?

I’m moving to HAWAII!!!!

Just kidding…maybe one day!  Let’s do a quick recap of the last few weeks cause I’m sure you can tell I’ve been a little MIA:

My hubby is home!!! Yay!! All three of us are very happy!

Completed the tough mudder. What an amazing experience! I would rather do a mudder over running a half marathon or running anything…anytime!! The best part was doing it with my hubby, sis-in- laws, and bro-in- law. I felt pretty good through most of the obstacles…until we got to the electric eel. Turns out, I don’t enjoy being electrocuted. Weird right? The best part of the whole thing was just the feeling of accomplishing such a feat. I love feeling strong and fit. It’s very motivating and empowering.

Four days after the mudder we left for our Hawaii vacation. We spent 8 days in Maui and loved every minute. Just what we all needed!


I have to admit, I am kind of anxious to get home. I don’t know how far away I am from my goal at the current moment (I was 2.8), but can tell by my super tight pants and growing muffin top that I need to get back on track. Is this déjà vu? Why do I feel like I’m always getting back on track? I guess it’s just life. My one focus now is getting to my goal. My new year’s resolution was to make it to my goal weight and I have a little over two months to do it. So I will continue on my second 90-day challenge and get back to a routine with eating and workouts. Stay tuned for details on how I will actually do it.  😉

Here’s a quick video for you…

Tough Mudder Fun

We Did the Tough Mudder!!!

I am sooo happy to report that we completed AND survived the TOUGH MUDDER in Austin!!!! It was SO much fun and yet so HARD at the same time. (I’m still not sure how its possible?!!) For those not familiar with what exactly a TM is…..check out the video here – www.toughmudder.com. Yeah – it was C.R.A.Z.Y. :)

at 12 miles with 1 obstacle left and still SMILING!!!!!

It was also such an AMAZING experience doing it together with some of my FAVORITE peeps that I love dearly- my brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law.  It was an awesome bonding and teamwork experience that I will cherish forever!! :)

During the event, it really had me reflecting on life and how it can be used as a metaphor for everything we do in life. Here are a few:

  • There are times when we have to go through things on our own…..
  • There are times we need the help of others – especially our family and friends – to help us get through our obstacles/trials in life – to help boost us over those 15ft walls or help pull us up when we are down or help each other get to the top of those 4 story high hay bales
  • There are times we have to go through our “obstacles” on our own but we can do it! We sometimes have to go through it slowly and carefully – I had this thought on the Mud Mile where it was nothing but slick mucky mud trenches up and down muddy hills. Sometimes we just have to focus on putting one foot in front of the other and watch those going ahead of us and literally following in their footsteps.
  • We always have those that love us on the sidelines cheering us on every step of the way
  • When we are going through hard things – like the dang electric eel – we have our loved ones there at the end to waiting on us and to help laugh it off and help you keep going!  (here’s a video to give you an idea! It got me every time I moved across the entire thing  and I was yelping just like these guys) :'(

It was by far one of the hardest but most fun events I have done to date….right up there with completing a full marathon a few years ago. I pulled up my 2012 New Years Resolutions again from our post in January to re-evaluate this year so far…….{!!are we seriously already in October????!!}………I was so happy to be able to check one off. I hadn’t picked a race yet when I made this goal – little did I know with my friend Dack approaching me in April/May about joining their Tough Mudder team what fun would be in store!! :)

Mormon Mudders!!!!! :)  These guys were SO MUCH FUN to train with!!!!!

My goal earlier this year was:

I would say running a 12 mile course with 22 obstacles counts as checking that one off my New Years goals AND my Live List!!! :) :)

Here’s a little video of us running through the LAST and DREADED obstacle – Electro Shock….with random wires hot of up to 10,000 volts!!!!

You can see Keller about :15 into it and we are right behind him :)


Here’s a little video I put together on our way home that night.


Here’s another video I made on the way out to Austin about my trip down memory lane when picking out which of my favorite Brooks running shoes to wear- we have run A LOT of miles together. :)


Have you pulled out your New Years Resolutions and looked at them again to see what you have accomplished and checked off so far??  

I will be looking mine over again to see what else I have checked off – or am close to checking off. It sure feels awesome to accomplish goals you set out to do!


