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what's up

This is what’s up!

Just want to do a quick check-in.  As you read from Lexy and Carman’s posts we’ve all agreed to get better at checking in to help us all be accountable!

Here’s a few picture highlights: recording my workouts, new toys for Cruz, finding tarantula’s on my porch, Cruz starts rice cereal, 4 pounds from my goal ahhh!!!, the most delicious homemade Korean food from my sweet Korean neighbor, Cole’s starts taekwonsoccer???, love chill in with my boys, and going on a date to the movies with Cole!

I’ve been fighting a sinus infection for the last 2 weeks and it is seriously kicking my butt.  After one round of antibiotics and me telling myself I was getting better for a week, I finally went to a doctor and she put me on a 20-day antibiotic.  Oh joy!  I feel like the sinus infection has really affected my daily schedule and ability to get stuff done.  Cruz is going through a growth period and his sleeping schedule has been a little crazy.  So sickness, plus lack of sleep, plus being a single mom, plus school, plus soccer, plus my house being a pain in the A to constantly keep clean, blah blah blah, do you feel me?  23 DAYS!!!  AHHHH!  Cannot wait to sleep for an entire day, like door closed mommy is in bed for the day, do not disturb unless to bring me starburst jelly beans and ice cream!

The one good thing about being sick is I haven’t been that hungry.  So I’ve been consistent with sticking to my paleo diet during the week.  I have been giving myself cheat meals which usually turn into cheat days or sometimes cheat weekends :)  However, I’ve still been able to continue on my losing path.  Since being paleo, I’ve lost 3.7lbs, which honestly I don’t feel is a huge difference from my losses with WW, but whatever, it’s a challenge, it’s temporary, this will not be a lifestyle change!

As for workouts, I tried out a gym here in Austin and honestly didn’t love it.  I felt like the classes didn’t really challenge me.  I wasn’t comfortable with the childcare for Cruz and the membership is super expensive.  So I’ve gone back to what has worked for me…another round of P90X2!!  I finished my first 90 days and had a total loss of 21 pounds.  Pretty freaking awesome!!

That’s about all for me.  Just taking it day by day.  Thought this was pretty funny and totally true for me!!!



Loved the Bus!!

Back to School Time!

It is back to school time for our kiddos and I have never been more ready to get back on a schedule so I can get back on TRACK!!  For us it is so hard to be on a schedule during the summer and I need to create a summer schedule next year so it doesn’t get so insane and it can be more enjoyable.

Our Back to School morning –

We have a 10th grader, 4th graders and our little man is in Pre-K. :)

Here is a little video for ya – I haven’t done a video in a longggg time and have had a serious OCD/paranoia about doing one…..I had a thought to just do it while waiting for Gabe to get home from school off the bus. So lucky for y’all I got out of my comfort zone and just did it!! What cha see is what ya get! ha!  :)

After School –

Loved his first ever bus ride!!!


Didn’t waste any time chillaxin!!!!


The girls created a school journal with their 6 month old baby picture……..


WHERE has the TIME gone??!!!!!


I’m excited to get back to my normal habits and routines that made me happier and my life flow so much easier. Some examples are: 

  • Getting in my early morning workouts by 5:30am
  • Eating every 3 hours consistently
  • Focusing on my meals and snacks and centering them around my 2 awesome Vi-shakes that I LOVE!
  • Get back to cooking and eating dinner every night at the table as a family
  • Doing my FlyLady routines so my house will stay under control and be more peaceful and relaxing
  • Focus on getting in my water – I am still horrible at this!!!
  • Make better use of my evenings and quality family time
  • Attending my weekly WW meetings again for the accountable weigh ins, the meeting reminders of the healthy habits I created last year that helped me maintain weight loss for over a year, and to continue to get ideas.
  • Posting everyday here on FireLitesFire to get me back to being accountable
  • Faithfully using my dietSNAPS app to track everything I eat and drink

*One main thing I learned looking back over this summer is that I need to go back to the habits that I created because  of how successful they were for me. I have to remind myself NOT to try to reinvent the wheel. I just need to keep it simple and go back to the basics of what I did before……because obviously it worked!!! :)  I love that I can go back to those familiar habits and then just keep building new healthy habits on top of those. That’s how we become our BEST selves. :)

My newest habit and goal

  • Learn how to balance working full from home sharing the 90 Day Challenge that I love with others so they can change their life and get healthier, along with maintaining all my duties as a mom and wife!  :)


My FireBites Today:

Workout: strength training session in my garage – Chest & Tri’s
Post workout breakfast taking kids to school :  Green Vi-Shake – 4pts+
Mid morning snack while working:  Vi Nutra Cookie – 5pts+
Lunch:  Tortilla turkey pepperoni pizza w/1tsp EVOO – 6pts+ 
Mid Afternoon snack:  Orange Banana Vi-Shake – 4pts+
Dinner:  chili with spaghetti squash and cilantro – 6pts+ 
*not pictured – bbq chips, a peanut butter Vi- cookie, and snickerdoodle cookies my daughter made for family night  :( (I’ve been totally stress eating lately but I’m owning it so each day I will get better)  :) 


How was your first day back to school??? 

american flag

I am free…to eat cookies!

