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Take One Day at a Time

The last couple of weeks I have really been trying to sort out all the chaos in my brain that I think I need to store in there – but I feel like it is making me cRaZy!!  I read an article the other day that my brother-in-law had emailed me back in early December that I just now got to it after cleaning out 800+ emails the other day. (I told you its been BAD around here!!)  It was an article called Reduce Stress by Dividing Your Day Into Three Operational Modes . After reading that article I realized that I’ve been trying to do all 3 modes at the SAME TIME instead of giving each mode the time it deserves. This would explain a lot of why I fee at times like I have ADD…..or I feel like I’m meeting myself comin and a goin (there’s one for your list Lexy! 😉 )……or always I feel like I have too many irons in the fire….. too many unfinished projects…..or I’m running around like a chicken with its head cut off – and there’s more where that came from if you don’t catch my drift at the craziness I feel!!! 😉

So last week I started thinking about the different ways I used to do things and decided I need to just get back to the basics, simplify my life, and take BABYSTEPS. When I joined Weight Watchers last year, I didn’t loose that 20lbs over night and it didn’t come off easy. It was by taking baby steps and making small daily changes and by being CONSISTENT that I began to FEEL and SEE the difference.  These other areas of my life are no different……I just need to apply the same attitude to these as well. So forgive me if it seems like I become a hermit and get on top of everything. Sometimes its the only way I know how and the only way that will make me feel better. I feel like Janu-weary has now turned to Febru-weary…..so I can’t wait for MARCH and spring time!!

I love Dave Ramsey and his method to managing your finances – my goal is get back to this system again because it works!

As I have said before I just LOVE the FlyLady and her words of wisdom and encouragement!!  She has a way of simplifying things to get them done and feel proud of your accomplishments. I overwhelm myself because of my perfectionism. I just need to start using my morning, afternoon, and before bedtime routines and I know I will feel a difference. I also need to start setting my timer for 15 mins to get my tasks done instead of dreading them.

My Tuesday Fire Bites:

woke up with a headache and super exhausted!!

zone bar

had to lay down after dropping kids off to school and take a mid-morning nap. Weird. Probably a lot is stress and adrenals down the drain.


lunch – protein waffle with strawberries, FF frozen cool whip, and agave


was wanting something sweet – tried this flavor for the first time today – Fudge Graham – was really good!! Sweeter than the other chocolate ones – could see this one as a dessert! 😉


pb and banana snack on the way to an apt


tortilla pizza with marinara sauce, crockpot shredded chicken, mozzarella cheese, spinach, purple onions, red pepper & garlic – then 2 tsp olive oil drizzled over before chowing…..was really good!



haven’t been able to find my favorite flat out bread lately so I found these 1 point+ tortillas with my handy dandy WW Scanner app while at WM the other night. cool thing about these is they are loaded with fiber!


dessert – 1/2 cup rainbow sherbet

my kids requested sherbet on the grocery list the other day and I have never really eaten it before. When I looked it up and saw that it was 3 points+ for 1/2 a cup I had to try it. It is really good and refreshing!!!



Just take it one day at a time and be positive.

Just Keep on Keepin On. 😉



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36 year old military wife of 18 years and stay at home mom to 4 incredible kids (3 girls ages 17, 11, 11 and our son is 6). After my 4th, and final baby, I decided I wanted to be more active, healthier, happier, and to be an example to my kids. I joined Weight Watchers and started using the Points Plus program to learn portion control, moderation, and develop healthier habits. I also used the dietSNAPS app to track my meals and it was such a life changer for me to literally *see* what I was putting in my body! Cyndi, Lexy and I created this blog to be accountability partners and that has been a huge key to this journey! I love to cook and I love converting my favorite recipes into a healthier version for my family to enjoy! I love the after effects of exercising :) I love challenging myself to fitness goals to change things up and in doing so I have run numerous 5K/10K's, several half marathons, one full 26.2 marathon, and a Tough Mudder. I love circuit training, weight training, and running sprints. My goal is to inspire others to take their health seriously, and to show how small changes can lead to big results.

3 thoughts on “Take One Day at a Time

    1. Lexy

      Torry has some at his office from Biogenesis that don’t have soy, wheat, corn or dairy… They are good too!! You can call his office directly and order some. Text me for the number, or do you already have it?

  1. Carman Post author

    Yes – they contain soy. :( I would check out the ingredients in different bars at the grocery store and you should find one that doesn’t.


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