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I am free…to eat cookies!

How fast can I blog?  It’s 10:47 and my computer says I have 44min left of battery, ready go…

It’s been a pretty laid back week.

Friday: I can’t even remember what I did, that was like a week ago and my brain barely remembers what I did yesterday!  I do remember it was weigh-in day and I lost 2.2lbs.

Saturday: went to an art party at my sister’s house and bought my first pieces of artwork, I’m officially a grown-up now!

Sunday: church

Monday:  Felt really sluggish and tired.  Did my workout and snacked a lot.  Pretty sure I’m missing like 6 food pics, maybe on purpose??  😉

 Tuesday:  P90X2 Plyocide, hung out at the pool, dipped Cruz in, Happy July 3rd? BBQ

Wednesday: Happy 4th of July!!  60min hot yoga, went to Mirror Lake with the fam, had a picnic, kids swam in the freezing cold lake, came home and had delicious pizza and vegged out in front of the tv, it was a blast!

Thursday:  Raining finally!!  We needed it desperately cause the state was pretty much on fire.  Did my P90X2 shoulders and arms, went to lunch with Sasa to her favorite El Chubasco, then she dragged me to 90min of hot yoga and I seriously thought I was going to die by the end.  I experimented with my Body by Vi Vi-Shape mix and added it to our protein pancake.  It literally tasted like I was eating cake!  Even my sister Sherilynn who is like ANTI my Body by Vi shake mix, for some unknown reason, said “mmm that smells like cake” then tasted it “crap that is GOOD”…HA!!!  It did get a little dry, next time I may experiment with the recipe.  I’ll keep you posted.

I also got a special surprise from my hubby!

Isn’t he sweet!!  Try not to barf on your computer!

Today: Rest day much needed, my body was screaming at me.  Also weigh-in day.  I wasn’t expecting a loss this week because I seriously had at least 20 cookies this week (weight watchers, but still!).  I was pleasantly surprised with a 1.8 pound loss.  My total weight-loss since 3/25 (the day Cruz was born) is 39.1 with 12.9 to go in order to reach my goal weight!!  I’ve lost 9.5 just in the time I’ve been switching out my post-workout shakes for my Body by Vi shakes, so I’m super excited to see how it continues over the next 60 days of my 90-day challenge.

As far as food today it was pretty standard…protein pancake, Vi-shake, snacked on some Trader Joe’s pretzels at the pool, 1/2 balance bar, and Chipotle take-out for dinner at a friends house.  Oh…and another cookie 😉 I’m obsessed!  But hey, I’m losing weight and eating cookies…what more could I ask for?????

Insight for the week: My yoga teacher Gwen at Tadasana Yoga in Park City gave us a great analogy about freedom.  If you think of a flag pole and the American flag, the symbol of our freedom, the pole is the stability that gives the flag the freedom to wave.  So think about that and put it in your own life.  We have the ability to give ourselves freedom.  The more stable we are in our lives, the more freedom we have.  So many things can interrupt our stability so we have to work hard to overcome them so that ultimately we can be free.  I also like to think of it as if I am stable in keeping within my daily allotted Weight Watchers points, I am free to eat cookies!!  Ha, ok maybe that’s a little reaching, but hey it seemed to work this week 😉


Daily Bites- Thursday

Total Daily: 33pts+

Activity: 0

I love Thursdays! Its the day that my weekly points start over fresh for a new week and I get to go to our awesome meeting!!! It is rejuvinating and motivating and helps me make better choices, especially for when the weekend is right around the corner.

Today was finally my little man’s first day of Preschool. 😉 He was excited.

WW’s has got a campaign that just started called Lose For Good to help fight hunger. We were asked to bring in cereal this week and I barely remembered to grab an unopened box we had in our pantry. As members lose weight, WW’s will donate $1 per pound lost up to $1 million. What a great cause!!

Last week was my official Lifetime Member weigh in for the month of September. Today is the first of my ‘unofficial’ weigh ins to keep me accountable and on track. I was down 1.2lbs this week. I’ve been fluctuating with about 3-4 lbs over the last few weeks so I am happy to see it. I am hoping with my ‘recharged jumpstart’ that I am now getting back on the downslide toward my personal goal weight. I will keep ya posted. 😉

breakfast: Zone Bar-5pts+

got a fun WW bar to sample!!!

mid morning snack: 2pts+

It was REALLY good!!!

lunch at Subway: Oven roasted chicken breast on jalepeno cheddar (they were out of my fav Honey Oat), no cheese, ALL the veggies except jalepenos and olives, salt & peppa. In my quest to get more of the Healthy Guidelines in I bypassed the cookies and chips and chose their yogurt parfait and a bottle of water. I was disappointed in the yogurt….wasn’t as good as the one at McDonalds.

ran errands literally allllllllll day!  Did do a few ‘shopping’ errands that were just for ME and didn’t feel guilty. Can’t remember the last time I did that!!!  I’m really working on the ‘Treating Yourself’ part of the program! 😉  I kinda need too since now nothing in my closet fits anymore!

afternoon snack: strawberries with Nutella–YUM! 5pts+

I made some caramel popcorn for my little Activity Day girls group that started up today again this year. The popcorn was soooo good and another one of my fav’s in the Fall!!

Snack: 6pts+

We can thank Mrs Stouffers for dinner :) I will have to come up with a crockpot or freezer meal for the 2nd & 4th Thursdays from now on.

Dinner: 1/2 cup lasagna and piece of french bread- 6pts+

Celebrating My Weight Watchers Goal And 10% Award!

Yay!!!  Our leader was back at our WW meeting today!
Karen is awesome and I just love her meetings!
So, like I said last week…  I hit my goal, but because my 10% goal and WW goal were the same… it somehow slipped through the cracks.  It ended up working out better because I was able to celebrate today and my leader was there too!  I didn’t realize she was going to call me up front… I should have prepared a speech!  Hahaha!  Got me all nervous….