How fast can I blog?  It’s 10:47 and my computer says I have 44min left of battery, ready go…

It’s been a pretty laid back week.

Friday: I can’t even remember what I did, that was like a week ago and my brain barely remembers what I did yesterday!  I do remember it was weigh-in day and I lost 2.2lbs.

Saturday: went to an art party at my sister’s house and bought my first pieces of artwork, I’m officially a grown-up now!

Sunday: church

Monday:  Felt really sluggish and tired.  Did my workout and snacked a lot.  Pretty sure I’m missing like 6 food pics, maybe on purpose??  😉

 Tuesday:  P90X2 Plyocide, hung out at the pool, dipped Cruz in, Happy July 3rd? BBQ

Wednesday: Happy 4th of July!!  60min hot yoga, went to Mirror Lake with the fam, had a picnic, kids swam in the freezing cold lake, came home and had delicious pizza and vegged out in front of the tv, it was a blast!

Thursday:  Raining finally!!  We needed it desperately cause the state was pretty much on fire.  Did my P90X2 shoulders and arms, went to lunch with Sasa to her favorite El Chubasco, then she dragged me to 90min of hot yoga and I seriously thought I was going to die by the end.  I experimented with my Body by Vi Vi-Shape mix and added it to our protein pancake.  It literally tasted like I was eating cake!  Even my sister Sherilynn who is like ANTI my Body by Vi shake mix, for some unknown reason, said “mmm that smells like cake” then tasted it “crap that is GOOD”…HA!!!  It did get a little dry, next time I may experiment with the recipe.  I’ll keep you posted.

I also got a special surprise from my hubby!

Isn’t he sweet!!  Try not to barf on your computer!

Today: Rest day much needed, my body was screaming at me.  Also weigh-in day.  I wasn’t expecting a loss this week because I seriously had at least 20 cookies this week (weight watchers, but still!).  I was pleasantly surprised with a 1.8 pound loss.  My total weight-loss since 3/25 (the day Cruz was born) is 39.1 with 12.9 to go in order to reach my goal weight!!  I’ve lost 9.5 just in the time I’ve been switching out my post-workout shakes for my Body by Vi shakes, so I’m super excited to see how it continues over the next 60 days of my 90-day challenge.

As far as food today it was pretty standard…protein pancake, Vi-shake, snacked on some Trader Joe’s pretzels at the pool, 1/2 balance bar, and Chipotle take-out for dinner at a friends house.  Oh…and another cookie 😉 I’m obsessed!  But hey, I’m losing weight and eating cookies…what more could I ask for?????

Insight for the week: My yoga teacher Gwen at Tadasana Yoga in Park City gave us a great analogy about freedom.  If you think of a flag pole and the American flag, the symbol of our freedom, the pole is the stability that gives the flag the freedom to wave.  So think about that and put it in your own life.  We have the ability to give ourselves freedom.  The more stable we are in our lives, the more freedom we have.  So many things can interrupt our stability so we have to work hard to overcome them so that ultimately we can be free.  I also like to think of it as if I am stable in keeping within my daily allotted Weight Watchers points, I am free to eat cookies!!  Ha, ok maybe that’s a little reaching, but hey it seemed to work this week 😉


photo 2

Health Magazine “I Did It” Photo Shoot :)

I have had a really busy and fun weekend! The Health Magazine photo shoot has come and gone. It was so much fun!! It still seems unreal to me that it actually happened. Having that experience on Friday made me really appreciate my weight loss journey. I can’t believe that just 6 or 7 years ago, I was in a totally different place and mindset. Back then, I felt so miserable, uncomfortable, & defeated…  I never thought it would *really* be possible to reach my goals. I remember very clearly how I felt and I am so glad that I was able to implement small changes over time that have now made such a big difference in my life.

2006 to 2012!


Saturday, June 9th was my one year mark for actually reaching my goal of being UNDER 140 lbs! For the last year, I have been able to maintain my weight between 135 and 138 lbs! That still shocks me!!!


I love the TargetWeight app for keeping track of my weight loss! The balloons were such a fun surprise that day! :)


It really is a slow and steady process….


I put together this little video clip of the photo shoot! I’m so thankful to Torry, the boys, my mom and Carman for being there with me! Their support made me feel so much more comfortable!! I’m also grateful for all of the pictures and videos that they took for me!! It was definitely a day I will never forget!!


Torry was laughing at me because I didn’t want to wash my face!! I have never had my make-up done professionally before!!


I even went running the next morning with my make-up still on! Hahaha!!! *I know, I’m gross!*


I wanted to thank Misty from ThePerfectFace and Phoebe of PhoebeRourke.com for being so cool during the photo shoot! They were awesome and made me feel very comfortable. I had such a great time working with them!! Be sure to click on their sites and check them out! Also, I wanted to say THANK YOU to Niki at Lululemon for helping me pick out clothes!! And a huge THANKS to Ashley at Tootsies for providing me with even more awesome clothes! I wish I would have been able to wear all of the outfits that I brought! It was definitely fun to be able to try on so many awesome outfits this week!

Me and Misty!


Me and Phoebe!


Me and Ashley!

The article should be coming out in the October issue of Health Magazine… I’ll keep you posted if anything changes! :)