Getting Back to My Old Healthy Habits – Cause They Work!!

*Warning – this is a *keeping it real*  kinda post. :)

I have been thinking lately that I needed to get back into the habit of blogging and checking in here daily again like we used to because it seems to be one of the last pieces of the puzzle of keeping me on track and accountable. Its the whole reason Lexy, Cyndi and I started this blog 20 months ago was because we needed and wanted to have accountability and the support. We can attest to the case studies out there that say you are MUCH more successful when you have a buddy or accountability partner. We are definitely living proof. :) Just yesterday we were checking in with each other via text and all 3 agreed that we need to get back to it. Hopefully in the process, those that read our blog can relate in some way as we continue to blog about our healthy living journey. There truly never is a finish line.

We are now starting week 3 of our back to school routine and I feel like I am still having to plug along and force myself into my routines daily. (3 weeks+ seems to always be the frustrating magic number when making changes) My summer self wants to just chillax while my kids are gone to school and not worry about my chores and to-do list….so I am still on the uphill battle with getting my new routine down.

I think everything from this summer is finally catching up with me emotionally.  I have had lots of new changes that I think I am subconsciously still processing and didn’t realize it. I have literally had changes in almost every area of my life over the course of 3 short months- new job, new church family, relationships with family and friends, workout schedule, stress on completing this Tough Mudder, back to school school routine, etc. Throw that in with ‘a little’ pms and you have a nice little formula for mental craziness in trying to process it all.   It has been too easy for my brain to go here –

…..with the exception of ‘I’m too skinny’ and ‘I’m too good’……seriously who thinks that??! :)

I am such an extrovert that when I get like this mentally – I think that I half hope the people around me will pull me out of it. What I am coming to realize is that I am the ONLY one who can pull myself out of funks like this and break down these walls. What is so cool about that is when it is ME using my inner strength to break down these walls…..it becomes empowering because then I recognize how strong I am and value the strength that I forget I have.


I love this diagram because I truly believe that we need to visit each of these four areas or rooms, daily. I have found what helps me is to have several different things I can switch to focus on or think about when I’m frustrated in a certain area of my life.  When I’m frustrated in one area….like my physical activity level not being where I want to be or not doing all that great on my eating habits….I can change my focus that day on my mental and spiritual health and listen to a motivational talk or I can relax and do yoga to relax my body and mind…..or I can spend quality time with my kids…..or my spend time talking to my awesome husband and explain to him how I’m feeling. (He always helps me think logically again) :) Relying on these things help me ‘get out of my own way’ and keep me from going into ‘self destruction mode’…..as my husband likes to call it.  :)

Do you feed all four of these areas in your life every day?? 



I took snapshots of my dietSNAPS day so you can see how I track my day in my app. I try to eat consistently every 3 hours. Today was a different story and a fluky day only because of 2 hard workouts  – I am always more hungry, hungrier…??……when I have a hard workout.



Vi- shake with almond/coconut milk and ice






Vi Shake with frozen strawberries and an Orange and Banana health flavor mix ins


Protein waffle – I use our favorite recipe but I am now adding 1-2 scoops of the Vi-shake mix and I think it is AWESOME and better than ever!!!!


power nap :)


Weight Watcher Chicken Fried Rice recipe 

*not pictured confessional – Devyn made cookies to take to a couple of families for Family Home Evening treats (hence the reason why our dinner was so late).  I did lick the spoon and eat a bite (or two) of cookie dough :)


Monkey bars


The hubby is gone and I now have 4 months to focus on a transformation.  I was in need of some motivation and found these on simplyshredded.com.

On Saturday before Keller went to the airport we took a walk down to a neighborhood playground where they had monkey bars.  I figured I would see how good I was at getting across ,being that our Tough Mudder in October has a monkey bar obstacle.  Guess what?  I suck!  Like literally I made it to the second bar.  So we will be working on those cause come October I want to look like this chick!

Boo frickity hoo you can’t make it across the monkey bars!

Sunday Fire Bites: protein pancake, balance bar (half), a piece of Maxwell’s pizza and red vines (no pic), apple w/pb, halibut w/veggies and fruit.

I also found some great sayings in our church program today about Procrastination.

So in the words of one of those rats on Ratatatouille “Let’s Do This Thing!!!”