Texas Fun Run and Birthday Party Fun!

It was a busy busy day today!! We signed up for the 1st annual San Jacinto Texas Independence 5K Fun Run with several of our family members who were doing a 5K fun run for the first time ever!!!  It is so exciting to see our family get more active and participate in these fun runs and events like we love to!!!


Up and at ’em early!!!

So excited for Uncle Tim and Aunt Windy for doing their first 5K – and it was Uncle Tim’s Birthday!!!!

Happy Happy Birthday Uncle Tim!!!!! 😉  So glad we got to spend the morning with you!!


all ready to go with our race numbers on……wait a min!!!!  How come I’m the odd ball number??!!! 😉


the gorgeous San Jacinto Monument

Lexy and I representing dietSNAPS again 😉  That’s how much we {HEART} this app that has changed our lives!!


Lexy, Windy, Teresa, and I representing our Thursday morning WW’s meeting!!! 😉


most of the gang


they started playing the ‘Rocky’ theme song and I took off running to the top of the stairs to re-enact Rocky – I thought it was very fitting!!! 😉

Don’t cha see the resemblance??  hahaha 😉

picture source


Then I had to get a picture with this awesome looking soldier that fired the rifle at the start line

it was super windy and chilly!!!!

I walked with our friend from church and WW’s-  Sussan and her husband.

the course took us by the Battleship of Texas


there were some gorgeous views


we had a good time talking as we walked about where we came from and our life’s journeys!


we ran the last little stretch across the finish line!!!! Way to GO Sussan!!!!!!!!!


She’s gonna be running the whole 5K one day in no time!!!!


AWESOME job Susan!!!!!!  wahooo!!!!!


Sussan and her husband Don – so cute!!!! 😉


these donuts are MINE people!!!!  This is why I exercise!!! 😉


Our next shirts we’re gonna make are gonna say ‘We Run to Eat’!!!! 😉


Later that afternoon we had Taylor & Jayde’s birthday party with family. They were sooo excited to get to play with all their cousins.

They wanted a candy party – so we had a ton of different kinds of candies out for the kids to snack on along with some chips & homemade salsa and a veggie tray to try and balance out all that sugar. 😉  The candy ended up being the kids treats to take home. (their parents really loved me!!)


so I had to make this candy cake idea I saw on Pinterest – I made a 2 layer chocolate cake with strawberry frosting in the middle and then whipped milk chocolate frosting on the outside. Then I used regular sized KitKat bars to line the sides and covered the top in M&M’s. It was really sweet but really fun and good!!  I served it up with Blue Bell vanilla ice cream of course! 😉

They loved opening all their cute gifts and getting $$ for their birthday -they can’t wait to wear all their new cute stuff and  go on a shopping spree now!




birthday cake time!

I think the trampoline was pretty maxxed out!!!


Gabe and his cousin Sadie trying to be the center of attention 😉


Taylor – my little diva


the birthday girls with my parents – Mimi & Pappy


a picture with their cousins on my side of the family


I am proud of myself that I didn’t eat any candy off the table (I really was just not feeling good so wasn’t hungry) but I just had a small piece of cake and ice cream. As soon as everyone left after visiting, I started feeling worse and worse by the minute with sinus pressure, headache, sneezing, sore throat, my nose started running like a faucet and I think just sheer exhaustion. I’m so glad it held off but man it hit me like a freight train. I feel asleep on the couch and then my husband woke me up so I decided to take my supplements and go to bed.



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One thought on “Texas Fun Run and Birthday Party Fun!

  1. Claretta

    So happy Susan got to be with us for our first 5K fun run! Next year we’ll both be jogging the whole event!!!!!!! Way to go Susan and Teresa, too!


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