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Day 5

Errand Day

Ran the roads today for appointments – working on our blog, took Devyn & Hannah to a Girls Camp party/sleepover, treatment with my AWESOME Applied Kinesiologist :), and then came home to have a QUIET date night at home with my hubby.  :)  On the way home I grabbed our fav Bullritos salads and red box movies.


Fire Bites: 

Breakfast – Vi shake – with coconut, spinach, frozen banana

Snack – Zonebar

Lunch – 2 Jack in the Box tacos / somebody left a Whataburger Chocolate chip cookie in my car that was calling my name :)

Supper – Bullritos grilled chicken salad – YUM!!

Dessert – Coconut milk Vi shake




My 2nd Houston Rodeo 10K Run

Lexy and I signed up for the Houston Rodeo 10K Run again this year! Last year I ran it right at the beginning of starting Weight Watchers and I was trying to get back into running again after a break.  So I signed up for this race to try to motivate me. I ended up running the whole thing (instead of run/walking like I had been) because I had a speedy running buddy that helped me push myself and the race atmosphere is always awesome as well! 😉

So I was excited to run it this year since I’ve been running with the gals on Saturdays for a while. Since running with them and being 20 pounds lighter than last year…….I felt MUCH more conditioned and was curious to see how well I would do.

We all car pooled up to downtown…it was so much fun to have more people we knew running this year!!! The more the merrier!!!!

Heather & Erin are the awesome gals we run with on Saturdays and Tammy is a WW receptionist and new WW leader we have gotten to know. Check out her AMAZING 120lb weight loss story HERE!!!!


my sweet poor injured hubby came up with Torry to watch us run  – then they headed over to Torry’s office to get started on his treatment to get him all put together again. 😉

waiting in line to get on the shuttle to get over to the start line – Carman, Tammy, Erin, Lexy, and Heather


at the start line we ran into some of Lexy’s peeps she used to run with and had to all get a pic

I remembered just as we were starting to shuffle forward after the gun went off that I wanted to take a pic of us with the crowd behind us like I did last year at the start line (see pic below)……so I had to rush real quick and do it. I cracked up at the random guy waving as I snapped the picture. hahaha!

**this was our picture from last year (2011) at race start line. What a difference 20 pounds less makes!!!**


running on an overpass with downtown on the horizon 😉


We all 3 came in together and finished in 1:01 ! So happy for Tammy – this was her 1st 10K race!!!! Way to GO Tammy!!!!

**My time last year was 1:11 – I am thrilled that I shaved 10 mins off my time but I am even more thrilled that this year was a new 10K PR (personal record) for me!!  My first 10K I ever ran was in 2004 when we lived in Washington state and I completed it in 1:03. 😉  So YAY for small victories!!

These 2 sweet gals, Brittany and Kallae, are in our Thursday WW meeting each week with us so we had to link up and get a picture after we all completed!!!!  Way ta go ladies!!! 😉

We walked around gathering our post race goodies and we finally found our zero point bananas!!!!!!

Lexy and I representing dietSNAPS with our snazzy new shirts!!! 😉

we were hoping for it to be a cool way to spread the word about this AWESOME app as we ran!!!!

A look back at this time last year…………

I think its always awesome to look back at where I was a year ago at times to remind me at how far I have really come and give myself credit for my accomplishments.

last years rodeo run – Feb 2011


3 years ago in Jan 2009 -I ran the Cheveron Houston Half Marathon weighing about 165lbs






My Fire Bites for the day:

pre-race fuel on the way to downtown – 3

*earned +10 activity points

The best part- post race samples!!!!! 😉

My Fit foods cup with rice, egg, sausage and pico -I believe


HEB Creations fudge bar


Clif Shot blocks – really good!!!


Clif bar samples – super yummy!!

a couple of these fun size kit kats on the way home

mid afternoon snack  after a good hot shower – 5


Jay made chocolate chip cookies and so naturally I had WAYY too many!


dinner – Whataburger and a Dr Pepper 10