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Day 3 C-ville

The Internet at the luxurious Holiday Inn Express is super testy.  Especially when I’ve been trying to post at night, it usually doesn’t work very well.  So that’s why I’m raining a little late on posts…

Friday…kind of a “nothing seemed to go right” day

Breakfast: eggo w/pb and banana

Went to Target to buy a yoga mat, because I forgot mine, and went to a yoga class I thought started at 10:30, but actually started at 10:15.  So I had to sneak in the back which by the way is totally against yoga etiquette!!  I don’t know if I’m just a yoga snob now or what, but I did not enjoy the class at all.  The teacher had us doing random things and nothing flowed.  Plus it was only 30 min because I was late so I literally felt like I got nothing out of it, which totally sucked because I had been really looking forward to it.

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